Sure, her mother still ran in the same social circles that Xavier Thomas did, but Logan didn’t think there was any worthy gossip going around that would catch her attention.


“Heather, I’m not sure I understand when you say there was a pricing issue. We negotiated the contract. It is signed and sealed. XTX is not prepared to negotiate after the fact.” Logan stated matter-of-factly. Where the hell was the waiter?

“I know there was some animosity between you and I based on our past relationship, Logan, but I don’t want that to interfere in our business relationship.” She stated as she glanced over the menu. “I am so hungry I think I could eat a little bit of everything on this menu. What are you going to order?”

Logan stared incredulously at the woman sitting beside him. Was she serious? He traveled over a thousand miles to make an urgent business meeting, on a weekend for that matter, and she wanted to know what he was going to order? To his relief the waiter returned to their table, placing their drinks in front of them.

Logan stared at the ice in his glass with considerable interest as he tried to calm himself. Getting angry was not going to move this along and ultimately, he knew the contract could be terminated on either side so he needed to at least work toward an amicable agreement. The problem was, he still didn’t know what the issue was.

What he did know was that this meeting probably had nothing to do with the contract that XTX had entered into for the software and support required for the company to move to the next level. They had done their due diligence in seeking out a company that could provide the requirements needed and At Last, Inc. had given them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Now, this woman, his ex-girlfriend, was sitting here telling him there was an error in pricing. Fine. He could play this game for a little while.

Keep it cool. Take a deep breath and before you know it, this will be over.

“I was going to ask you the same thing. I haven’t been here before so I don’t know what their specialty is.”

His response seemed to satisfy her, and Logan didn’t miss the fact that she grinned, still staring down at her menu as though she were actually trying to decide.

“I was thinking the salmon looked good.”

Great have the fucking salmon and let’s get down to business. Logan was glad he managed to keep his thoughts from spewing out of his mouth.

“That’s probably a safe choice.” Logan said as he glanced up at the young man standing beside their table, patiently waiting for them to order. “I think we’ll both have the salmon.”

“Yes, and please bring me a wedge salad with the house dressing.” Heather said sweetly as she laid her napkin across her lap. “So, how have things been with you? I think it has been nearly eight years since we last saw each other.”

“Good. Things have been good. And you?” Logan tried to put his heart into the conversation, but he found that he honestly didn’t have anything to say.

For several years, he wondered what Heather had done with her life. Even though he found out rather quickly that he hadn’t been in love with her, he still acknowledged he had cared about her. There were a few times that he had even found himself picking up the phone, wanting to call her. Luckily he found his sanity each time before he dialed.

The feeling was almost surreal, sitting there, close to her again. If someone had told him this would happen to him, he would have never believed them. He smiled at her as he took in her appearance. She had gotten even more beautiful over the years. With her blond hair, blue eyes, and petite frame, Heather probably could have gone into modeling. But, looks weren’t everything.

“Things have been interesting, to say the least. I moved out here to California about two and a half years ago when the job offer came in from At Last.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear things are going well for you, Heather.” Logan commented, downing his drink too quickly.

This conversation was making him extremely uncomfortable. There wasn’t anything they could possibly have to say to each other, especially so many years later, but she was acting as though they would just pick up where they left off. Clearly her memory had failed her because they hadn’t been in a place that they could pick up from.

“My mother has kept me abreast of the things going on in Dallas. I’ve heard some fascinating things lately.” She said; her voice softer than before.

She was clearly baiting him. He didn’t know where this was going, but he decided he would play along. He motioned for the server to return so he could get a refill on his drink. Hell, the guy might want to just bring the bottle.