Seeing the beautiful woman lying peacefully on the bed, nearly waylaid him. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing softly, sleeping soundly. He’d wanted her to fall asleep on top of him after they’d made love, but he had wanted to give her a moment of space, and take one of his own.

Cleaning her gently with the washcloth, Logan let his eyes travel the length of her, gliding over her soft, supple curves. After tossing the washcloth back in the bathroom, he slid into bed beside her, pulling the blankets up over them both. Once she was up against him, her body tucked warmly against his, he was able to close his eyes.

This was exactly where he wanted to be. Next to the woman he loved. It wasn’t a revelation because he knew he had fallen for her and though he had some concerns over how they would move forward, what exactly that meant, he wasn’t scared. He just had to convince her she didn’t need to be scared either.

That was going to be the hard part.


The next three weeks went by without incident… well mostly.

Sam either spent the night with Logan, or he spent the night with her, with the exception of the weekend her parents came down. That weekend had been a long one, though Logan enjoyed himself.

He offered to take the three of them out on the boat and not surprisingly, her father was the first one to jump at the opportunity. He picked up on Sam’s reluctance to spend the day with both him and her parents, but the end of the day, they were getting along easily.

Since the night of their argument, Logan offered Sam little time to brood, or dwell on her thoughts. He made sure to see her every day, even convincing her to go to lunch at least three times a week. Now, he just wondered what the next step in the relationship was. Taking things one day at a time was much easier said than done, and Logan never considered himself an impatient man.

He half expected some of the newness to wear off of the relationship. So far, it hadn’t. Each morning when he woke up, Sam beside him, his body still hardened at the mere sight of her.

When he heard her voice outside of his office door, usually speaking to Deanna, he couldn’t help but smile, or try to sneak a glance. There was an easiness to the way they were when they were together, though still intense.

Oh, and the sex was still off the charts.

Realizing the time, Logan opened his IM, so he could check in with her to see what time she’d be finished.

[McCoy, Logan – 4:43pm] What are your plans for tonight?

[Kielty, Samantha – 4:43pm] At this point, I don’t have any. Why, what’s up?

[McCoy, Logan – 4:43pm] I was thinking dinner and a movie. After all, our last movie date was ruined.

[Kielty, Samantha – 4:44pm] Sounds good. What time? I only have a few more things to finish up and I’ll be ready to go.

Logan had driven them to the office that morning since Sam had stayed the night. For the last couple of weekends, they hadn’t made any plans; they simply spent the time together and did whatever came to mind.

[McCoy, Logan – 4:44pm] Give me about thirty minutes and I’ll be ready.

[Kielty, Samantha – 4:45pm] Ok, just let me know.

Once his report was finished, Logan logged off of his computer, grabbing his cell phone on the way out the door. He dialed the last number on his missed call list, and it was quickly answered.

“Xavier, I noticed you called earlier. Just wanted to give you a call back. What’s up?” Logan listened intently as Xavier told him that he needed to meet with him. Today.

“Are you in the building?” He waited briefly for his boss’ confirmation, and once given, he replied with a quick, “See you in ten”, then hung up the phone.

It was highly unusual for Xavier to meet Logan at his office this late in the day, but Xavier was on his way.

According to his boss, he had something urgent to discuss, which meant only one thing. Whatever he had to say would probably pertain to his relationship with Sam.

A couple of his V.P.’s had made offhanded comments in passing a couple of times, so he knew their relationship hadn’t gone unnoticed like they’d hoped. Since he hadn’t let them bait him, they must have gone to Xavier with their grievances.

Stopping at Sam’s office, he pushed open her door and forced a smile.

“Hey.” Her smile brightened her face, and he hated what he had to tell her next.

“Hey back. Are you already done?” She asked, her attention back on her computer.

“Not quite. Xavier wants to talk to me.”

Sam jerked her head in his direction, her eyes wide, her face pale. “About?”

He had already told Sam about Larry and Abigail’s comments regarding their relationship, and he knew she suspected the same thing he did.