“We need to talk.”

And there it was.

When Sam wanted to talk, especially after the night they shared, Logan knew he should be worried. Instead of sitting up, preparing for some in depth conversation about the night before, where Sam would pick apart every detail, Logan held out his hand to her.

When she laid her small fingers in his palm, he gripped gently and pulled her over to him. She crawled across her side of the bed until she was beside him. Not wasting another moment, he pulled her closer, making her straddle his hips, aligning their bodies, sending flashes of heat straight to his groin.

Looking deep into her eyes, Logan let all of his emotions shine in his eyes, knowing what she would see when she looked at him. He needed to tell her – no, show her – exactly how he felt about her, and he couldn’t think of a better time than right now.

Seeing her in his bed, brushing her teeth in his bathroom, sauntering naked back to him settled something in his heart that he’d been wondering about for some time.

What was happening between them was special, intense, and he wanted to make this permanent. Logan wanted to wake up next to this woman every single day for the rest of his life.

As she straddled him, her hands pressed lightly against his chest, he brushed a long strand of her blond hair back over her shoulder, letting his fingers trail down the smooth, velvet skin of her arm.

“There’s something I have to tell you, but first,” Logan paused, gliding his hand back up her arm, over her shoulder, then cupping her neck, pulling her closer, “I need to do this.” Pulling her closer, Logan brushed his lips against hers, sliding his tongue out over her lower lip. He caressed her cheek with one hand while holding her to him with the other, still behind her head.

When her tongue darted out, tasting of toothpaste and the fire and ice woman he’d come to love, Logan took full advantage, crushing his mouth to hers, showing her with his kiss exactly what she did to him, how she made him feel.

As the kiss burned hotter, Logan aligned their bodies, positioning himself between her legs, then spreading them farther so he could slide into the deep, velvety recesses of her body.

She broke the kiss, resting her forehead against his as her body worked to accept the invasion, his cock sliding deeper into her tight entrance, sensation flooding him.

“Sam.” Her name was a whisper on his lips, their breaths mingling as he focused on the tight depths of her body gripping him, clamping on his cock with a ferocity that threatened the control he’d managed to maintain.

Gripping her firm ass in his hands, Logan held her above him enough that he could thrust upward, controlling his thrusts, hearing her breaths deepen, and the erotic moans she couldn’t hold back.

When she pushed up, using his chest to balance above him, Logan gazed deep into her eyes, offering a connection, only he and Sam shared. When their eyes met, her eyes filled with tears, Logan’s heart constricted.

He knew she felt the same thing he did, the all-encompassing emotion that surrounded them, the overpowering need swirling in the air. This wasn’t about sex. Their bodies sought something from the other, but it exceeded far beyond the realms of touch and taste alone, this was far more than anything Logan had ever experienced.

Logan moved faster, deeper, slowly pushing in, sliding back out, all the while, staring into her eyes. A single tear escaped, sliding down her cheek. Logan’s throat tightened, a strange, foreign feeling come over him. Hell, he was going to cry if he didn’t get a handle on himself.

“Don’t cry, baby.” He urged, continuing to drive deeper inside of her, emotions thickening his throat.

“It’s just…” She began, but he increased his efforts, thrusting faster, her head falling back as her body gripped him like a vice.

“Fuck.” He groaned, unable to maintain any sense of composure. He was at his limit, her soft, warm body, driving him to his limits. He was going to come, but he refused until she was right there with him.

“Come for me, Logan.” Sam said, again staring deep into his eyes. “I want to feel you.”

Her words did him in, he lifted her another inch, throwing his hips up off of the bed, ramming himself inside the deep, wet confines of her body, harder, faster until…

“Oh God! Yes!” Her scream pierced the air and Logan’s orgasm crashed down on him, flooding her with his seed, her cunt milking him for all he was worth.

“I love you, Sam.” Logan couldn’t stop the words as they flew from his mouth, a whisper in the otherwise silence of the room.

When she looked at him, he saw the doubt in her eyes, the confusion, and then her lips tipped slightly and she said the sweetest words he’d ever heard. “I love you, Logan.”

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