With Stacey ready to go off to college, Dylan was beside himself with grief, feeling as though he were losing his daughter.

Trevor was a good natured boy, who apparently had just come out with the news that he was gay. Both Alex and Logan had long conversations with Dylan, advising him that there wasn’t anything wrong with that, as long as the boy was comfortable with his sexuality, which was the most important part. To their surprise, Dylan agreed, but as the boys’ father, he still worried. The world was a hateful place, and he only wanted to keep his kids safe.

“Is Stacey still considering going to UTD?” Logan asked.

“That’s the only good part of this whole thing. Stacey’s got her heart set on it and Dylan doesn’t want her to be that far away.”

“That far away? Hell, he’s only two hours out.” Logan knew Dylan was overprotective, but two hours?

“That’s what I told him. She’s asked if she can come stay at the house, and of course, I can’t refuse that girl anything.”

Logan smiled at the way Xavier referred to his ten thousand square foot mansion as a ‘house’. With more rooms than some hotels, Xavier had more than enough room for Stacey and anyone else who wanted to visit.

“You think that will get him back here?”

“He’s mentioned it. Talked about selling the ranch.” Xavier said, leaning forward, his arms resting on his desk. Logan noticed the sorrow that filled his boss’s eyes. “I think living in that house brings back too many memories of Meghan. It might be time for Dylan to move on.”

Logan knew that wasn’t easy for Xavier to talk about. Knowing Dylan as well as he did, Logan didn’t disagree. At thirty-nine years old, Dylan had a lot of life left, but no one could tell him that.

“Everything will work out for the best.” It had to. “Is that why you called me down here?” Logan changed the subject.

“Of course not. I wanted to talk to you about the California fiasco.” Xavier replied, once again relaxed, the sadness in his eyes a few moments ago just a memory.

“I take it you’ve heard.”

“I did. I’m sorry you had to endure that. Honestly, I had no idea. If I had, I would have called Ron myself and had a long talk with him about his daughter.” Xavier referred to Heather’s father, a man Xavier had been in business with for the better part of the last four decades.

“It was fine. Apparently there are some rumors going around and Heather must have gotten wind of them. Not sure how that could have happened.” Logan said as he leaned back and crossed one leg over his knee.

Wanting to sound as nonchalant as possible, Logan knew Xavier could read him like an open book. The rumors he referred to must have been about him and Sam, and Logan worried what Xavier’s reaction would be once he figured it all out, if he hadn’t already.

“Well, you know Angelica. As for those rumors, have you heard what they’re saying?” Xavier asked, his expression serious.

“You know I try to ignore those things. They run rampant around this office.”

“Yes, well, most of them are certainly insignificant. However, this one did get my attention. Apparently there’s a rumor about an intra-office romance involving you and a very attractive V.P. of project operations.”

Logan wondered who started that rumor. Since Heather had apparently heard of it before today, he knew Deanna wasn’t likely the source. Possibly Alex, but since the two of them were friends, he didn’t think Alex would run off at the mouth about something he wasn’t sure of. Unless it could possibly interfere with XTX.

In a desperate attempt to save face, Logan’s first inclination was to deny the rumor. “Well, I assure that those rumors…” Logan didn’t get a chance to finish his statement.

“Don’t you dare bullshit me, boy.” Xavier’s voice was raised, and he pounded his fist on the desk.

Logan had been privy to a number of heart to hearts with Xavier Thomas, but he’d never been on the receiving end of his disapproval. Based on his reaction, Logan knew he’d crossed the line.

“Xavier, I –”

Standing from his chair and walking around to perch on the edge of the desk, a few feet from where Logan sat, Xavier’s hard glare made Logan want to squirm for the first time in as long as he could remember.

“If you want to lie to yourself, so be it. But, you won’t sit here and tell me that something hasn’t changed in your life. Quite frankly, I’m not surprised that it’s a woman.” Xavier stated.

Logan didn’t know whether to be relieved or concerned. Instead of attempting a rebuttal, no sense denying it anyway, he sat patiently, waiting for Xavier to continue.

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