Leaving her alone momentarily, Logan returned to the outdoor kitchen, pulling a bottle of wine from the small refrigerator, and taking two glasses from the overhead rack. He kept his attention on her as he poured the wine, noticing how she was trying not to fidget in her seat. He couldn’t hold back the smile. An image of her sunbathing nude on the same chair she laid on now played in his mind. He could imagine coming home to her, seeing her there, finding her wet and ready for him. His dick throbbed, but he ignored it.

There would be time for that later. Right now was about her and even though she thought the sight of her nakedness was only for him, he knew it made her come alive. He had seen it on the boat when he looked at her. She was a very passionate woman, and he planned to live out his greatest fantasies tonight. There was a small risk, but he was willing to take it just to take her to places she had never known before.

Returning to Sam, Logan handed her a glass of wine, taking a second to admire the view. Seeing her so vulnerable, yet trusting, was pushing Logan to his limits, beyond his own self-control. But that was part of the purpose, part of what heightened the arousal. Until this afternoon, on his boat, Logan had thought he was an extremely patient man. When it came to Sam, she tested that belief.

“Do you still trust me, baby?” Logan asked as he watched her, sipping his wine and trying to calm his rioting libido. He needed this to last, he needed to last.


How the hell she managed to hold on to even an ounce of her normally abundant composure was beyond Sam. The man was enjoying himself immensely, and Sam was so far out of her element, she didn’t know which way to go from here.

Here she was, laid out mostly naked, in Logan’s backyard on full display for him. To answer his question, did she trust him? Completely. And that was as foreign to her as being naked outside, or shedding her clothes in a sports car.

“I trust you.” She told him now, keeping her gaze on his, and showing as little fear as possible, though her body was shaking slightly. “I just hope you can handle what you’re putting us both through.”

When he first suggested that she basically give herself over to him tonight, she’d been reluctant. Shedding the majority of her clothing in his Corvette had been the first step, and along the way, she seemed to have shed some of her reservations, as well. Right now, she felt up to the challenge and watching Logan as he loomed over her was definitely a challenge.

Just when she thought she might be kidding herself, she couldn’t actually handle what Logan had in store for her, he took a seat in a chair across from her.

With his clean shaven face, his slightly rumpled hair, Logan looked like an ad for GQ magazine. He fit the bill of a high paid executive, still dressed in his dress shirt and slacks, though he was no longer sporting a tie. His white button down shirt accented his biceps and his forearms, but she wished he would take it off. His dress slacks were creased perfectly and fit him remarkably well, but she could see the hard ridge of his erection pressing firmly against the fabric.

Once he looked his fill, he would be taking off his clothes, she was sure of it.

“Spread your legs for me, Sam.” It was an order, not a request, and Sam debated for a fleeting second on whether she would oblige him. Before she had mentally come to a decision, her legs spread on their own; her apparent need outweighing her common sense.

Taking the game one step further, Sam spread her legs, placing her feet on either side of the lounge chair, her heels firmly on the concrete beneath her. She kept one hand beside her on the cushion, the other holding the wine glass he had given her. As she watched his reaction, she heard his cell phone ring. As if they weren’t in the middle of something incredibly intimate, Logan picked up his phone from beside him and punched a button, then put the phone to his ear.

“Logan McCoy.”

The sexy way he said his name had Sam’s eyes glued to him. Who could he be talking to? Who was important enough that Logan would allow them to interrupt what was happening right at this moment. For some perverse reason, the fact that he had answered the phone stimulated Sam more. The person on the other end of the phone would have no idea what he was doing right at that moment.

“I couldn’t agree more. Yes, very tempting.”

Sam heard his words, and she was almost certain he was talking about her. But that couldn’t be. Her heart began pounding against her chest, and she took another sip of wine to try and calm her now rioting nerves.

“No, plans haven’t changed. Will do.” He put the phone back onto the table beside him and took a sip from the glass he was still holding.

“No questions?” He teased her as he put his wine glass down on the table next to his phone.

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