“You ok?” He didn’t know what else to say.

“I’m fine.” She said, turning back to him. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Logan watched while Sam stared between the two men, looking a little lost and no better than she had when she had walked out the door over an hour and a half ago. No other words were necessary because she left the room in a rush, going to his bedroom.

Of course, now that she was back, Logan felt a surge of relief. She wasn’t leaving. At least not yet anyway.

No, instead she was going to get naked in his shower. The image of her standing under the spray, the water caressing her naked body, had his body going instantly hard.

He gave a quick look to Luke, who nodded his head in understanding.

If they weren’t going to talk about work, Logan was going to take her mind off of it completely. Having spent the last hour and a half feeling helpless, he’d built up a generous amount of tension and needed a release. He only hoped Sam was up for it because Logan had some pressure to burn off.

Logan joined Sam in his bathroom, where she proceeded to get undressed, the shower water already running. He didn’t waste any time, he stripped his shorts off quickly, causing her to stop and stare at him. She’d removed her shorts and her t-shirt but was still wearing her panties and bra. He wanted them off. Now.

“Strip.” He ordered, his voice much harder than she probably expected. At that point, he didn’t give a fuck.

Sam had left him wondering what the hell was going on, and he was going to make sure she remembered exactly what she had done. She might need time to think, to work things out in her head, but Logan deserved her explanation. That was part of a relationship. Talking. He might not be good at it, but he wouldn’t have walked out on her the way she did him.


“Take your damn clothes off.”

Her look of disbelief only spurred him on. “If you don’t do it, I will.”

Logan wasn’t going to attack her, she had to know that by now, but he needed her to know that when he wanted something, he went after it. And right now, he wanted her.

“Where’s Luke?” She asked, still not making a move to remove the rest of her clothes.

“Does it matter?” He knew that it did. She didn’t know what to expect when it came to Luke McCoy. The only time she’d been around him, Luke had been included in their extracurricular activities. He would be included again now, but Logan wasn’t about to tell her that. Yet.

“Yes. It does. I’m not –”

Logan didn’t let her finish; instead, he backed her up against the hard tile of the shower wall, his body crowding her, but not quite touching. He placed his hands on the tiled wall above her head, staring down at her. “I said, take your clothes off.”

Logan saw the tell, noticed the second Sam’s disbelief was replaced by the same overwhelming desire that flooded Logan’s entire body. She squeezed her legs together, as though that could assuage the ache. She would make a shitty poker player.

Instead of arguing further, or asking any additional questions, Sam pushed her panties down over her tight, toned legs, letting them drop to the floor. Then she unclasped the bra, discarding it just as easily as the rest.

“In the shower.” He ordered, moving one hand off of the wall so she could do as he instructed.

With one glance up at him, she turned and walked into the doorless shower, big enough to hold five or six people. Not that it ever had. Until today, his shower had only ever held two people at most. Today, it would hold three. And right on cue, Luke joined them in the bathroom, already stripped down to his birthday suit.

Sam’s gasp was audible in the small area, the heat flushing her face apparent as she backed under the spray. Unable to hold off any longer, Logan stormed into the shower after her, backing her against the wall.

“I’m not going to be gentle.” Logan warned her, giving her a moment to contest. If she didn’t want this, he’d back off immediately, but if the look in her eyes said anything, she wanted it as much as he did. “You remember your safe word, right?”

She didn’t nod her head; instead she replied with a firm ‘yes’ and Logan slid his hands up over her hips, cupping the full weight of her breasts in each hand. When he squeezed her a little harder than he normally did, her eyes closed and she tipped her head back, moaning quietly.

The little wild cat liked it. She liked when he took control, when he used her body for his own pleasure because, in the end, she knew it was her pleasure he was after.

Logan squeezed a little harder, pinching her rosy red nipples between his index fingers and thumbs, listening as she moaned louder, but she didn’t attempt to pull away. What she did do was grab onto his forearms, and Logan stopped cold.

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