There was something sinfully erotic about driving down the road, other cars passing them by, while he touched her. It was taboo, very naughty, and the idea made her body burn hotter than ever before.

Logan thought he could pretend she wasn’t fazing him, but Sam could see by the strain on his facial muscles, and the tightness of his lips that he was, in fact, very aware of the situation.

Just when she thought he would ignore her advances, he slid a glance her way. Turning slightly in her seat, offering him better access, Sam watched as he rearranged his arm so he could get closer. A fire lit deep in her belly and tingles radiated from between her legs.

“Pull your dress up, baby. I want to see that pretty pussy while I finger it.”

His words were nearly as hot as his touch and Sam found she wanted to do exactly what he instructed. The black silk slid up her thighs with the help of her fingers, resting just beneath her hips, while his fingers outlined the soft folds, teasing her relentlessly.

She held her breath as he slowly parted her pussy lips, slipping his finger into her wetness. He rubbed her clit with the palm of his hand, slowly, incredibly slowly as his middle finger slid further into her. She gasped as she let her body take him in, his finger going deeper, her body burning brighter, hotter.

Chapter Sixteen

“You like that.” The sensual, sweet smell of Sam’s desire filled the car, affecting him in ways he hadn’t expected. She did like that, he could tell by the way she inhaled and exhaled slowly, her gaze trained on his hand between her legs. “You like watching me.”

Focusing on the road and keeping a safe distance from the slower traffic in front of him took considerable concentration. The drive to his house seemed to be endless, but he wanted to get home. Now. All the while, he wanted to play out her darkest fantasy’s right here in his car.

It wasn’t an accident that he took the most traveled roads, those that would allow him to sit at a red light, other cars idling beside his as they waited for another light to turn green. He knew the tinted windows wouldn’t allow anyone to see inside, but the rush of knowing they would want to only added to the sexual excitement coursing through his veins.

“You’re so wet, baby. Is this what you wanted? Did you want my finger deep inside of you?”


One breathless syllable escaped as he watched Sam push herself further into the seat, her hips grinding as she rode his finger, seeking her own pleasure. The light turned green, and he put his foot on the gas, continuing to divide his attention between his finger deep inside her soft, wet heat and the road in front of him.

He wasn’t in a rush. He wouldn’t let her come yet. That would be later. Much later. He wanted to devour her for hours, but right now, he couldn’t help but continue on the path he was on. The glorious path that would ultimately lead to her pleasure - and his, as well. Right now, his pleasure was derived by the look in her eyes, the sensual sound of her erratic breathing.

“That’s it, baby.” He coaxed as she lifted one hand to her breast, squeezing the way he wanted to. “You’re so tight, so fucking hot for me.”

His house appeared in the distance far sooner than he would have liked, but he pulled into the driveway and hit the button in the car that would raise the garage door. As he waited to drive forward, he ground the palm of his hand against her clit, her sweet moans filling the interior of the car. Sam was heading straight to the pinnacle, her breaths choppy, her hands gripping his forearm as she tried to guide him the way she wanted.

Once inside the garage, Logan slowed his pace, shutting off the engine and closing the garage door behind them. Turning toward her, he pulled his hand from between her legs, she kept her eyes trained on his fingers the entire time. When she licked her lips, his cock twitched, throbbed. He kept his eyes locked on hers as he brought his finger to his mouth, slowly licking her juices from the single digit.

Her eyes went wide, her lips parted, and Logan took the opportunity to lean over and put his lips on hers. When their tongues met, he maintained a slow, deliberate kiss, letting her taste herself on his tongue. She might have been surprised, but Sam vigorously returned his kiss.

Sam apparently thought she was in control of the situation as she sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, her small teeth gently tugging as he squeezed the back of her neck. He gave her a moment to torment him the way he’d been doing to her for the last few minutes.

The plans for the rest of the night would require a level of trust from her that he hoped she’d give him. After all they’d done that day, all of the ways she’d given herself over to him, Logan impatiently wanted more. He wanted to push her to her limits, cross the boundaries she’d unknowingly set for herself. And he feared he could no longer wait.