“Then, I guess it depends on what he wants from me.” She was nervous, but she continued to play along. She trusted Logan. If she backed out now, he would keep her safe, she knew that much. The crazy thing was… she didn’t want to back out now.

“Only what you will let him have.”

“Is it what you want?” She asked him, realizing that his body was growing harder by the minute. She had let her middle finger slip into her pussy, and she was slowly pressing inside, willing herself not to come too soon.


Logan was being honest with her. There was someone watching, and since he had obviously set this up, it was what he wanted. And Sam found that she wanted what he did. If it would please him, she was game.

Then she thought about some of the erotic novels she’d read, remembering some of the scenarios and how they had played out. She wanted a safe word. Sam might be all for pleasing Logan, but right now, at this moment, it was still all just talk. If this were to progress, she wanted to know that she had a way out in case things got too… hot.

“Then I’d have to say it makes me wet.” Sam admitted, finally answering his original question. She slid another finger deep inside, joining the first, as her muscles began to spasm around her fingers. She was going to come. Knowing Logan and apparently another man were watching her, Sam was going to…

“That’s it, baby. Come for me.” Logan urged her on, sending her right over the precipice and into the abyss.

Samantha rode out the waves of pleasure that coursed through her, keeping her eyes closed and her hands still.

“Open your eyes, Sam.” Logan instructed, his voice sounding much closer than before.

When she opened her eyes, she found him standing beside her, the heat in his eyes evident, even in the near dark. “From now on, you won’t come until I tell you to.”

Sam nodded her understanding, her body still blissfully sated, but the glowing embers that had been doused briefly were beginning to ignite once more. “Do I get a safe word that stops everything if I can’t take it anymore?”

Logan tilted his head slightly, looking somewhat bewildered by her question. “Yes.”

Sam liked that she’d caught him off guard. After all, he’d just made her come with her own hands, out in the open for anyone to see her. This was becoming a common event, now that she thought about it.

Chapter Seventeen

“What’s your safe word, baby?” Logan asked again, standing beside her chair, twisting something in his hands.

It looked like a…

Sam’s brain swirled with a mixture of fear and total abandon. Logan was going to blindfold her, and for some reason, that excited her. Here she was, venturing into a situation she’d never even dreamed of, yet she could tell by the look on Logan’s face that he thought she had done this before. Sure, she knew what a safe word was. Who didn’t?

She knew from those erotic stories she would read in the dark of night that a safe word was designed to bring all activities to a striking halt if she felt like she couldn’t go any further. As she eyed the thin piece of black fabric, she wondered if she might actually need to.

No. She could do this. Logan would take care of her. She knew that much.

“While you think of a word, I’m going to blindfold you.” He offered as he stepped behind her chair, bringing the material down over her eyes. “You have nothing to worry about, Sam.”

He read her like an open book. Her emotions must have been written on her face, but she couldn’t very well help it. She was still half naked, about to be blindfolded and utterly vulnerable at that point.

Leaning forward, Sam allowed Logan to slide the soft fabric over her eyes, holding still while he worked to tie it behind her head. He was gentle with her, trying not to pull her hair in the process. She just wanted him to hurry up. The more time she had to think, the worse off they were.

And, if Logan had any doubts as to whether she had ever done something like this before, she was sure the slight tremble of her hands would tell him all he needed to know. She might be crossing over to the darker side of her sexuality, but until today, she had never done so before. Never even dreamed it.

Logan checked the blindfold, making sure it was secure. Sam could have told him that it was. She was plunged into total darkness, her other senses on high alert with the absence of her vision.

“What’s your safe word, Sam?”

Sam heard the sound of his shoes on the concrete, knew he was walking around to her side. Her right side. The only word she could think of blurted from her mouth, “Conviction.”

“Conviction it is.” Logan agreed though he sounded like he wanted to question her choice. “If, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable, just use that word and everything will stop. Understand?”

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