“Are you ready?”

“I am.” Or at least she hoped she was.

“Good, because I’m dying to touch you.” Logan’s voice sounded closer.

Sam turned her head in the direction of her leg as she felt a hand slide slowly over her silk stocking. He lifted her calf, cradled it in his palm, then brushed his lips across her knee. Trailing more kisses down to her ankle, Sam focused on her breathing.

The tenderness in his touch allowed her to relax slightly, some of the tension in her neck easing. Her stomach muscles tightened when he pressed his lips to the inside of her knee. When she relaxed enough that she fell back into the cushion, Logan switched to the other leg.

Sam was burning from the inside out, the anticipation building to a crescendo; her entire world had come down to the feel of Logan’s hand on her leg, his lips teasing her. Then he brushed his palms up her thigh, both hands cupping her leg, the tips of his fingers getting closer and closer to where she wanted him. Her legs were still spread wide, one leg on each side of the chair, and he had her right leg in his hands, the roughened skin gliding just above the tops of her silk stockings. God it felt good.

Sam turned her head, thinking she heard something on her left side, but Logan’s hands still caressed her right leg, and she could feel the warmth of him by her side. Suddenly, there were two more hands gliding up her leg. Only this time, it was her left leg and ohmigod… there were two pair of hands on her legs.

She could barely breath, barely focus. Torn between sheer disbelief that this was really happening, and an overwhelming embarrassment that there was another person – another man – touching her, seeing her like this.

But, God it felt fantastic.

Hadn’t she already said that?

Trying to orient herself, Sam focused on both sets of hands, trying to tell the difference. From her perspective, they were the same, yet entirely different. The feeling was… awkward. That’s what it was. It was awkward to have someone’s hands roaming over her, not knowing who they belonged to.

It was surreal. Until today, Sam had gone years without any type of sex. Well, except for the self-serving kind, but that was nothing compared to this. Here she was, letting Logan invite a third person to join them, letting this stranger touch her, letting him…

It was thrilling.

Resigning herself to the moment, Sam tried to relax further into the chair, letting the two pair of strong, masculine hands travel up her legs, tease her lightly. All four hands moved to the top of each thigh, rubbing small circles into her flesh, followed by two hot mouths, two tongues licking and sucking. Oh, God. She would never survive this. She couldn’t hold back the moan of pure ecstasy.

“That’s it baby. Let it feel good.”

It was Logan’s voice she heard, and it made her heart beat harder. His low baritone tore through her system like a freight train igniting all of her nerve endings in its wake.

She stayed perfectly still as she felt movement around her, only one mouth was on her leg now, moving slowly, deliberately, down to her ankle. She felt the stubble of his jaw abrade her skin, then snag on her stockings, and she just wanted to remove them. She wanted to feel every inch of her skin covered by his mouth.

“I’m going to lay you back now, baby.” A deep voice mumbled in her ear, and she wondered if it was Logan. She couldn’t tell. The sensations were overwhelming her; the not knowing confusing her.

The chair slowly lowered, Sam felt herself reclining until she was fully prone.

Logan mumbled in her ear as he maneuvered the lounge chair to a lying position. If it was Logan, then who was the other man licking her, his tongue moving ever so close to right where she wanted him?

He stopped abruptly, his warm mouth blowing short puffs of air across her mound. Sam nearly choked on the groan she held back.

Someone was behind her, probably kneeling at the end of the chair. Sam could feel his body heat as he leaned over, his shirt tickling the tip of her nose. Two hands, palms flat, pressed against her breast bone, gliding down until they cupped her breasts, one in each hand. Sam didn’t know which way to turn, didn’t know what to expect next. Then there were lips on her ear lobe, a soft, deep voice in her ear again.

“Does it feel good, baby? Do you want your sweet pussy eaten? Tell me you do.”

Yes! Oh, God, yes! Anything to ease the tension pulling her tighter, so tight she threatened to break in half. “Yes. Please, yes.” She whispered.

The hands on her breasts continued to squeeze, lightly at first, then more urgent. She could feel her nipples being tugged, pinched with just enough pressure to make her moan out loud.

The lips that had been close to her ear moved across her jaw until they aligned with her lips, a warm, soft tongue sliding into her mouth. Sam met the kiss with a hunger she had been holding back. At this point, she didn’t care who the hell was kissing her, as long as he didn’t stop.

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