“Oh, right. Food.”

Had she already forgotten her conditions? Logan smiled at the possible reason for that. Apparently some well-timed orgasms could do that to a person. He admitted he hadn’t given much thought to anything except getting her naked again. Then she smiled, bright as the sun, and Logan forgot what they were talking about.

“I’m glad to see you smiling again. Last time I was here it was as though I had wiped the smile right off of your face.” Logan said as he moved off of her, getting to his feet so he could help her up.

Just as quickly, her smile was gone. “About that. I’m sorry. My mind wasn’t in the right place, but you’ll be glad to know that I’ve managed to get back on track and things are looking better.”

Her eyes slid down his body, making him throb and ache with a hunger that had nothing to do with dinner. “Glad to hear that.” Seriously glad. “So, where to? Dinner and a movie tonight. Maybe we can even make out in the theater.”


Holy hell. She knew what this man’s idea of making out was, and she knew that if there weren’t a lot of people she might just end up naked. She still smiled.

“Ok, dinner and a movie then. What are we having? I was thinking maybe Japanese?”

“Japanese it is.” Logan replied, extending his hand.

Sam placed her palm in his and let him pull her from the couch. In a moment of weakness, she threw her arms around his waist, feeling his heat against her, the strength in his arms, as he held her. He kissed the top of her head, and the tenderness in that gesture had her sighing.

She hadn’t known how much she missed him until that moment. Hanging on for a little longer than she intended, Sam didn’t say a word. There wasn’t anything that needed to be said. There was something infinitely right about the two of them together. Something powerful that connected them.

Sam looked up at him and smiled. She was content. This was the exact place she wanted to be at that moment. In his arms.

“Let’s eat.”

Ok maybe not the exact place.

As they were leaving the restaurant, Logan’s cell phone rang. He helped Sam into the car and shut her door behind her. He was still on the phone when he came around to get in.

“I totally understand, Xavier. I’ll be on the next flight out.” Logan replied and then hit the button to end the call.

“I’m guessing that was work.”

“Yep. I have to go to California. There seems to be an issue with the vendor we chose for your project. They want to meet with me to discuss the contract. Xavier didn’t go into much detail, but I didn’t expect he would. I need to call Deanna.”

Sam sat quietly as Logan talked to his admin, giving her the information she needed to book his flight and hotel. Apparently Deanna was online taking care of it as they spoke because Logan sat quietly with the phone held to his ear as he drove back toward her apartment.

When they pulled into the complex parking lot, Sam climbed out of the car and walked around to the front, waiting patiently for him to finish his call. She felt the disappointment bubble up inside of her, but she understood he needed to go. She wouldn’t expect him to try to stop her if the tables were turned, so she knew she wouldn’t say a word to him about how she wished the night wouldn’t end.

“I’m sorry, baby.” Logan said as he walked toward her.

“Don’t be sorry. I wouldn’t be if I had to go. It’s just the way things are. I’ll be here when you get back so go and take care of business. After all, this is apparently important to me, as well. It is my project.”

Logan watched her, his expression showing his acceptance of her statement. She was right, it was her project. “Go with me.”

“What?” Sam couldn’t hide the shock.

“Go with me. You might be able to convince them there is no room for negotiation on this deal.”

“I don’t think you need me to convince them. You didn’t make it this far without the ability to diffuse these types of situations.”

“I’m quite confident in my ability to change their minds, but I would love to sit back and watch you work them over. Go with me, baby.”

Sam really wanted to take him up on his offer, but she didn’t want to put him in a position like that. If she were anyone else, he wouldn’t be asking her to go along. He didn’t need her there, and she had a lot of things that would need to be taken care of in the office on Monday anyway.

“Not this time. It isn’t something you would normally do, and I don’t want to give Xavier a reason to question our relationship. Remember, I’m still new here. I’m not ready to make any waves just yet.”

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