Logan knew she was right. He didn’t doubt she could get the vendor to back down from their attempt at negotiations now that they knew how critical the project actually was, but that wasn’t the reason he wanted her there. He wanted her there so he would have more time with her.

“You know I’m right, Logan. You need to go, take care of business, and we’ll pick up where we left off when you get back. Maybe if you’re really good I’ll make an exception and have a sleepover on a school night.” Sam grinned up at him.

Logan had to laugh at that. At the most, he would probably be gone for three or four days. Then, they would definitely pick up where they left off.

“Ok. I’m going to hold you to it. Let me walk you to your door and then I need to run by the house and grab some clothes. My flight leaves in two hours.”


Sam let him walk her up to her door, and she kissed him goodnight, sending him on his way before they let the heat between them turn into an inferno. After she closed the door, she leaned up against it for a minute. The only thing she couldn’t wrap her mind around was why he needed to fly out to California to diffuse a situation with a software vendor that they had already signed a contract with… on a weekend.

Chapter Twenty

Sam didn’t hear from Logan throughout the entire weekend. She managed to keep herself busy working at home. She had some things that needed to get done, and she actually enjoyed being able to sit on her couch, laptop perched on her lap with the television producing background noise.

It was different from the constant movement at the office. Although she worked for three solid hours straight, she found herself thinking about Logan constantly.

Unable to take any more, Sam shut the computer, tossed it onto the cushion beside her and stood. Out of habit she picked up her cell phone from the coffee table and checked to make sure she hadn’t missed any calls. The blasted thing never rang, so it was pure wishful thinking that had her glancing at it in the first place. With disappointment, she tossed it on the couch as she made her way into the kitchen.

Dinner or a drink? It was a tough decision.

The refrigerator offered little solace, so Sam settled on the drink. She pulled a can of diet 7-Up from the top shelf along with a glass from the cabinet. Adding some vodka, she attempted to encourage herself to relax by sipping on the drink as she paced the floor.

She couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t heard from Logan, but maybe he was busy. After all, he did go to California on business. It had crossed her mind that she might have made a mistake in declining to join him. But, it was too late to change the outcome so she had to do something to pass the time.

After wearing the carpet a little thinner than it already was, she settled on a relaxing bubble bath to calm her frazzled nerves. It was apparent she had too much time to think which would ultimately result in her picking apart her relationship. Again.

The song playing softly in the background didn’t help. She listened closely while Trapt soothed out one of her favorite songs on her iPod. “Ready When You Are” was probably not the best choice in her current mood, but it defined her current state of mind. The relationship she and Logan shared was complicated at best.

They both seemed to share the same feelings for one another, but Sam was acutely aware of her trepidations. Her desire for Logan was a living, breathing thing, but her fear of pain would ultimately win out if she let it.

What had she done before Logan walked into her life? Although it had only been a few months since they met, the time seemed as though it had sped by. Rather than mere months, it felt as though she had known him for years. Was her heart that vested? Did she dare admit she might actually love Logan McCoy?

Sam heaved out a sigh and took a long drink of the vodka sitting on the tubs edge. One day at a time… that’s all she could manage at this point in her life. If she had, in fact, fallen for Logan, it was probably best not to tell him. It still amazed her the way her body hummed when she thought about the event that occurred at his house.

Two men.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect she would be pleasured by two men. Never had she even given it any thought. Sure, it wasn’t a new concept. Late night television and the romance section of the bookstore were overwhelmed with such fantasies, but it wasn’t something that Sam had ever imagined she would partake in. It had been the most erotic night of her life and deep down inside, she secretly hoped it would happen again.

The water sloshed over the side of the tub as she forced herself up and out, trying desperately to push the graphic images from her mind. Now was not the time to think about the events of that night. She was already sexually frustrated, and with Logan so far away, she knew satisfaction wouldn’t come anytime soon. It was time for bed, and she only hoped her dreams would not be overcome with the eroticism that plagued her mind.

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