“Why would I have questions?” Sam had to force the words to come out. She didn’t want him to know that whatever that conversation was about had her curious, and highly turned on. Was he talking about her? If so, what the hell was it about?

“Just thought I would check.”

Sam gave herself a mental pat on the back. Somehow she managed to play that very cool, despite the very uncool way her body was heating up. Knowing this little peep show was going to have to get moving soon, Sam tried to remain calm.

“When you’re alone at night, thinking about me, do you touch yourself?”

Thankfully she hadn’t been sipping her wine, because Sam was sure she would have choked. The look on Logan’s face said he was serious, but she had never before had someone ask her such a thing. For some reason, she wanted to tell him.

“Answer me, Samantha.”

His tone was more forceful, and she hated to admit that she felt more moisture seeping from her pussy. “Sometimes.”

There, she admitted it. She had answered his question honestly.

“Good girl.” Logan sat his wine glass on the table and leaned back in his chair, his arms crossed over his chest. “I want you to play with yourself.”

Sam didn’t react right away; she just took a sip of her wine, staring at him over the glass. She could do this, she knew she could. This wasn’t a setup. This was about the two of them and what they shared. If he wanted to test her, she would play along. She pledged to get him back for this in any way possible.


He barked the single word, causing Sam to jump. This was the dominating part of Logan McCoy that she’d gotten a glimpse of earlier. The part of him that had her questioning her sanity, but the same part she was secretly drawn to.

She held out her wine glass, silently requesting that he refill it. She needed encouragement, even if it was of the liquid variety.

“In a minute. Sit the glass down.” Logan stated, not moving from his seat.

Feeling a bite of humiliation at being denied her request, Sam held her breath, sitting her glass on the concrete beside her chair. She moved one hand up to her stomach, and then slowly slid it upward, toward her lace clad breasts. Cupping her breast gently, lifting it higher, her hand covering it almost entirely as she let her fingers gently massage the soft mound.

She hoped like hell she didn’t look like an idiot.

She used her other hand to cup her right breast, giving it the same attention. She squeezed harder, her eyes threatening to shut as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Sam had never imagined herself sitting here like this, practically groping herself, and she wasn’t naive enough to believe she wouldn’t turn herself on as she continued.

With Logan, Sam knew tonight wasn’t going to be about one orgasm. Rightfully so, she could feel the first one building, the tight squeeze down low, the tingling sensation reaching out to every extremity from somewhere deep inside. It wasn’t just from touching herself, it was the fact that Logan was watching her every move.

Knowing she had to venture lower, if for nothing else than to ease the ache within her, Sam slid her hand back over her stomach, lower, until she reached the soft, hairless skin of her mound. She slid her forefinger and her middle finger down, separating the wet flesh so she was opened completely to him. His position in the chair across from her would give him the best view.

“That is so fucking sexy, Sam. I love to watch you touch yourself.”

“I like it when you watch.” She admitted. It was an incredible turn on to have him watching her.

“What would you say if someone else was watching you?”

The finger she’d been moving over her clit stilled for a second, a sudden chill shooting straight up her spine. Did that turn her on more? Her finger once again resumed the sensual massage.

For once in her life, her common sense was battling between good and bad, right and wrong. Her curiosity had peaked, and she wanted to know who else was watching her. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought she was capable of this sort of activity.

“Well, I guess that depends.” She hadn’t expected to say anything, yet those words had clearly come out of her mouth.

“Depends on what?” Logan asked, still seated with his arms folded across his broad chest, his erection the only visible sign that he was affected at all.

“Is it a man or a woman?” She asked, wondering if they were still speaking in the hypothetical sense.

“A man.”

She slowed her finger, briefly pausing to comprehend what he had just told her. This wasn’t hypothetical. Not based on the way he answered that question. Sam glanced down to see that her hands were still moving, she was still holding her pussy lips open so he could watch as she strummed her clit with one finger.

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