Ten minutes later they were on the veranda, Logan set about lighting candles strategically placed from the doors to the pool. “So, why haven’t you put a television out here yet?”

“Hmmm. Good question. I’m a man after all, and we definitely like our toys.” He retorted, grinning sheepishly.

The atmosphere was once again romantic with candles lit along the walkway to the hot tub. The hot tub was actually separate from the pool, equipped with reclining seats, and a multitude of various jets.

Against the house, a large couch, if you could actually call it that, lined the back wall, curving around to enclose the seating area. About fifteen feet long, and double the depth of a normal couch, with large throw pillows tossed about, the thing was a monstrosity.

The entire area was discretely sheltered by the roof and the surrounding foliage, obviously kept high to keep out prying eyes. Sam grinned to herself – it was the perfect area to skinny dip in.

“Would you like a drink?” Logan asked, coming up from behind and wrapping his arms around her waist. She leaned into him, her arms resting over the top of his.

“A little liquid courage, huh? Sure. I’ll take vodka and 7-Up.”

“Do you trust me, Sam?” This time he whispered in her ear as he continued to hold her.

“I trust you.” She confirmed, but didn’t move to look at him.

The words were coming out easier, more conviction behind them. And now, after all the time that had passed, not only did she trust him with her body, she trusted him with her heart.

In the end, she might have a broken heart, but the chance to be with him, even if it didn’t last forever, was worth every bit.

“Do you trust me to take you places you’ve never been before?” His deep voice rumbled in her ear as his tongue gently swept the sensitive area of her neck, just below her ear.

She nodded her head, even as she tilted it to the side to allow him better access. His lips gently graced the sensitive skin, and, for a moment, she thought her knees would buckle. “I’m eager to go those places with you.”

“Do you remember your safe word?”


“I want you to do exactly what I tell you.”

Nodding her understanding, Sam lifted her arms so his hands could slide out from under hers. Her spine tingled when his hands ventured beneath her shirt onto her sides, his warmth and strength penetrated her nerve endings.

“Same rules as last time. No questions. Tonight’s about your pleasure. Understand?”

“Yes.” She said, already wondering what she was getting herself into.

Logan pulled his hands away, leaving her body cold after the heat he had generated. “I’m going to get our drinks. You relax on the couch until I get back.”

Sam hesitated and realized Logan wasn’t going to go until she had done as he told her. She shuffled over, lowering herself onto the puffy cushion as he turned and walked away.

Doing exactly as he’d instructed, Sam removed her sandals, pulling her feet up under her and lying back on one of the throw pillows. From where she was, she noticed the hot tub jets come to life, the soft colored lights reflecting off of the water inside of the giant tub.

After the week she’d had, she was looking forward to relaxing in the warm water. Would she have to be blind folded this time? She guessed that would depend on whether or not anyone would be joining them.

Was it strange to be so eager to have two men again? Would it be the same one? She couldn’t imagine Logan being the type to invite different people into his bed so to speak. Despite his apparent sexual hunger, Logan was an intensely private person, so she assumed if they did have company, he’d be the same one.

Closing her eyes, she willed herself to relax, listening to the soft music that began playing from the speakers overhead.

The sound of the door opening, then closing again jarred Sam awake. She must have dozed for a minute. When Logan came around, he was carrying two glasses, and she noticed he’d removed his shoes at some point.

Sitting up, she reached for one of the glasses, waiting while he got comfortable beside her. As was the usual routine, Logan pulled her closer against his side, one arm around behind her shoulders. It was a position she’d come to cherish, being held by this man.

“Do you think it’s warm enough yet?” His breath was warm on her ear, and she felt her stomach do the flippy thing it did when he was around.

Sam assumed he was talking about the hot tub, but she could think of some other things that were warming up quite nicely. “Not sure, but I think it’s getting warm rather quickly.”

Sam held her breath when Logan moved to set his drink on the table. When he moved closer, sweeping her hair off of her neck, she shuddered. And when he pressed his lips to her neck, she nearly came right there.

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