“Fuck.” Luke exclaimed, holding Sam’s head tightly, as Logan continued to ram her from behind. “I’m going to come in your mouth, baby. I want to watch you take it all.”

Logan felt Sam’s internal muscles squeeze him. Luke’s words sent a tremor through her and she increased her tempo, still being pushed and pulled between the two of them.

“While he comes in your mouth, I’m going to come inside you.” Logan ground out the words through clenched teeth.

With that, Logan let go just as Luke mirrored his groan with his own release.


Sam wasn’t going to be able to walk. It was a good thing they were in the pool because she could barely hold her head up. When Logan turned her to face him, his mouth meeting hers, she leaned into him, sinking into his kiss.

Her body was pleasantly sated, feeling weightless in the water with Logan’s arms wrapped around her. She held onto him tighter, giving in to the kiss and letting his tongue duel with hers.

Even though she’d had some of the most explosive orgasms in her life within the last few minutes, she still wanted Logan. She wanted to get closer to him, to feel him, to reassure herself that this was real.

“You want more don’t you?” He asked as she tried to climb his body. “I promise you’ll have more, but you need to rest. I need some alone time with you for the rest of the night.” He kissed her forehead, her cheek, and down to her chin as he held her close.

Sam could feel the power in his arms, the sensations flooding her system as she felt the strange emotions bubbling up between the two of them. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Sam pressed her face into him, breathing in his scent. Even submerged in the pool, he still smelled yummy. She was still blindfolded, but she was too weak to care about that.

As they floated through the water, Sam let her mind wrap around what had just happened. Right or wrong, it had been the most intense moment of her entire life, and she couldn’t come to regret it. Logan had been with her, despite the rest. The rest had been just an added bonus. She didn’t know how she would feel about it during the harsh light of day, but right here, right now, she was content.

Logan’s hand moved to the back of her head, and she could tell he was untying the blindfold. She’d sort of gotten used to it. When the material slipped from her eyes, it took a minute for her to adjust to the dim light surrounding them. Logan cupped her cheek, turning her so she looked at him, and Sam swallowed tightly.

“You’re wrapping me around your little finger faster than you will ever know.”

His words came out in a tortured whisper, and they wrapped around her heart and squeezed. She swallowed again, forcing the tears back. As she stared into the greenish brown depths of his eyes, Sam realized three things.

She wanted this man.

She needed this man.

She loved this man.

Chapter Eighteen

Tuesday morning came faster than Sam had anticipated. After pounding the snooze button a couple of times, she managed to crawl out of bed and go to the gym early. She would have been better off staying in bed for as good of a workout as she got. Half assing it on the elliptical machine while reading her Kindle was not the way to start the week, but she could at least check it off of her daily to do list.

Drained from the weekend, Sam had finally come home late Monday night, after spending the entire day with Logan. Although they had relaxed, sharing some intimate moments, they had also spent a lot of time talking. So much so, she hadn’t wanted to leave, but she forced her weary body to go home, or rather, she forced Logan to take her home.

With a new week ahead of her, Sam needed to focus without the distraction of him. As if being in the same building with him wouldn’t be distracting enough. With effort, she could definitely focus. And maybe if she continued to tell herself that it would be fact.

Several hours later, Sam learned that was easier said than done. She’d been sitting at her computer, putting together her project update for the afternoon meeting that had been moved from Monday to Tuesday because of the holiday, when her instant message popped up on the screen.

[McCoy, Logan – 10:14am] Hey

She stared at the small window at the bottom of her computer monitor and couldn’t hide the smile. She certainly hadn’t expected him to utilize instant messenger to communicate with her.

[Kielty, Samantha – 10:14am] Hey back

[McCoy, Logan – 10:14am] How are you?

[Kielty, Samantha – 10:15am] Good, and you?

So far, the conversation resembled any other that she was invited to on a daily basis.

[McCoy, Logan – 10:15am] Better now that I talked to you.

[Kielty, Samantha – 10:15am] Oh, really? Why is that?

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