The fact was, her current position allowed her to get up close and personal with what she enjoyed most. There was nothing more exciting than digging into code and breaking it down or building it up into something bigger than they could have imagined.

She had just leaned back in her chair and was sorting through her email when Trevor knocked lightly on her open door and then sauntered in like he owned the place.

Trevor Michaels, the bad boy of the San Antonio office, was one of her prized employees; the one who would stay all night with her if they knew they could break through an obstacle no one else seemed to be able to get around. He took his job as seriously as she did and since the first day they started working together five years earlier, they’d gotten along seamlessly.

“Hey.” Trevor’s deep voice flowed silkily through the small confines of her office.

“Hey, yourself.” She replied, keeping her eyes trained on the email she just opened. “What’s up?”

Samantha learned long ago she had to be able to multitask or she would never get anything accomplished. With the number of people who wandered in and out of her office throughout the day, if she didn’t keep her focus, she’d be working double the amount of hours she did already.

Thankfully, her team was comfortable enough with her just to walk in at any time, and they even tolerated her ability to perform multiple things at once.

“Rumor has it you’re on your way to Dallas.” Trevor made himself comfortable in the chair directly across from her.

She didn’t have her bags packed just yet, but she didn’t have to think too hard to figure out who had started that rumor. Glancing up from the monitor to assess his rugged facial features looking for a clue as to where the conversation was heading, Samantha didn’t see any contradiction in his expression from that in his voice. He sounded happy.

“That’s the rumor, I suppose.” That was another thing she liked about Trevor, he was straight forward and right to the point.

“That’s a very interesting rumor. If you’re nice, I just might give you a clue as to who is spreading that nasty gossip. Have you accepted the position?”

Smiling at his attempt to alleviate the tension she knew was coming off of her in waves, Sam stared at Trevor. Looking at him now, still just as handsome as the day she met him, it was hard to believe she and Trevor had actually attempted to date about five years ago.

Thankfully, they’d learned right away they were better friends than anything else. It worked out for the best because a few months after they had gone out, he met Jennifer, the woman who was now his wife. The couple dated for about a year before getting married, with a son born fourteen months later. Samantha had even been invited to the wedding.

“Not yet. I’m waiting to discuss more with Logan McCoy this afternoon.” She said as she glanced down at her watch. Thirty minutes and counting.

“Logan McCoy? Damn. He’s calling you?” Trevor asked with a hint of admiration in his voice.

“That’s what James told me this morning. Why?”

“No reason.” Trevor’s grin was mischievous. “Will you be working directly for him?”

“I would assume so, but what aren’t you telling me?” She didn’t know who else a VP in the support operations department would report to, but she wasn’t going to mention that to Trevor.

“Honestly, nothing. I’ve heard some things about him, but nothing that couldn’t be said to his face. The rumor is he’s tough to work for.”

“What is it with you and rumors? You’re worse than an old woman the way you go spouting off at the mouth the minute you hear something interesting.” Samantha chided Trevor good naturedly. “But, tough can be a good thing. I think the same thing has been said about me before. Maybe even by you.”

And that was probably the understatement of the year.

Trevor laughed in return and then ran his hand through his short dark hair. “On a serious note, do you have any juicy gossip for me?”

“I’m not sure you can say serious and gossip in the same sentence. What, you don’t have enough to fuel the National Enquirer for a decade?” His prominent blue eyes sparkled as he sat with his elbows resting on his knees and his body leaning forward, closer to her desk.

She could see he was eagerly anticipating more information. Information she didn’t currently have. “I don’t know anything right now but, I’ll be sure to tell you more as soon as I know. Or, you could just stand at the door, hold a glass up to it and share all of the news the minute I get it.”

“Well, this was terribly disappointing, Ms. Kielty. I expected so much more out of you.” He replied with a smile as he stood from the chair and turned toward the open door. “But, seriously, the reason I came wasn’t to share all my insider trading information, I really did come for a reason.” He laughed as he placed a hand on the door knob. “Good luck, Sam. You won’t need it, but I’ll tell you anyway. I knew good things would be coming your way soon. Let me know when you know something.”