Rolling her over, his cock going instantly hard again, still inside of her, Logan began moving slowly, unable to stop himself from taking her again.

When her legs braced behind his back, he lifted her hip, changing the angle so he could drive deeper. God, he loved this woman with an intensity so strong, it threatened to take him under. Moments later, the world tilted, exploding with bright lights and fierce heat as they tumbled over into the oblivion once more.


Sam sat at the breakfast table in Logan’s kitchen, drinking coffee and scanning through her emails. Logan was still in the shower, but as soon as he came out, she was going to address the other issue they still had yet to talk about.

They might have had a revelation this morning, an all-out joining of hearts, but there was still a dark cloud looming over them. Something had happened during Logan’s conversation with Xavier and Alex, she could feel it, and the fact that he hadn’t been forthcoming with the information scared her.

As far as they’d come, admitting that what they shared was deeper than either of them had ever anticipated, she only hoped they could weather the storm brewing where XTX was concerned.

Sam wasn’t nave, she’d heard the rumors, heard the harsh comments one of her project managers liked to utter in passing. Knowing Xavier wouldn’t be expected to sit back and let this situation escalate, Sam knew there were some decisions that needed to be made.

She couldn’t imagine what her options were other than going back to the San Antonio office, if they would even allow that, or to terminate her employment with XTX and go somewhere else.

Neither of them were options that she looked forward to. First of all, she wasn’t going to leave Logan. Not after his declaration of love, not after all they had shared together. Maybe she had actually evolved in the last few months, but Sam wasn’t ready for this to be over.

“Want some breakfast?” Logan’s deep voice thundered through the kitchen, breaking her internal thoughts.

Glancing up, her eyes were drawn to the way his large body moved gracefully around the kitchen, the play and give of strong, sleek muscles along his back, his tanned skin still damp from his shower, standing shirtless in his kitchen, wearing only a pair of gym shorts.

She had barely gotten dressed, grabbing one of his button down shirts from the closet, which came almost to her knees when she stood up. She’d purposely left the top two buttons unlatched, the swell of her breasts peeking out from under the soft, white cotton.

She had piled her hair up on top of her head, held by a small silver clip she carried in her purse. So different than her usual buttoned up appearance, Sam felt sexy and feminine. The heated look in Logan’s eyes when he took in the sight of her only heated her skin, sending a tingle between her legs.

There was no way she could handle any more of him right now. She was sore in places she had never expected, her muscles aching from all of the ‘exercise’ they’d engaged in over the last twelve hours or so.

“No. I’m not really hungry.” Sam stated, watching Logan as he began moving around the kitchen. “Logan,” she paused as her eyes met his, “I think we need to talk.”

She could see his heart in his eyes, and it nearly took her breath away. Could this actually be the real deal? Could she actually have a happily ever after? The man obviously knew what she wanted to talk about because he walked to the refrigerator, pulling the eggs and some vegetables out, continuing his pursuit to make breakfast.

“Do I have to pull the information out of you?”

She heard his deep sigh, saw how he hung his head, still giving her his back. After a moment, he reached over, pulling a frying pan from one of the top cabinets, his shoulders tense. She half expected him not to talk to her, but then he sighed again, and started talking.

“Xavier came to me on Friday to talk about the issue we have.”

“Issue? As in Larry and Abigail?” Sam knew the two V.P.s voiced their concerns about Logan and Sam’s relationship, but she didn’t know that it had gone any further. The impromptu Friday afternoon meeting had given her a clue that something had escalated, but she had tried not to jump to conclusions.

“Yes.” He replied, mixing eggs into a bowl, glancing over his shoulder once before he continued. “Apparently they aren’t going to let this go. So, Xavier and Alex have prepared an offer for you.”

For her? So, it all boiled down to the fact that she had to go. Her stomach tightened into knots, but she did her best not to show the concerns she had. “And that would be?”

As hard as she tried, she couldn’t hide the surprise in her voice. When Logan sat the bowl down, turning to give her his full attention, her chest squeezed, and a surge of nausea washed over her. Shit. She could do this. She could.