Logan looked down at his desk. He knew Xavier wasn’t speaking to him as an employee; he was speaking as if he were family. Just knowing he had his support and the fact that Xavier was willing to give them this opportunity was more than he could have ever hoped for.

Now came the hard part. He had to try and convince Sam.

Damn this wasn’t going to be easy.

Chapter Twenty Four

At six thirty, Sam was surprised to see Logan standing in the doorway of her office. He didn’t look happy, but he didn’t look upset either, so she had delayed asking how his meeting went.

He took her to a local Mexican food restaurant not far from the office, where they spent an entire hour talking about work and where she was at with her project.

The conversation wasn’t one she would have had with a boss under normal circumstances, which said a lot about what was going on and what their next steps would be.

Sam enjoyed the fact that she and Logan shared the same interests, being able to talk openly about work, both of them seeming to be working toward the same goal. It was especially nice that he didn’t treat her as his employee when they talked outside of the office. The problem was that Logan wasn’t divulging any information about the meeting he had with Xavier and Alex either.

She was past the point of curious, but more cautious than anything, which is what kept her from asking questions. Questions she did and did not want to know the answers to.

She could only conclude the meeting had been serious, because Logan seemed more focused on work, which normally didn’t bother Sam so much, but tonight, when he wasn’t talking about work, he just wasn’t talking.

After the check was paid, Sam took the hand Logan offered and allowed him to lead her to the car. Once they were there, he turned his attention to her, taking her by surprise.

“So, I was thinking.”

“That’s scary.” Sam teased, wondering if now was the time he was going to break the news to her.

“Funny.” Logan smiled down at her, and Sam felt the spark in the air around them.

“Remember that treat I promised you?”

Sam’s head jerked back to meet his gaze as her insides began to riot. After the last time he’d ‘treated’ her to something, Sam had only imagined how he would top that. She felt the wet heat between her legs, caused only by the memory of that night.

“I remember.” She found it odd that she actually hoped it would be another night like the last.

Did that make her a pervert? God, she hoped not. But, just the thought of what happened a month ago made her temperature rise. Based on the way his hazel eyes turned even darker, Logan must have been able to read her anticipation.

She avoided looking down, but wondered whether he was just as affected by the possibilities as she was.

He left her hanging, opening the car door and waiting until she was inside. Once inside, she waited for him to climb in on the other side, and as soon as he was in, she threw a question at him.

“When you made the original offer, I thought it involved a movie?” Trying to read his expression was like trying to find a contact lens in the dark. Outside.

The man wasn’t going to give away his little secret. Not when he knew it was driving her crazy. If he had hoped to take her mind off of the meeting he had with Xavier, Logan succeeded. Now her sole focus was on wondering what was in store for her tonight.

“Well, I was thinking maybe a little hot tub action would be good tonight.”

Sam pretended to give thought to his suggestion. It made more sense, since a movie would be moot being that neither of them would be paying much attention to it.

“Hot tub, huh?”

“It sounded like a great way to relax.”

Sam could tell he was trying for indifferent, but the way he was squeezing her hand just a little tighter than normal, said he wasn’t as unaffected as he pretended. She felt the giant butterflies take flight in her stomach. She couldn’t help but be nervous. Excited, but nervous nonetheless.

Would it be the same as last time? She seriously doubted it would be. Not with Logan. She didn’t figure anything would ever be routine with him. And that thought excited her even more.

Once the car was parked in the garage, alongside the Corvette and his Silverado, Sam waited to see what would happen next. The last time they’d done this, she’d exited the vehicle practically naked.

She didn’t have to wait long because Logan exited the car, coming around to her side just as she was letting herself out. Feeling a bit letdown by what wasn’t happening, Sam forced a smile on her face.

“Don’t worry, I promise, this’ll be good.” Logan reassured her, apparently seeing her disappointment.

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