A moment to breathe.

What in the hell had come over her? She had to work with this man? She was a woman who liked to be in control, but aside from her initial exploration, she’d become completely submissive, letting his erotic words, and his demands bring her higher and higher.

Was it the fact that he was her boss? Was it that she wanted him to control her outside of the office? If so, that was a bit perverse.

Her body shuddered at the thought of what they had just done. This time, it was an aftershock, a subtle reminder of how he had satisfied her so well, she wasn’t sure she’d ever experience anything quite so intense again. She found that her body already ached for his touch again.

“Come here, Sam.” Logan called to her when he joined her in the cabin a few minutes later. She had put her bikini bottoms on but was just about to put on the top when he walked over to her. “Let me help you.”

She turned around so he could secure the strings in the back. When he finished tying them, he slid his hands around her waist, pulling her back against him.

His skin was still hot from being out in the sun and she allowed herself a moment to soak him in. The hair on his chest rubbed the bare skin of her back, and she felt like she might lose her footing. When he put his lips on her neck and began sucking, she leaned further into him. This wasn’t fair. She would look like a damned nympho before it was all over.

The irony made her smile – from prude to nympho in six seconds flat.

“You taste good. I can’t wait to taste you again later.” He whispered into her ear. “Are you ready to head back now?”

Sam nodded her agreement, knowing her voice would betray her if she spoke. She had to maintain some semblance of control.

“Ok, while you get dressed, I’m going to pull in the anchor. If you want to stay down here on the way in, I understand. It’ll take thirty minutes before we get back, and then once we get the boat docked, we can head back to your place so you can shower and change.”

His crooked smile sent tingles between her thighs. He was still seducing her, and with a devilish smile like that, she knew she would fall for it every time.

“Just remember, this dates not over until I say it is.” Logan reminded her and then turned to head back up on deck, leaving Sam speechless.

Chapter Fifteen

Logan dropped Sam at her apartment and then drove the thirty minutes back to his house. She needed a little time to shower and get ready for their date and probably a little time to think. He’d much rather have taken her back to his house and taken a shower with her, but he knew the appropriate thing to do was let her have some time to herself.

For the first time, in far too long, Logan didn’t look forward to being away from a woman. Not Samantha. Since the first day he laid eyes on her, he’d known there was something different about her. What he hadn’t expected was how quickly or how hard he would have fallen for her. And that’s exactly what he had done.

Fallen for her.

Maybe the sex was blurring his thoughts; after all, it had been off the charts. Logan figured Sam was a little freaked out about the amount of control he’d taken. What she didn’t realize was that she was in control. More in control of him than he ever would be again. She could break him with a breath, and he only prayed she reciprocated what he was already beginning to feel for her.

The last time he’d felt something even remotely close had been for Heather. Logan had known at the time that he hadn’t been in love with her, but she had represented everything he thought he needed in his life. Boy had he been so very wrong.

Heather was pretty; a woman who didn’t mind hanging on his arm, mingling with those Logan had known would get him far in his company. She was smart too. And they’d been happy, yet Logan had never felt complete with Heather.

Granted, the sex had been good. Not spectacular, but it had been good. He might not have seen fireworks when they made love, the way he did with Sam, but he was satisfied.

And he thought she had been too.

That was until he overheard her on the phone with her mother talking about his finances and what that would mean when they were finally married. According to that one phone call, Heather had already planned out what would happen after they got married. Her plan had included talking him into having children.

To this day, Logan wasn’t sure he wanted to have children. He didn’t have anything against kids, he just wasn’t sure it was a path he wanted to take in his life. But Heather had seemed pretty convinced that she could change his mind.

Logan knew that having money changed the way people acted toward him. He was the strategic operations president of a highly successful company. With that position came money, prestige, and a shitload of responsibility. But, he was born for this job. He knew what it needed, and he gave it 150%, sometimes more.

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