Well, Nick was getting a workout, but he definitely wasn’t at the gym, and she quickly forgot about the need to talk to him because clearly, talking wasn’t on Nick’s agenda for the night.

It hadn’t taken long to hear the noises coming from inside once she inserted the key into the lock. As soon as she opened the door, she saw them, Nick and Jennifer, her boyfriend and her best friend, fucking like long lost lovers in the middle of his living room floor.

The look on their faces when she walked in and caught them in the middle of their little rendezvous was priceless. Jennifer looked almost remorseful, but not Nick. He didn’t even bother to stop thrusting into Jennifer as Sam stood in the doorway, her mouth wide open, her jaw almost to the floor.

She dropped the food in the middle of the foyer and turned and walked out. She didn’t even shut the door behind her when she left. Even through her own sobbing she heard the moans and groans as the two continued with what they were doing. She hated herself for trusting someone so much. Someone who would make a fool out of her.

For a solid week, Jennifer had tried to contact her, but Sam refused her calls. Nick, on the other hand, never called and she never called him. The relationship was over immediately. Samantha packed up the few things he had left at her apartment and she mailed them to him, avoiding him at all costs. Nick never did send any of her things back, but she didn’t care.

Whatever it was she might have left there wasn’t worth the pain she would have had to endure all over again. It had taken months for her to get over what happened, and when she did, she found she couldn’t trust anymore.

Not until Logan.

There didn’t seem to be ulterior motives with Logan McCoy. He was straight forward and open about what he wanted and what he expected. The only hiccup was when she had found him talking to Brittany, but even then he had been honest with her about it. He admitted his mistake, gave her his reasons and promised her it wouldn’t happen again.

She knew that if it did she would walk in a minute. Regardless of how much she was beginning to care for him. Had it happened a few years ago, she wouldn’t have given him a second chance.

Sam had finally found someone she felt she could trust.

The only concern was related to work. He was her boss. He was an executive at the company, and she had a reputation to uphold; a very strong, highly reliable reputation that she had worked hard to build. She didn’t want anyone believing she seduced the boss to get her job. She didn’t want others to look at her and not believe she knew what she was doing.

On the other hand, Sam knew what was happening between them didn’t occur every day. The opportunity to explore the crazy feelings stirring deep inside presented itself, and she’d be damned if she was going to pass it up. He scared her, but she needed to be scared. She needed to feel again and until she met Logan she hadn’t felt anything for a long time.

Going through the motions day after day, living her life for her job, had gotten her a whole lot of nothing. She didn’t have dates or boyfriends. Hell, she barely had any friends because she learned that lesson the hard way too.

When she was with Logan, she felt alive. She felt like a woman. A very feminine, extremely sexy woman. She needed something from Logan, and it had nothing to do with finances and everything to do with love. Her body heated just by looking at him, her heart beat faster just by being close to him. The net of it was, she felt something for him.

Something strong. Something foreign.

Sam finished showering, paying attention to every last detail. She even curled her hair, letting it hang loose down her back. He told her to wear something sexy, and she had just the thing. She wasn’t sure what prompted her to put on the little black dress, her sexiest black lace demi bra, thigh high black stockings and a garter belt, but she knew it was the perfect outfit.

Aside from those things, she wore her black heels and left off one key piece of clothing, but she did it on purpose. She knew that she was tempting the beast, and to hell with whatever reservations she might have had about what happened earlier, Sam couldn’t resist.


“You look amazing.” Logan took a double take when Sam answered the door.

In the time it had taken her to look like that, he had gone home, showered, changed and then headed right back. He felt like a teenager, giddy with excitement about seeing her again and he hadn’t wanted to be gone for too long.

All in all, he had rushed. That resulted in him sitting in the parking lot for an additional twenty minutes, hoping he would give her enough time to get ready.

“Thank you. Let me get my purse.”

Logan watched her walk away, admiring the view a little too much. She grabbed a small, black clutch purse from the counter and a set of keys.

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