When she came back down to earth, she was lying on the couch, Luke no longer behind her, but Logan was perched over her, his eyes hooded, his breaths ragged. “My turn.”

The demanding tone of his voice brought her completely to.

“Turn over.”

Sam used what little strength she had left to flip herself over onto her stomach. Logan immediately pulled her back onto her knees, while Luke maneuvered in front of her, his cock in his hand.

Luke’s fingers combed her hair back, twining into the long strands as he pulled her head forward. “I want you to suck my cock, just like you did the other night. I want to feel that hot mouth on me.”

Tomorrow she might be embarrassed by how hot their words made her, but tonight, it was all about the satisfaction she could find in the arms of these two men. Despite the tidal wave of sexual bliss that had washed over her moments ago, Sam was anxious for more. She didn’t want this night to end, didn’t want these two men to stop until she passed out from the pleasure.

She ran her tongue over the swollen head, his hands tightening in her hair, pulling her closer. Her attention focused solely on Luke, sucking, and licking him as he groaned, his cock pulsing in her mouth, Sam almost forgot about Logan. Until she felt his hands on her hips.

What he was doing, she didn’t know, didn’t care. Each flick of her tongue brought more raspy growls from Luke, his grip on her hair bordering on pain, but spurring her on.

Something cool and wet slid down the crack of her ass, and Sam knew what Logan was doing, but she couldn’t bring herself to care.

“Your mouth is so hot. Suck me harder, Sam.”

Her attention was once again diverted to Luke, as she sucked him deep into her mouth, letting him set the pace as he thrust forward, pulled back, his groans louder in the silence of the night.

She felt Logan’s fingers as they trailed down the crack of her ass; gliding through what she figured out was lubrication. She should be scared. She should be terrified. She should not be pushing against Logan’s finger, but she was.

Sam might not be a sexual deviant, but she wasn’t an innocent when it came to the sex games other people played. She watched television. She read books. She knew what he was doing, and she liked it.

She rocked backward, trying to get closer to his finger, slowing when she felt a tight pinch of pain, proof he’d inserted one finger inside of her. She stopped, breathed in, her brain beginning to interfere, making her think about what he was doing.

“Suck me.” Luke demanded, pulling her hair and successfully distracting her from the pleasure/pain she was shying away from. “I want to bury my cock in your throat.”

Sam focused on Luke, her eyes meeting his, so similar to Logan’s, yet so different, as he stroked his other hand tenderly down her cheek, sending confusing messages to her brain. How could someone so dominant be so gentle?

“You like to have my dick down your throat, don’t you, Sam? And you like Logan’s finger in your ass while you suck my dick.”

She did. She loved the attention these two men were throwing at her, the eroticism of it all. Knowing she was using and being used, giving pleasure and taking it.

“It feels good, Sam.” Luke said, holding her head tighter.

Sam hollowed her cheeks, sucking him further in, forcing him all the way until the head of his cock touched the back of her throat. Breathing through her nose, she fought back the urge to gag, let her throat relax while she swallowed.

“Fuck.” Luke jerked back, pulling his cock from her mouth then leaned further back giving her access to his balls. “I’m not ready to come yet, and your mouth is so fucking hot.”

Needing to keep her mind off of the fact that Logan was now fucking her ass with his fingers, the feeling foreign and uncomfortable, Sam licked Luke’s balls, gently sucking one, then the other into her mouth.

“Damn, baby.”

As she continued to pleasure Luke with her tongue, Logan continued to finger her ass, now with two fingers, and she was moaning as the pleasure slammed through her. The pain disappeared, and the only thing she felt was a hot, pulsing need as her pussy spasmed. She rocked back onto his fingers, driving him deeper. Then Logan removed two fingers, replacing them with three and the bite of pain was almost too much.

“Relax, baby.” Logan coaxed her, his fingers pushing farther, deeper. Then he was leaning over her, his mouth near her ear as he continued to drive his fingers inside her ass. “You like that.” He said, not a question. “I want to fuck your ass, Sam. I want to bury my cock in your ass while Luke fucks your wet pussy.”

She couldn’t focus on Luke, so Sam pushed up on her hands, continuing to rock back on Logan’s fingers while he whispered erotic words in her ear. Logan slowed his thrusts, letting his fingers slide from her ass as he urged her over onto her side.

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