[McCoy, Logan – 10:15am] Don’t know.

[Kielty, Samantha – 10:16am] Shouldn’t you be working?

[McCoy, Logan – 10:16am] Maybe I am.

[Kielty, Samantha – 10:16am] Not if you’re playing on IM

[McCoy, Logan – 10:16am] Guess you better get your project update ready for the meeting.

[Kielty, Samantha – 10:17am] I was trying until I was so rudely interrupted.

[McCoy, Logan – 10:17am] Have lunch with me.

[Kielty, Samantha – 10:17am] What?

[McCoy, Logan – 10:17am] Lunch with me, today.

[Kielty, Samantha – 10:18am] Not a good idea.

[McCoy, Logan – 10:18am] Sure it is, you have to eat don’t you.

[Kielty, Samantha – 10:18am] Not today

[McCoy, Logan – 10:18am] Whatever, ok, no lunch. Dinner.

[Kielty, Samantha – 10:18am] Maybe. Call me after work.

[McCoy, Logan – 10:19am] Will do.

Sam closed the IM window, staring blankly at the presentation she had been working on, a lame grin on her face. If someone walked into her office at that moment, she’d be done for.

Being the first full day at work after all that had happened between them over the weekend, Sam hadn’t expected to hear from Logan. Part of her figured he would have ignored her. Instead, he had interrupted her – via IM no less – to ask her to lunch.

Obviously the little pep talk she had given herself earlier in regards to focusing on her work didn’t help so she got up from her desk and walked out of her office, going straight to Deanna’s desk.

“Do you want to go get some coffee?”

“Sure.” Deanna said with a cheery smile. She didn’t waste time getting up from her desk. “Is everything ok?”

“Just peachy. How about you?” Sam smiled as she looked over at her new found friend. In the short time Sam had been in Dallas, Deanna had become one of the closest friends she had ever had.

Aside from Liza, in the San Antonio office, Sam didn’t socialize outside of work too often. Deanna probably wasn’t the sort of friend she could share her innermost secrets to, but she was one she could enjoy some laughs with.

“Tired. It was a long weekend. The kids wanted to go and go and go. I didn’t have any time for myself. I keep wondering if I should take a vacation, but then I know I’ll miss them unless we take them with us.”

Sam couldn’t imagine what Deanna’s day to day life was like. With three kids, she imagined she was always busy, especially having a full time job. Then again, it might not be such a bad thing, but Sam had never had the desire to have children. She liked them enough, but as career driven as she had always been, she hadn’t given much thought to anything else.

She envied what her parents had, the figurative happily ever after. They’d shared a life together, raising two kids, and offering a strong family support system. Sam didn’t often give thought to a relationship, or a family for that matter.

She was satisfied with her life, just the way it was. She had a stable, fulfilling job, a very supportive family, and now Logan. She wouldn’t even think about how long that would or wouldn’t last though. For now, they would just enjoy one another. That was enough.

The two women made their way down to the coffee shop, ordered their midmorning coffee and sat at one of the vacant bistro tables to talk. Sam listened to the endless things Deanna had done over the three day weekend and by the end of it, Sam was exhausted for her. She couldn’t imagine having so much to do.

She kept her eye on the flocks of people coming and going from the coffee bar, and she immediately took notice when Logan walked past. He made direct eye contact and gave her his signature crooked smile. Her knees went weak, and her heart sped up, causing her to wonder how long that feeling would last. It was like being a teenager all over again and the cute guy in school had looked her way.

Damn he was sexy, and the sad thing was everyone in the coffee shop now probably knew she thought so. She needed to control that.

After about fifteen minutes had passed, Sam glanced at her watch. “We should probably get back up there. Thanks for having coffee with me.”

“No, thank you for listening to me ramble.”

“Anytime.” Sam said, thankful that the conversation had never ventured to what she had done over the long weekend. She was rather adept at keeping other people talking about themselves, and this time had been no exception.

Five o’clock finally came around, and Sam was trying to clean up some of the emails she had missed during her afternoon meetings with her project managers. Another day successfully behind her and now the only thing she wanted to do was to go home and take a nice, hot bath.

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