“I’m not sure just yet. He’s on his way now. Wait for me.” His lips turned upward, but he knew the smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“I’ll be here. I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

Remembering that he had driven her to work that day, Logan almost offered her to take his car. Selfishly, he opted not to, wanting to see her as soon as this conversation was over.

As soon as he’d shut her office door behind him, Logan saw Xavier and Alex walking his way. Shit. This definitely couldn’t be good if Xavier had brought Alex along.

Since Alex wasn’t exactly employed by XTX, rather his company was contracted by XTX to provide security, Logan didn’t know what the other man might be able to contribute.

Xavier greeted when he and Alex fell into step with Logan on the way to his office. Thankfully Deanna had already left for the day. His sweet, spunky admin would probably panic at the sight the three of them probably made.

“Thanks for meeting me this late.” Xavier said when the office door finally shut behind them.

“Sure thing. Please have a seat.” Nodding at Alex, Logan greeted his friend, wondering what the other man was doing there. “Alex.”

Without hesitation, Xavier took one of the spare chairs in Logan’s office and directed his attention at him. “I’m going to get straight down to business since I know you probably have plans for the evening.”

Logan didn’t say anything; he simply sat down and looked back at the other two men.

“It seems we have a problem. Well, not quite a problem in my book, but it seems to be a problem with a couple of your employees.”

Unsurprised by his comment, Logan nodded his understanding. Despite Xavier’s laid back appearance, Alex looked a bit more concerned by where the conversation was headed.

“Abigail and Larry came to me this week in regards to you and your apparent relationship with Sam. It seems they have an issue with the fact that you’re dating one of your vice presidents, and they fear it will impact their jobs.”

“Sure. I spoke with both of them earlier in the week.” This wasn’t news to him, but, figuring Abigail’s original disapproval of Sam, he expected as much. Abigail had been rooting for Tricia Shoenrock for the position, and had been disappointed when Logan didn’t even consider the less tenured project manager for the role.

“Why didn’t you come to me?” Xavier asked, concerned.

“I didn’t think it would continue to be an issue, but I should have known. What do I need to do? Hand in my resignation?” Logan immediately jumped to the conclusion that the only answer would be to leave the company. It was instinct.

He was going to protect Sam at all costs. That was certainly a new and strange feeling for him, but for some reason, it no longer scared him. He had finally come to terms with his feelings for Sam and just short of telling her that he loved her, Logan had all but admitted how he felt.

“Hell no. That isn’t the answer.” Xavier exclaimed, using his hands to punctuate the statement. “That’s why we’re here, actually. Alex has come up with an idea that we think will work for all involved.”

Xavier looked to Alex and then back to Logan, apparently uncomfortable with the conversation. And what could Alex possibly do about the situation? He was the head of security, not exactly the career path either of them were leaning toward.

“It might sound strange, but it makes sense, and above all else, I think it’ll actually benefit everyone involved.” Alex contributed.

“How big is this problem, Xavier? Does it truly require change?” Logan questioned. He wanted to get Xavier’s perspective.

“Well, since they’ve both threatened to engage HR or walk, and I’m not exactly good with either of those choices, I think it does.”

Interesting. He knew Abigail pretty well, and he was actually surprised his tenured vice president would threaten to leave the company. He didn’t put it past Larry though since the man had always been aggressive when it came to his position.

“Alright. I’m listening.”

“As you and I previously discussed, I really don’t have a problem with you and Sam dating. Actually, I’m a little relieved you pulled the stick out of your ass and actually went after her.” Xavier responded, just as politically correct as always, making Logan laugh.

Logan noticed Alex’s grin. It definitely wasn’t the first time Xavier had come to the forefront with his honesty. The two of them shared that sort of relationship, and it was one Logan had come to appreciate.

“Alex’s idea involves Sam though. I wanted to run it by you before we presented her with the option.”

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