“Hey.” Logan greeted as he climbed out of the sexy black car. “Do you have plans for tonight?”

I hope to now. “Nope. No plans. How about you?” She asked as she grabbed her backpack from the back seat and went to shut the car door. As she did, Logan took her backpack from her arm and hoisted it onto his shoulder as he turned to follow her.

“I do now.” He smiled and all of Sam’s doubts and worries disappeared.


Logan followed Sam up to her apartment, realizing how much he had missed her the last few days. There seemed to have been some mutual avoidance going on during the week, but he hadn’t known exactly why.

Admittedly, he’d been nervous about where they were headed, especially after the last time he was here. Knowing he wanted something more out of this relationship, and fearing she wasn’t ready to give him that, Logan tried to give her some space.

Standing here with her now, he realized just how fully vested in this relationship he was. Regardless of whether she returned the feelings or not.

“What might those be?” Sam asked as she pushed open the front door to her apartment.

Logan shook off his thoughts and tried to remember what he had said. Oh, right. Plans. “Well, they involve you and me. Naked.” Shutting the door behind him, Logan turned the lock, ensuring they would be uninterrupted. She might have thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t.

Sitting her backpack on one of the bar stools, Logan watched as she placed her purse and keys on the bar and turned to look at him.

“Ok, so you, me, naked, then what?” She stood there, just staring at him.

He could think of plenty of things. But he wasn’t in the mood to talk. He pursued her, following as she backed herself up against the leather couch. He wanted to touch her. No, he needed to touch her.

When she flopped onto the couch, staring up at him, Logan saw the heat burning in her eyes, the same heat he’d been consumed with for days.

It took his breath away to know that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He didn’t sit beside her; instead, he leaned over her, forcing her onto her back until he was propped on his hands and knees above her. The passion that generated between them was hot enough to spark a flame, and if he didn’t kiss her right then, they might just simultaneously combust.

Her soft, cool fingers traced his jaw, then over his bottom lip. He turned his head and sucked her finger into his mouth, watching her eyes widen, her lips part.

“Damn I missed you.” He whispered, leaning his head toward hers, their lips almost touching. “Too damn much.”

And then he kissed her. Not just any kiss; it was an electrical storm of passion that erupted when their lips touched. Sam shifted her head slightly, allowing him to delve deeper. Their tongues battled, but their hands didn’t move. Sam kept her fingers gently on his face, while Logan’s hands remained planted on the couch on each side of her head. As she tried to get closer to him by pressing her body into his, he finally moved.

One hand.

He moved his left hand and made his way underneath the t-shirt she wore. His fingers grazed her stomach and then her breast, her soft skin beckoning him. When he fondled her nipple through the silky fabric of her bra, she squirmed beneath him, pushing against him, trying to increase the friction. With each move she made, he backed up a little more just to tease her.

“I didn’t come over here just for this.” He managed to breathe when he broke the kiss and stared into her eyes. And he hadn’t. Sure, the thought of her naked, willing body beneath him filled his mind while he was awake and asleep, but just seeing her was almost enough. Being this close to her was a temptation he couldn’t resist.

“Who said it had to be just this?” She smiled back at him as she let her hands slide down his neck, tangling in his hair.

“I wanted to take you to dinner. You know the whole courting thing.” He whispered as he kissed her cheek, her nose, and back to her lips.

“Oh, right. I completely forgot about that.”

“I wonder why?” He could barely concentrate while her fingernails gently trailed down his neck and into his shirt. She hadn’t made a move to start unbuttoning his shirt, but he knew it would be coming and he prayed he would be able to muster up the will power to take her to dinner first. His cock was hard as it pressed against her thigh. He wanted to rip her clothes from her body and thrust into her hard and fast. But, that had to wait.

“So, what are you hungry for? Wait, let me rephrase that.” He saw the glimmer in her eye and the smile that crept across her face. He knew what she was thinking. “I meant to ask you what you would like for dinner, as in food.”

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