As Sam processed what he was saying, she realized there weren’t any menus on the table either; nor had a waitress come by to ask for their order. “I’m from Texas, of course I like steak.”

When she rested her arms on the table, Logan reached out and took one of her hands, twining his fingers with hers. Sam wasn’t used to public displays of affection, but with Logan, the small touches were endearing. Holding his hand across the table, seeing how small her hand was enveloped inside of his made her feel safe.

The conversation was comfortable as they both spoke of their parents and their upbringing. Logan told her more about his grandfather and about the memories he had of his parents. She did notice that he didn’t speak much of his brother, and she wasn’t going to ask. Not yet anyway.

Sam told him stories about her parents, even informing him they planned to come to visit in a couple of weeks. They talked about their high schools and college, as well as their first jobs.

She was surprised at how relaxed she was just sitting there, talking, while they shared an intimate, romantic dinner together. The only conversation was between the two of them. The waiter didn’t speak to them, only refilled the wine when needed and brought out all of the courses. Logan remained close to her through the entire dinner. His hand would brush over hers when he was talking, or he would play with her fingers.

Sam didn’t remember a time when she ever felt as though she was the focus of someone else’s attention if it wasn’t related to business. She also didn’t ever remember sitting in a romantic setting with a man as strikingly handsome and confident as the man sitting beside her.

When dinner and dessert were finished, Logan took her hand and led her from the restaurant. The bill was paid by his credit card on file, so there was no need for him to hassle with waiting on others.

“Thank you for dinner, Logan. It was wonderful.”

“It was my pleasure. Now, on to the remainder of the date.”

“And what would that be?”

“The hot tub, what else?” He smirked as he opened her door for her so she could get settled in the car. He closed the door after she was in and walked around to get into his side, tipping the valet attendant again as he passed by.

The hot tub?

Sam didn’t say anything because she didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t worn a bathing suit, or brought one, but she knew that wouldn’t be news to Logan. Nor would it probably be a problem. Not after their afternoon spent naked in broad daylight.

She wondered why he hadn’t forewarned her of his plans. She felt her body flush at the idea of being in the hot tub naked with Logan. She was just going to go with whatever happened. Tonight was just to relax and be with the man who seemed to be wiggling his way faster and faster into her heart.

Sam found herself sitting quietly, enjoying the scenery and the sexy, musky smell of Logan that filled the car. She’d worked to control her breathing for the last five minutes since Logan had decided to put his hand on her left thigh. The warmth spread like wildfire through her veins, causing her to flush with need. His fingers were tracing small circles just above the top of her stockings, and she found it rather difficult to breathe in and out. He was tormenting her, and he knew it.

“What’s the matter, baby? You look like something is on your mind.”

“You are just too funny for your own good.” She whispered as she felt his hand move further up her thigh. She knew he could see the stockings, but she would bet money he didn’t know she didn’t have on panties. If and when he decided to take this further, she was going to be in serious trouble.

Logan stopped at a red light and moved his hand higher on her thigh, her need flooding through the car. Her sharp intake of breath as he reached the top of her thigh caught her by surprise, and she knew he heard it too. Feeling just a little bold, maybe from too much wine, Sam parted her legs slightly, giving him more room to roam.


Yep, he’d realized she wasn’t wearing panties. Sam was nervous, and slightly disappointed when he only continued to tease her. His fingers swept across the soft, bare skin, but he didn’t linger. Instead, he moved his hand back down her thigh and accelerated through the green light.

“Sam, I think you’ll learn over time, but tonight, I’ll definitely be teaching you a lesson about tempting me.”

Should that sentence really turn her on so much? Sam fought the urge to squirm in her seat, to put his hand back where she really wanted it.

“Really? And what lesson would that be?” She spread her legs further apart, giving him a hint as to exactly what she wanted, giving him access to the core of all of her desire.

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