What didn’t come along with it was a woman who needed him to take care of them. He wasn’t interested in being the sole provider, or having a trophy on his arm who spent her days spending his money.

That wasn’t to say that one day he’d have a wife who chose to stay home and raise their children, if they decided to have any. If that’s what she wanted to do, that’s what she’d do. Not because she married him for his money though.

Those concerns didn’t seem to matter when it came to Sam. Logan was pretty sure that if he tried to take away her independence, she wouldn’t be around for long. The last thing he wanted was to change anything about Samantha Kielty, and he liked that she seemed to feel the same.

With Heather, Logan learned some hard lessons. She’d taken him by surprise with her well thought out plans and her devious manipulations. Luckily, he quickly realized that his heart wasn’t as invested in the relationship as he had originally thought. Though he tried to let her down easy, their breakup wasn’t pleasant. Logan hadn’t looked back since.

Eight years later, Logan had been with a lot of women, and until recently, he didn’t have any intentions of getting into anything serious. Then, he saw Sam during a brief conversation through a video conference, and he felt something inside of him shift.

It wasn’t until he watched her walk across the third floor of the Dallas office that he knew there was going to be something entirely different about this woman. And after a few interactions and one smoking hot romp on his boat, Logan knew he just wanted her in his life, and it didn’t all boil down to just the sex.

He wanted to see her smile and hear her voice every day. Now, she had blown his mind with the fire that burned deep inside of her and he was lost.

The key question was whether he told her or not. The rational part of him said he should keep his mouth shut. They had only known each other for a couple of months, spending remarkably little time together during that time. Only in the last few days had they gotten closer, but Logan had known since the first day they had lunch when she was in Dallas that he was in deep trouble. He hadn’t stopped thinking about her since. And he knew he wouldn’t stop thinking about her until he had her all to himself.

Logan wanted her in the most basic, primitive way, and he wanted everyone to know that she belonged to him.


Sam made a beeline for the shower as soon as she got back to her apartment. Part of her wished Logan would have just taken her back to his place, or even joined her at hers. Either way, as she stood in the shower, completely alone, she was left with too much time to think. Funny that. Just a short time ago, she’d wanted to be left alone so she could do just that. Not so much anymore.

During the drive home, Sam’s heart almost melted when Logan had reached across the center console of his truck just to hold her hand. He kept their fingers linked together for the entire drive, neither of them saying much. The gesture was so genuine and sweet, it made her long to be near him now.

As she let the water rinse the conditioner from her hair, Sam closed her eyes, remembering the look on Logan’s face when she had pulled that little stunt on his boat.

He had given himself over to her. He allowed her to take control and to pleasure him however she felt necessary, and she knew for a man like Logan that was a huge step. But, would it always be like that? Was he going to stay interested in her past this point? She didn’t understand what the fear was that clutched at her, but she couldn’t seem to shake the uncertainty.

Despite her better judgment, she let herself think back to her relationship with Nick. Sam had naively believed he had been the man of her dreams. Tall, dark, and handsome, successful, and he seemed to have genuinely cared for her. Being that he was the second of only two men she had ever slept with, Sam had thought they were sexually compatible even. Not to the same extent she and Logan were by any means, but the sex had been satisfactory.

However, she was young and stupid back then, and she whole heartedly believed he would make her happy. The relationship had quickly blossomed, the two of them spending day and night together.

It wasn’t until six months into the relationship when she stopped by his apartment after work for dinner that she realized she’d been wearing rose colored glasses.

Nick had given her a key a few months before, and she had given him one to her apartment, as well. The night she had shown up at his door, they hadn’t made any plans to see each other, but she wanted to surprise him with dinner. That day had been especially stressful at work, and she needed someone to talk to, someone who would let her vent and not judge her.

Arriving at his apartment just after dark, Sam knocked twice, but when he didn’t answer, she decided to go inside and wait for him, figuring he might be at the gym.

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