Sam pushed herself up at an angle, bracing herself with her hands on Luke’s chest, letting both men thrust harder, faster.

“Oh God!” It was intense, overwhelming.

Luke’s cock brushed every sensitive nerve ending, while Logan quickened his pace, a sensual pleasure/pain so severe, Sam was overwhelmed with the intensity, her orgasm building, teetering on the edge of amazing.

“Fuck, baby. Sam. I’m going to come.”

Sam felt Logan grip her hips tighter, ramming deeper and harder inside of her, while Luke groaned from beneath her.

Sam couldn’t hold on any longer, her orgasm took over, rocketing her to new heights, her scream echoing in the cool air surrounding them, greeted by the simultaneous groans from the two men who’d just given her more than she had ever expected, more than she had ever dreamed.

Sam was limp, her body too heavy for her to move as she lay flat against Luke’s chest, his hand resting gently on her head, holding her close to him. She was breathing hard, her head still spinning. Both men slid from her body, leaving her feeling empty and cold until Logan was back, something cool between her legs.

A wash cloth.

He was cleaning her as she lay there, on her side, doing her best to stay awake. The chill from the air blew over her perspiration coated skin, making her shiver. Then Logan’s body was next to her, wrapping her in his warmth, kissing her forehead, then lifting her chin so his lips could reach hers.

His kiss was gentle, soothing as he licked her bottom lip, his tongue sliding into her mouth. She kissed him back, her hand across his chest, holding on to him for dear life. The night had been more amazing that she had ever imagined. Lying here with the man she loved, Sam couldn’t imagine anywhere else she would rather be.

Then she heard the sound of a door shut, and Sam knew Luke had left, leaving them alone, a part of her aching at the loss.

Chapter Twenty Six

“Good morning, baby.” Logan whispered, watching the woman in his arms stir slowly.

Sam had passed out relatively early and slept nearly twelve hours, but Logan hadn’t had the heart to wake her, no matter how much he wanted to slide his rock hard cock into the sweet, warm depths of her body.

Instead, he’d settled for holding her in his arms, feeling the soft rise and fall of her even breathing. Unlike her, he hadn’t been able to sleep much since the night before.

There were so many thoughts running through his mind, he could hardly close his eyes. Between the vivid memories of the night before, the way Sam had looked splayed out across his brother, her body pulling them both deeper, her eager moans, the piercing scream when she’d come around their cocks, Logan had been just as excited afterward as he had been during. That had left him with a particularly restless night.

Then, his anxiety over the offer Xavier wanted him to deliver to her had his body shifting between hot and cold all night. As much as he wanted to believe her decision would be easy, in the sense that she wouldn’t be willing to leave him and go back to her old position in San Antonio, Logan knew better.

Sam was a smart woman, a very successful, independent woman who would make the decision on her own, and that scared him. While he’d been lying in bed next to her through the night, she’d been sleeping soundly and he’d been worrying.

After their heated bout of mind blowing sex, Sam had fallen asleep on the couch, only to have woken a short time later when they decided to spend an hour in the hot tub, making love twice more.

He wasn’t sure how his body had managed to keep going, but when it came to Sam, Logan wasn’t sure he’d ever be sated. She just did that to him, making his body rock hard and throbbing for more of everything she had to offer. Afterward, he’d carried her to his bed, where she’d fallen asleep almost immediately, clearly exhausted from the events of the night.

When her eyes opened, she turned slightly to look at him, a small smile curving her lips. Instead of turning in his arms, like he had hoped, Sam turned her attention back to the ceiling, then muttered a quick “excuse me”, before she jumped from the bed, darting for the bathroom.

He heard the sound of the toilet flush, then he could see her through the open bathroom door as she stood in front of the mirror, her sexy, naked back to him. She stood there only a moment before she reached for the toothbrush she’d been leaving at his house for the last few weeks.

A couple of minutes later, she was heading back toward the bed, her beautiful, full breasts making his mouth water, the vee between her legs making his fingers itch to touch her.

Maybe it was his hormones talking, but something looked different about her. Her incandescent green eyes glowed brightly, her skin was rosy, and she had an intent expression on her face. He couldn’t tear his eyes off of her, but a warning chimed somewhere in the deep recesses of his brain, telling him that something was off.