Option? What the hell?

“You have my attention.” Logan stated, uncomfortable now.

“The situation seems to stem from the fact that Sam is your employee, and you and she are… together.” Alex stated flatly. “It doesn’t appear to be going away, so we had to come up with a plan. Unless you tell me the two of you are calling it quits, I think this is our only option.”

“That’s not about to happen, so I hope you’ve got a good plan.”

“As you probably already know, Logan,” Xavier began, “I’m very fond of Samantha and don’t want to lose her expertise here at XTX, so Alex and I have discussed what options we have of keeping her and you, employed. Other employees feel as though they don’t have the same opportunities Sam has, due to the circumstances.”

“Although, we did tell Larry and Abigail they were free to ask you out anytime.” Alex smirked.

“Shut up, smart ass.” Logan glared back at him, not able to find humor in the situation. “What are the options?”

“Dylan and I have discussed –” Alex started, but was interrupted.

“Dylan? What the hell does Dylan have to do with this?” Logan looked at one man then back to the other.

“Since the last time we talked, Dylan has decided to relocate back to Dallas, mostly because Stacey was accepted to UTD, but also because he’s decided to go into business with Alex.”

Logan looked to Alex for confirmation. “Since Dylan and I agree that Sam is a tremendous asset to XTX and in order to keep her employed on the current project as well as to have her expertise in other areas, we’re willing to offer her a comparable position with CISS.”

Alex had worked for years to build his security agency from the ground up. He owned and operated the firm, and based on his knowledge, if Alex was serious, he would be able to offer Sam one hell of an opportunity.

With Dylan joining the ranks, Logan was comfortable they’d be able to take the company to the next level. To this point, they’d embedded inside of XTX and only offered some basic personal security outside, but Logan knew Alex wasn’t hurting for business.

As good of an opportunity as this presented for Sam, Logan didn’t think she’d see it that way.

“What’s the catch?” Logan asked as he kept his gaze on Alex.

“No catch. Actually, we would formally hire her and then contract her out to XTX for the remainder of the project. She wouldn’t report to you any longer, rather she would report directly in to Xavier.” Alex commented as he shifted in his chair.

Logan glanced back at Xavier to see the man still sitting quietly, his face expressionless as he waited for Logan’s input. The strange thing was, this was actually a brilliant idea, provided CISS was willing to offer her the same money she was making as well as a permanent position in the Dallas area. Sam might not require the permanent position, but Logan did.

“Have you taken into consideration the money she is making here at XTX?” Logan asked.

“All taken care of. We’d match her salary, and she’d keep an executive position, bonus included. And, to top it all off, we’re willing to offer her a permanent position here in Dallas. That doesn’t mean she won’t travel, but her home base would be right here.” Alex grinned. “Close to you.”

Logan could hear Sam now. She was going to give the two men hell, and he sure hoped he could sit by and watch it as it happened. Xavier and Alex knew Logan really didn’t have a say in the matter because the situation had already brought forth a human resource violation and, truthfully, XTX probably could lose the battle in court.

“Well, gentlemen, you both know I can’t make this decision for her. I have two questions, though. First, who will be the one to try to sell her this idea? And two, what is behind door number two if she chooses to decline?”

Xavier leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “Logan, the only other option is to send her back to the San Antonio office.”

Logan saw the strain on Xavier’s face, heard the uncertainty in his voice as he shared that little tidbit of information.

“She’ll have the opportunity to get James’ job when he retires, but other than that, I don’t have much of a choice. And, we’ve designated you as the man to give her this information.”

“Me? Why the hell does it have to be me? She’s going to feel as if I’m not giving her a choice.”

“Logan, you’re close to her, and as of right now, she works for you. We truly need her to take this offer. It’s the best for both companies, as well as for you and her. This wasn’t something we took lightly.” Xavier ran his hand through his thick gray hair, a pained look on his face. “Son, I don’t want to have to do this. You know I’ve been supportive and hell, I really am glad you found someone to make you happy. This type of thing doesn’t happen but once and I don’t want the two of you to let something like this come between you.”

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