He wasn’t sure what her answer would be, but for some reason, Logan needed the reassurance from her. Despite the mind blowing orgasm, he knew she would likely have regrets. He didn’t want her to regret anything.

“I trust you.” Sam whispered, kissing his neck and tightening her arms around him. He couldn’t remove the blindfold from her just yet, but he held her closer, letting her know he was with her.

When he finally caught his breath, Logan lifted Sam in his arms, carrying her the short distance to the pool. As he descended the steps, the warm water embraced his legs, and then both of them as he took them further until he was waist deep. Squatting down, he let the water rush up, then turned her in his arms, using the buoyancy of the water to support her weight.

“Wrap your legs around me.” He whispered into her ear as he held her close, keeping a firm hand on her back.

With her ankles clasped behind his back, their bodies aligned perfectly, and Logan could feel the slickness of her pussy as his cock slid between her swollen lips.

“That’s it baby.” He continued into deeper water, holding her close as his cock hardened between them. He wasn’t sure how he could get hard so quickly after what she’d just done to him, but just the thought of burying himself inside of her was doing the job.

“I want to be inside of you, Sam. I want to fuck you until you come on my cock.”

She moaned and pressed herself against him, her legs tightening around his waist. She clung to him as he stopped moving and stood upright, the water still coming midway up their bodies.

“I’m going to turn you around, and you’re going to put your hands on the edge of the pool.”

Luke was sitting on the edge of the pool where she was going to be, and Logan turned her so she put her hands on the other man’s legs, letting her orient herself to the situation. There was no hesitation in her movements as she slid her small hands up Luke’s legs, finally resting on his thighs, her face just inches from his steel hard shaft.

Luke moved closer to the edge, bracing his legs along her rib cage as Sam opened her mouth and eased the head of his cock into her mouth.

Logan almost lost it. Watching as she took another man’s cock in her mouth was hotter than he expected. When Luke grabbed the back of her head, guiding her where he wanted her, Logan looked on with intent fascination. When Luke pulled back, his cock sliding from Sam’s mouth, Logan saw how she swirled her tongue around his long, thick erection as she pressed her ass back against him.

“That’s it, baby. Take him into your mouth. Take him all the way in. That’s a good girl. Fuck, baby, make him feel as good as you make me feel.” Logan kept his words low, watching as she devoured Luke’s cock, his own dick going rock hard instantly.

Luke groaned, his eyes trained on the point where his cock slid between Sam’s lips. Logan continued to watch as intently as Luke.

“Your mouth is so hot, Sam.” Luke’s words were strangled, and Logan knew the pleasure the other man was feeling. “It feels so good on my cock. I want to bury it deep into your throat.” The deep baritone reverberated in the air.

Luke held Sam’s head, pulling her closer as he pushed his cock further into her mouth, the soft moans Sam made vibrating against Logan. He had to be inside of her.

Luke’s constant groans were fueled by Sam taking him in the same way she had Logan earlier in the day, reminding Logan that he was a participant in this little threesome. As much as he enjoyed watching another man bury his cock in her mouth, he loved the feel of her pussy around his cock more.

Logan shifted Sam so her legs parted, keeping his hands on her hips. Lifting her up an inch, trying not to interrupt the erotic blowjob playing out before him, Logan pressed his cock into her snug entrance. She was holding herself up on her toes, her arms still balanced on Luke’s legs.

He couldn’t be gentle. He didn’t want gentle, and he didn’t think Sam did either. Instead, he rammed his cock inside of her, letting her push back against him, using the side of the pool for balance. Holding her hips, Logan began thrusting in an even rhythm, allowing Sam to rock back and forth, taking both cocks inside of her at the same time.

“Your pussy is like a fist, gripping me tighter, baby.” Logan growled low in her ear, holding her to him as he continued to thrust deeper. “That’s it. Suck his cock. I want to watch him come in your mouth while you come on my cock.”

No sooner had the words left his mouth, Logan felt Sam’s body grip him like a vice, her body tensed and she screamed around the cock in her mouth.

Increasing his movements, Logan let Sam ride out her orgasm while her pussy spasmed around him, sending him hovering on a razor’s edge so sharp, he didn’t think he could hold on.

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