“You’re right. I didn’t call. I should have. It isn’t because I didn’t think about you, because I did.” Logan pulled back, gripping her shoulders in his hands as he looked her in the eye. “You have to realize that the things going through your mind are the same things going through mine. I’m trying to get my head around this situation, as well. It happened so fast, and sometimes I wonder if it’s real.”

Chapter Twenty Three

To think, Logan McCoy was actually human.

What had she expected?

Sam felt lower than ever, realizing throughout this entire ordeal, she’d given no thought to Logan or his feelings. She’d been selfish, believing she was the only one who could be hurt. She had been so wrapped up in protecting herself and being prepared for the worst that she didn’t even stop to think about how he felt.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, once again pressing her face against the fabric of his shirt. He smelled terrific. Like fabric softener and some sort of spicy musk.

“I don’t want you to be sorry. The real lesson, that we both need to learn, is we’ve both been burned, so it’s alright to be cautious, but we have to give each other a chance.”

Looking up into his hazel eyes, seeing the furrow in his brow, Sam contemplated the wisdom of his words. He was right, though she didn’t want to admit it. Holding on to the fear, even the anger, was so much easier than giving herself over unconditionally to this man. “Now what?”

“If you’ll let me, I’d like to explain exactly what happened this weekend.”

With minimal reluctance, all of the fight officially drained out of her, Sam agreed to hear him out. Logan talked, answering her questions when she had them, and not only did he tell her the logistics, he admitted to the way he felt.

As the conversation wound down, Sam couldn’t stifle her yawn. Despite her earlier nap, she was exhausted, wanting nothing more than to curl up in Logan’s arms and sleep for hours. Maybe days.

When he glanced at his watch, Sam knew they were about to call it a night. She was torn between how it might end.

“I need to go. I’ve kept you up long enough, and you need some sleep.”

“I don’t want you to go.”

Logan smiled, gifting Sam with a peek of his sexy dimple. “Does that mean you want me to stay?”

No more beating around the bush. It was after midnight, and Sam didn’t want to waste another minute. “Yes. I want you to stay.”

“Then I’ll stay.”

Taking his hand in hers, Sam led him to her bedroom, suddenly revived and no longer anxious for sleep. As they neared the bed, he turned to face her, pulling her against him, their bodies aligning like they were made for one another.

Sam loved the way she fit against him, his sheer size making her feel small. And compared to him, she was small, but when his arms wrapped around her, she fit perfectly inside of them, but more importantly, his mouth seemed made for hers.

When he brushed his lips over hers, the soft warmth sent tingles down her arms. As he pursued her tongue, a sweet, sensual mating ensued, and a desperate hunger took flight inside of her.

She loved kissing this man, her body eager to feel more of him. When he leaned her over, slowly lowering her to the mattress, Sam kept her mouth crushed to his. As his body came down to cover hers, she groaned at the sweet pressure between her thighs. She wanted more, and she wanted it now.

She spread her legs further, allowing him to ease between them, the steel hard edge of his erection aligning exactly where she wanted him. Trying to pull him closer, she wrapped one leg around behind him, pressing intimately against his thigh, letting the friction ignite a sensual firestorm between her legs.

“That’s it, baby.” Logan’s voice thundered, sending heat reverberating through her.

Momentarily, the heat left her as Logan quickly shed both of their clothes, but when he pressed down into her once more, skin to skin, Sam knew it had been worth the wait. Every nerve ending lit up like the 4th of July, as she tried to get closer.

“Make love to me, Logan.” She was begging, sliding her hands over his smooth back, down to his ass so she could pull him closer, despite the fact that he didn’t seem to budge. “I need you now.”

Before Sam knew what happened, she was astride Logan, slowly lowering herself down on him, feeling the velvety length of his cock as he slid inside of her.

“Damn that’s good. So fucking good.” Logan groaned, and his erotic words spurred her on, increasing her pace as she continued to take him deeper, then reversing her movement until he was nearly all the way out.

“Baby, I won’t last long if you keep that up.”

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