“Turn over. On your back.”

Sam welcomed the brief reprieve, her body strung so tight, she thought she might break. Then Logan buried his face between her legs, lapping at her, sucking her clit until fire was shooting through her veins, her hands gripping the couch beneath her. The impact of her orgasm was going to be brutal, and she didn’t want him to stop.

“So sweet.” Logan murmured from between her legs, pushing his tongue inside of her, then returning to flick repeatedly across the swollen nub that ached for release. She was so close.

Just when she thought she would get the chance to come again, Logan stopped, crawling up between her legs, crushing his mouth down on hers. She tasted herself on his lips, his tongue, and she gripped his head, holding him close as she devoured his mouth. She was blazing, and she couldn’t take much more.

Pulling back, Logan’s breaths were as erratic as hers, his eyes wild. “Turn over.”

Sam turned, finding Luke lying at the end of the couch, donning a condom, watching her intently. “Come here, baby.”

God, his voice was so much like Logan’s, his body was the mirror image, yet she knew instinctively which man was which. That didn’t stop her from crawling up his body, her lips trailing kisses from the tip of his cock, up over his abs, over his rock hard pecs.

“Are you ready to be fucked?” Luke growled, pulling her down on top of him, his lips brushing hers.

“God, yes.” She groaned, pushing her tongue inside of his mouth, begging for more.

As they kissed, Luke positioned her, thrusting himself inside of her, taking her breath away. She lifted her mouth from his, her eyes closed as she bit back the cry, her body immediately opening to take him in.

Once her body adjusted to accommodate his size, she opened her eyes, staring down at him. For a second, she could almost pretend he was Logan, but something in the dark depths of his eyes was different. Harder.

Luke continued to thrust, holding her still and doing all of the work. The friction, a sweet reward after all of the teasing. She felt more lubrication slide down the crack of her ass, then Logan’s hands were on her hips, alongside Luke’s.

“Have you ever had two cocks inside of you at the same time?” Luke asked, nipping her bottom lip while he continued the sharp thrusts that were threatening to send her over the edge.

“No.” She exhaled the word, not wanting to talk. She wanted to feel him as he filled her, pounded inside of her.

Logan leaned over her, gently nipping her shoulder, lapping the sting with his tongue. “Tonight you’re going to take both of us. Do you want to take us both, Sam?”

Luke slowed his movements, and Sam paused, gritting her teeth to keep from coming. She didn’t answer Logan, not because she didn’t want to, but because she was scared of what the answer would be. She wanted to feel them both inside of her, filling her, but she knew she shouldn’t want it.

“I won’t continue until you answer me, Sam.”

Luke stopped moving beneath her as they both waited for her answer. Tipping her chin until she looked him in the eyes, Luke asked her again. “Is this what you want? If it isn’t, we’ll stop.”

Sam groaned; her pussy tightening around the cock lodged deep inside of her. “Please don’t stop.” She said, turning to see Logan’s eyes, the same green and brown mix as Luke’s but reflecting something entirely different.

Sam could see the love in his eyes, the total concern for her wellbeing, and she knew in that moment that she would give this man anything, and she would take anything he would give. “I want this.”

Luke thrust again, pulling her attention back to him. “Kiss me. Now.” He ordered, pulling her head forward, crushing his mouth to hers, sucking her tongue in an imitation of what his cock was doing to her. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, moaning as she fought to hang on.

Then there was pressure, and a flood of pain that quickly subsided as Logan gently pushed his cock inside of her virgin ass.

Damn, it hurt. Before she could think, before she could scream, Luke was kissing her hard, holding her head down so her mouth aligned with his. He kissed her with a fierceness she didn’t expect. Letting his tongue duel with hers, she focused on his kiss, using it as the deterrent she knew that it was.

And then the pain was gone and the only thing she felt was… full. Completely full, with Luke filling her pussy and Logan filling her ass. Waves of sensation crashed down on her as Luke began to thrust upward, while Logan pulled back, then they were rocking in a rhythm that set her body ablaze.

“Fuck. You’re so tight.” Logan groaned, continuing with the slow, gentle assault on her ass. “That’s it baby, fuck me.”

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