When she reached her apartment complex, she parked the Camaro in her designated spot and made her way up the two flights of stairs. With keys in hand, her bag flung over her shoulder, she worked the key in the lock as her cell phone rang from the endless abyss she called a purse.

Sliding her computer bag to the floor and dropping her keys on the bar, she rummaged through the deep, dark corners of her purse to find her phone. She managed to hit the talk button just as the last ring would have ended sending the caller to voicemail.

“Hello.” She greeted, breathless from the stairs and the endless digging, but she managed to speak.

“Hey, baby. What are you doing?”

Her heart fluttered in her chest from the sound of his voice. She dropped her purse on the bar and shut the front door behind her.

“I just made it into my apartment. What are you doing?” Sam smiled because the conversation had her thinking of the “what are you wearing” type of conversations.

“Well, I was thinking about picking you up for dinner. Any suggestions?”

“Yes. A nice, long, hot bath.”


“Sorry, that’s my only suggestion for the evening. I want to just relax in the tub. Care to join me?”

“I wouldn’t miss it. I’ll pick up Chinese on my way over if that’s ok with you.”

“Sounds good. See you when you get here. The door will be unlocked.” She said and then hit the end button, tossing the phone on her bed on the way to the bathroom.

As usual, the sight of the enormous master bathroom, complete with the oversized Jacuzzi tub had her exhaling some of the stress built up from the day. She turned the knobs to get the water flowing, before heading back to her room.

Docking her iPod in the speaker system on the dresser, Sam turned on the music and grabbed two candles from the nightstand drawer. With a flick of her wrist, she had the lights dimmed, and then set about lighting the candles, placing them on the bathroom counter, the light flickering and reflecting off of the mirror. Quickly disrobing, she left her clothes where they landed and climbed into the tub, nearly overflowing with bubbles and blissfully hot water.

She must have dozed off because she hadn’t heard Logan come in, but she was pleasantly surprised when he made his way into the water with her. He must have removed his clothes before getting her attention because he was strikingly sexy in all of his naked glory. She let him ease into the water behind her and relaxed against him once he settled, his hands gently sliding down her arm.

“I could get used to this.”

“Definitely.” She replied as he ran his hand over her collar bone. Sam relished the way he touched her, gently and with an unusual tenderness, as he held her against him.

She hadn’t realized how enjoyable it felt to be held by a man. Not just any man though. Her previous relationships hadn’t been like this. The feelings he stirred inside of her when he was around were different from any she had ever had before. She relaxed even more in his arms and let the warm water soothe her.

“So, what are your plans for this weekend?” He asked, brushing her hair to the side and placing gentle licks on her skin.

“Mmmm. Don’t know.” She moaned as she tilted her head to the side, offering him better access. He knew exactly what to do to drive her wild.

“If you’re a good girl, maybe I’ll give you a special treat.”

“A special treat, huh? I wonder what that could be.” She smiled as he continued to kiss down her neck, lightly sucking at times. She could feel his erection stirring at her back and her internal muscles clinched with anticipation.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.” He whispered as he leaned back against the tub and held her close to him. He was hard, definitely, but he seemed content to just sit there, which was just fine with her.

After an hour in the tub, with repeated refills to keep the water warm, the two of them decided they’d put off dinner long enough when Sam’s stomach growled in protest.

They were both pruning from the long exposure to the water, but it had been relaxing. Logan helped her dry off, then handed her the clothes she had laid out on the counter before putting his own back on.

As much as she wanted to make love to him tonight, she had a feeling he wasn’t going to indulge her. On Monday, he’d seemed overly concerned that she needed to rest, and he appeared to be in the same mood tonight. With a resigned shrug, Sam headed to the kitchen to put their dinner together. They didn’t waste time, both of them gorged on the food he brought, very little small talk to go along with it.

“Well, thank you for dinner.” He said, pushing his empty plate aside and pushing back from the table.

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