“Do you know what I want, Sam?”

Sam tilted her head, careful not to spill her drink as she hoped she knew the answer to Logan’s question. “No, I don’t. Tell me.”

Slowly trailing kisses down her neck, Sam shivered, waiting for what he would say. The deep, thundering tone of his voice was enough to set her off, much less the erotic things he told her.

“I want to watch you.” Logan pressed his lips at the back of her neck, then moved to the opposite side. “I want to watch another man pleasure you.”

Was it possible to have an orgasm from words alone? Her womb clenched and a spiraling heat traveled through her core.

“The other night, it made me so fucking hard to watch you. Watching as he lapped at your pussy.” Logan nipped her earlobe. “Watching when you came in his mouth.”

Sam shuttered, hovering on the brink of an orgasm so intense, she didn’t think she’d be able to move afterward. And he’d barely touched her.

“Can I watch, Sam?”

Sam couldn’t turn to look at him in the position she was in, so she took a sip of her rather strong drink, and nodded her head. If he wasn’t careful, he’d make her come before he ever had a chance to watch anything.

“Say it, Sam.” Logan insisted.

“Yes. You can watch.”


Logan inhaled deep, wondering for the first time how Sam was going to react when she saw Luke. The other night, she’d been blindfolded, and Luke had been careful not to let her see him; nor had he stuck around afterward. Suddenly, he questioned his decision and wondered if he should warn her beforehand.

He distracted himself by nibbling her neck, reaching around to remove her now empty glass from her hands. Before he’d set the glass down beside his own, the French doors opened behind them.

Logan downed his own drink quickly, needing a dose of liquid courage to help him get through the next few minutes.

“Remember, no questions.” Logan whispered, sucking more insistently on the soft skin of her shoulder, waiting for her reaction.

“Ohmigod.” Logan barely heard Sam’s whisper, but he felt her body tense, noticed the way she pushed back against him ever so slightly.

Luke McCoy walked around the end of the couch, his hands tucked into his pockets, a crooked smile on his lips and Logan knew Sam thought she was being deceived.

The man was the spitting image of Logan himself, his identical twin brother, only two minutes older.

Logan didn’t talk much about his brother, at least not at work, and he usually never referenced the fact that he was a twin. For those who knew them both, they knew that both brothers shared a tremendous amount of similarities. They looked so much alike, even their grandfather hadn’t been able to tell them apart much of the time.

“Stand up.” Logan commanded Sam, waiting to see if she would utilize the safe word to end this before it got started. She didn’t hesitate, but she didn’t hurry to move from her position, slowly sliding her feet out from under her until they touched the floor, then pushing up until she was standing directly in front of Luke.

“Take her clothes off.” This time the command was for Luke, who only glanced his way briefly.

Logan knew what Sam saw when she looked at Luke. She saw him. They walked the same, dressed the same, and even had the same voice. Luke carried himself the same way as Logan, both of them standing at six and a half feet tall.

Logan was pretty sure that if they wanted, they could trick her easily, and she wouldn’t be able to tell either of them apart. That wouldn’t be happening though, because, although he and Luke might share women from time to time, this particular one belonged to him.

They’d shared many women between them, most of them generally ones Luke was seeing, but the occasional girl from Logan’s past was privy to one of their threesomes. They hadn’t been like this though. The possessive streak Logan had developed since meeting Samantha was fierce, growing in its intensity as each day passed.

Logan tried to fade into the background so to speak, only wanting to instruct when necessary, but wanting to watch as another man, one who happened to look just like him, pleasured Sam.

She stood motionless at the edge of the couch, Luke standing only inches away now.

“You’re beautiful.” Luke whispered, sliding his hand down Sam’s cheek. Logan knew what that felt like, knew the way his heart squeezed in his chest when Sam looked at him like he could do anything.

Chapter Twenty Five

He was close… really, really close. This man who looked and sounded just like Logan, but Sam knew he wasn’t because Logan was still behind her. She could still feel him, knew he would watch over her.

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