“Ok, can we pause this little sitcom for just a second because just a moment ago you were all, this is my betrothed, blah blah blah, and now you are just leaving her in my care? I don’t get it,” Sally told him.

“You don’t have to get it,” Decebel almost growled at her.

“Just one, all I want is one blasted wolf who isn’t a bossy, grumpy hair ass butt head,” Sally muttered to the ceiling as she turned to follow the gurney. “Is that too freaking much to ask.”

She wasn’t positive but she thought she heard a muttered yes from Decebel.

Fane saw Decebel coming down the hall towards them. He assumed this meant they had given him news on Jen. Why was it taking so long with Jacquelyn? Just as he was going to ask Decebel what he knew, the door to the room Jacquelyn was in opened and a short woman who looked to be in her mid to late thirties emerged. She wore her hair short in a practical manner, and her eyes spoke of someone who had seen too much grief in her life. None of that held Fane’s attention as soon as he caught the woman’s scent. His head spun around to his father. He saw that Vasile’s stare was intent and he too was assessing the air. At his father’s barely apparent nod Fane confirmed what he had initially thought, this woman was a Canis Lupis.

“Who is the guardian of Jacquelyn Pierce?” the woman asked, scanning the group that had gathered around her. As her eyes fell on Vasile, Fane thought he saw a slight recognition in them.

Lilly stepped forward, her steps heavy with worry and fear.“I am her mother Lilly Pierce,” she answered.

“I’m Dr. Cynthia Steele.” Lilly’s quick intake of breath did not go unnoticed at the sound of that name. After all, it had only been 24 hours since Fane had killed Lucas Steele. “I need to discuss your daughter’s condition with you. Would you like to go somewhere private?”

Fane let out a low growl that had Dr. Steele's head jerking around to look at him.

“We don’t have to go anywhere,” Lilly explained, “everyone here is family to Jacque.”

Before the doctor could continue Vasile stepped forward. “Dr. Steele, we need you to be clear with us about everything you know about her condition. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“You don’t have to pull that Alpha crap with me, Vasile Lupei, I know who you are and I know who your pup is, considering he killed my brother only a day ago,” she snapped at him. Fane and Decebel tensed at the tone of voice the woman was brave enough to use on their Alpha. Vasile just took it in stride.

“You are correct,” Vasile confirmed, "my -"

Fane interrupted him. "Yes, I killed your brother and I am sorry for your loss, but I am not sorry for protecting my mate from someone who tried to take her from me."

"Protecting your mate? If she is so protected Fane Lupei, then why is she laid up, burnt to a crisp in my hospital?" Dr. Steele's voice was like a slap in the face.

Fane's eyes were glowing as power lashed around him, causing Dr. Steele to lower her head although it was not in true submission.

“Could we please get back to my daughter? We can deal with the werewolf crap in a minute,” Lilly said as stress laced her voice.

“My apologies,” Dr. Steele told her. “Jacque has suffered burns over 65% of her body, most of which are third degree, but some are second degree burns. Her right leg is broken in two places below her knee, her hip dislocated, and fragments of glass had to be pulled out of her arms. She is stable at this time, but she has not woken up from the anesthesia we gave her for surgery. I don't know that she will wake up anytime soon.” She paused for a moment and when nobody said anything she continued. “I haven’t done anything to her leg, I wanted to wait to see what her body's healing process is. Since she is half wolf she is going to heal faster than a human. Her skin should heal completely with no scars, her leg I’m not sure, but I was worried that if I put pins in it that it would heal too rapidly and those pins would be a hindrance not a help. There is one problem that I'm not sure what the outcome of will be.”

"What problem?" Lilly whispered

"Jacque was given a human blood transfusion before I was able to get here. I don't know how her blood will interact with it, or if it will hinder the healing process. It's not something I've ever encountered."

By the time the doctor was through talking, Alina was holding a weeping Lilly in her arms. Fane had reached out to the wall for support as he felt the air sucked out of him. “I need to see her. Now.” Fane's eyes were glowing and his hands shaking at the amount of effort he was having to exert to keep his wolf under control.

“That isn’t going to be possible until she is transferred to the burn unit,” Dr. Steele told him.

“I don’t think you heard me right. I need to see my mate now.” Fane’s eyes continued to glow and his skin tingled with the need to change.

Dr. Steele’s jaw tensed briefly but she quickly composed her face. “Mate? Don't you think you both are a little young to be deciding something permanent?"

“I cannot, nor do I want, to change what fate has chosen for me. She is mine and you will either take me to her or I will tear this hospital apart to find her.”

She stood still, defiant, before she finally said, “Fine, follow me." Fane grabbed Lilly’s hand as he went to follow the doctor, giving her a small smile of reassurance.

They entered the operating room and then walked past the table that he had seen Jacquelyn on when they had forced him out of the room. Dr. Steele then pushed open another set of double doors bringing them into an area where there were multiple rooms encased in glass so that those who occupied them were clearly visible. There was a large round desk in the middle of the room that seemed to serve as what Fane would consider the command center. Fane took in a deep breath and although there were tons of smells of sickness, cleaner, worry, he could still pick out the cotton candy fragrance of his mate. He pulled Lilly along as he followed the path of her scent, no longer worrying about following the doctor's lead. He passed three glass rooms before he finally was standing in front of hers. He slid the door open to her little room and let Lilly step in before him. She rushed to Jacquelyn’s bedside and immediately started talking to her, holding her hand, brushing the hair from her face. Fane stood back and watched silently, giving Lilly time with her daughter. His wolf was so restless, anxious to be close to their mate, to touch her and feel the life flowing in her. He nearly growled at the idea of waiting even a minute more. At last Lilly turned to Fane. “Do you want me to step out?” Fane hated to ask that of her, but he needed a few minutes alone with his Luna.

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