She was still pretty sure it was Logan, but she honestly didn’t know. The way he kissed her was intimate, sweet at first. Then the kiss broke, and she heard a deep rumble coming from the chest hovering just above her head, right before a hot, wet tongue plunged into her slit, then teasing her clit with light flicks.

“Oh God!” Sam’s entire body bowed from the intensity of the pleasure, her orgasm threatening.

“Kiss me.” The voice was urgent, just as his mouth crushed hers, his hands continuing to squeeze and pinch her breasts.

Between the dual sensation of one tongue delving deeper into her pussy, another feeding from her mouth, Sam was going to explode.


Logan crushed his mouth to hers as his hands tormented her breasts, squeezing and pinching, driving short, breathless moans from her throat. Her mouth opened for him and he thrust his tongue in, tasting the sweetness of her. Samantha.

She was wild with lust and returning his kiss as if she would die without it. Her hands braced his head, her fingers digging into his scalp as he drove the kiss deeper, his mouth taking from hers.

Breaking away, Logan dragged his mouth down her neck, his teeth nipping her skin, his tongue soothing away the sting as he went. Her body was responsive; her moans fueled the dark fury that flowed through him.

She was like a drug, driving him mad. He couldn’t remember a time when a woman had been this responsive to him. Nor, had he known that he would be as possessive over her as he was. Watching Luke lap at her made his dick harder than stone, but ultimately, he wanted to be the one to bring her the ultimate pleasure.

Logan moved down her body with his tongue and with one flick of his fingers, the front clasp of her bra gave, the cups separating, her breasts now on display. He took one nipple into his mouth and sucked with fury. She pressed her chest into his eager mouth, holding his head to her breast in an obvious attempt to increase the pressure and intensity. Her body vibrated from the moans that escaped, her hips gyrating against Luke’s mouth.

Logan moved his hands down her body, resting between her thighs as he pulled her pussy lips open so Luke could thrust deeper, sending her higher.

She was close, he could feel the way her body tightened, her fingers digging into his scalp, the muscles in her stomach standing out in stark relief as she tried to push herself over. He wasn’t ready yet. Logan wouldn’t let her come until he was ready and there was still so much more left to be done before that happened.

Logan released her nipple from between his lips, pushing himself up. While still leaning over her, he maneuvered so he could remove her shoes. First one, then the other, and finally he released the garters clipped to her stockings, then sliding the silk down her legs, her moans increasing as he trailed his mouth down her leg to her toes. He removed the garter from her waist and looked down at her lying on the chair, Luke’s head still between her legs lapping up the sweetest honey the other man would likely ever taste.

Logan removed his own clothes as he stood there, his cock sticking out from his body as he moved back toward her head. He needed to feel her mouth on him. Since earlier that day, he’d thought of very little else. She must have realized what he was thinking because as he lowered himself so he could reach her sweet mouth with the tip of his cock, Sam parted her lips.

She used her hand to guide him inside, her other stroking him lovingly. He watched as Luke buried his face between her legs, having to hold her hips down to keep her from jerking completely off of the chair. The position was awkward, so Logan lifted her head slightly until she was able to take him completely into her mouth. Her talented tongue slid over his hard shaft, repeatedly teasing the sensitive underside. If she kept that up, he wasn’t going to last.

“Your mouth is so fucking hot.” Logan groaned, keeping his eyes on Luke feasting like a starving man. “Oh yea, like that.”

Logan lost it. Holding her head tighter, he began fucking her mouth, hard and fast as Luke drove two fingers inside of her, still sucking on her clit. He knew what would happen next.

“Fuck. Sam. Baby. I’m gonna come.” Logan groaned, the signal for his release and he saw Luke lock his lips around Sam’s clit, his fingers driving inside of her until she was moaning, her body bucking beneath him as she exploded.

He wasn’t sure how he was still standing, but somehow Logan managed to ease Sam back down onto the chair while he maneuvered around until he could sit on the chair with her. Gently, he pulled her into his lap, holding her as she lay boneless against him.

Luke took a few steps back, removing his clothes so they could get to the next round of the evening.

“Do you still trust me, baby?”