When he sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, she gasped, wanting to press down against his face, force his tongue on her clit.

“So fucking hot.” Logan groaned, leaning back on the couch so he could see between her legs, his hand fondling her breasts, teasing her nipple with his roughened fingertips.

Sam pressed against Logan’s hand, hoping he’d apply more pressure. She needed something… something more. As Luke’s tongue explored her pussy, his hands holding her open so he could go deeper, Sam tried to press down, increase the friction of his tongue. His forearms held her in place, limiting her ability to apply the necessary pressure to push her over.

“You like having your pussy eaten?” Logan’s voice thundered around her, bringing her attention back to him. “Watching you sit on his face while he tongue fucks you makes my dick hard.”

Logan had pulled his cock out, stroking the satin length, making Sam’s mouth itch to taste him. To know he was stroking himself as he watched her get her pussy licked by another man sent a flood of moisture between her thighs.

She could feel her orgasm building, the way Luke’s tongue lapped up her juices, the look on Logan’s face, the sound of his voice, watching as he stroked himself faster… she wasn’t going to last. If she could only… yes, that’s it.

“Not yet, baby.” Logan said, taking her nipple in his mouth, his teeth biting hard enough to send an arrow of pain straight to her clit.

They were going to kill her. She couldn’t take the teasing, she didn’t want slow. She wanted hard and fast. She just needed Luke to…

Just when she thought her body might explode from the pleasure, Luke slid out from under her. Sam watched Logan, anticipating his next command. Wanting him to instruct her next move. Instead, he pulled off his shirt, tossing it somewhere on the ground. The hard, tense muscles in his shoulders stood out in stark relief as he pushed his jeans down his legs, releasing his cock completely to her hungry gaze.

“While Luke removes his clothes, I want you to turn and face me, put your legs up.” Sam followed his instructions, putting herself on display for him

“Lift.” Logan instructed, sliding her thong down her legs. “Damn your pussy’s wet, baby.”

More than he knew. Her juices were steadily flowing, and the more he looked at her, the wetter she got.

The couch dipped behind her with Luke’s weight. He pulled her back against him, lifting her knees and spreading them wider, putting her on full display for Logan.

She needed one of them to touch her, but they were dragging this out, torturing her.

“I bought you some toys, baby.” Logan stated, bringing Sam down from her high.

What was he going to do?

He picked up a plastic wrapped item from the table in front of him. How had she not seen it? Looking closer, she noticed it was a vibrator. A large, pink one at that.

“This is for the times when I can’t be with you.” He stretched forward, placing the silicon tip against her clit, then turning on the vibration, eliciting a moan from her.

“Show me how you pleasure yourself when I’m not there.” He demanded, and this time Sam could hear the strain in his voice.

Served him right.

She reached for the vibrator, but she didn’t remove it from her clit. That was exactly where she needed it. Now that she was in control, she could increase the pressure and… oh God that felt good. Too good. She felt the knot of pleasure tighten in her womb, the vibration just enough to give her the release she so desperately needed.

Luke pinched her nipple… hard, and the vibrator jerked off of her clit. With little grace, Sam continued to play with herself, sliding the pink toy between her pussy lips, using her own juices as lubrication.

“Fuck yourself.”

Sam’s eyes jerked to Logan’s and she could see the passion there, the sheer pleasure he derived from watching her was enough to have her shoving the silicone toy deep inside her cunt, the vibrations strong enough to…


This time Luke was instructing her, taking the vibrator from her hand and impaling her on it, harder, faster.

“Take it.” He ordered, still holding her tight in his arms, her legs still splayed open, Logan watching as she did as she was told, fucking herself with the large pink toy.

She mirrored Luke’s pace, pushing herself higher until… oh jeeezus! He had a small vibrator on his finger, and he was grinding it on her clit. Unable to focus on the effort to fuck herself, Sam’s hand dropped, Logan picking up the toy, slamming it inside of her while Luke continued to vibrate her clit until…

“I’m coming!” Sam gritted her teeth, her body tightening, her orgasm slamming through her until she no longer knew where she was.

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