"It's probably best that you did not say that, you are right, my love," Fane told her, obviously listening to her inner dialogue. He had told her once that her thoughts fascinated him. Her response had been that she was glad she could entertain him.

Dillon turned his head in response to Jacque. "You must be Jacque."

"In the flesh. Well, at least what's left of it," she answered.

Dillon let out a soft growl but caught himself quickly. "Yes, we will get to that shortly. First I just want you to know that had I known about you, I would not have stayed away. You don’t have to believe me, but I at least want you to know that I would have been here and a part of your life."

"I believe you," Jacque told him, tears gathering in her eyes, and before she could stop them they were pouring down her cheeks.

"Oh, little one, I'm sorry." Dillon walked quickly to her side, he felt awkward for a moment until Jacque made the first move, she reached out to him and just like that Dillon was holding the little girl he'd always wanted. He pulled her close and she cried harder. He rocked her and whispered over and over, "I'm so sorry little one, so, so sorry."

Jacque couldn't believe she was blubbering like a baby, but crap, he was here. The one man she had always wondered about, where he was, what was he doing. If he had been around would he have taught her to climb trees, or change a tire? Would he have taken her to the movies the way Jen's dad did with her or taken her fishing? It just all sort of hit at one time and she couldn't hold it back any longer. It was pure instinct that had her reaching for a complete stranger, a stranger, but still her dad.

Fane stood back, his wolf pacing as he watched a stranger hold his mate, his mate who was hurting. He hated that she was hurting and that he couldn't be the one to comfort her. Call him selfish, so be it, but she was his, his alone.

"I'm sorry, wolf-man. Please don’t take it personally," Jacquelyn told him

"I know, love, don't worry about me. Spend time with Dillon. I will be fine." He sent the thought to her as well has a picture in his mind of brushing his finger tips across her neck where his mark should be by now. That just made him growl again.

Jacque finally composed herself and pulled back from Dillon. He gently brushed her hair out of her face.

"I know I wasn't there for a long time, but I'm here now. I want to be a part of your life if you are okay with that."

"I would like that," Jacque said honestly.

"Why don’t you tell me about yourself: favorites, dislikes, and all the stuff a father should know." Dillon smiled reassuringly.

"Well, where to begin?" From there for the next few hours Jacque and Dillon talked about anything and everything. Fane could tell that they had very similar personalities. Their likes and dislikes, even their sense of humor was alike. He was happy for her, he really was, but his wolf still did not trust Dillon Jacobs.

Finally, Dillon stood up. He looked at his watch, realizing that they had been talking for four and a half hours. Lunch had come and gone and the entire time Fane had stood against the wall opposite Jacque's bed, never moving, just standing and watching her. Jacque looked up at him and smiled, that smile was worth every minute he had stood there keeping her safe.

"I'm all yours as soon as he leaves," she told him through their bond.

"I'm going to hold you to that, Luna." He winked at her and saw her cheeks turn pink. He loved it when she blushed, loved that he was the cause of that blush.

"I'm going to let you get some rest. I will be back later, though, if that's ok?" Dillon asked her.

"Yea, I'm good with that," Jacque answered.

"Okay, great." He turned to Fane and once again held out his hand, "Fane, thank you for your patience and letting me spend some time with Jacque."

"If it makes her happy and she is safe, I will always be okay with you spending time with her," Fane told him, letting his wolf show through his eyes just a little.

Dillon took a step back before he could catch himself. Interesting, Fane's wolf thought, Alpha, but not over him. Good to know.

Fane was on his way over to Jacque before the door clicked closed. He sat down on the edge of the bed next to her. "How are you, really?" she asked him.

Fane leaned forward and placed his lips on her neck and breathed her scent in deep. His wolf growled in contentment. "I'm better now," he admitted.

Jacque laughed and brought his lips to hers and kissed him gently. Fane deepened the kiss enjoying the way she tasted, reminding him that she was safe, and she was his. Jacque moaned as he pulled back. "Will it ever be enough?" she asked him with a grin.

"I hope not. I hope you always want more of me. I must prepare you now, I will never get enough of you," Fane told her without shame at his need of her.

"Duly noted, wolf-man," she teased him.

Chapter 15

Dillon stepped out into the hall after having spent the morning and part of the afternoon with Jacque. He could tell that Fane really did care for her and he was beginning to rethink invoking his Alpha rights. If he didn't he would lose her, she would bond with Fane and then go off to Romania, just when he had found her. Maybe it was selfish but he didn't want to let her go. Not yet.

He hadn't taken but a few steps when Lilly, Vasile, his mate, his Beta, and Logan were walking towards him. This was not going to be pretty.

"How did it go?" Lilly asked him.

"Really well, she told me all about herself. She's not shy at all." They all chuckled at that remark, obviously in complete agreement.

"So what now?" It was Lilly who asked again.

"I think we need to talk." Dillon looked her in the eyes. "All of us." He addressed everyone standing in front of him.

Vasile lead the way to a private family area. Nobody sat, not wanting to put themselves in a vulnerable or submissive position.

"Speak," Vasile ordered. This was the Alpha talking, not Fane's father.

"I'm invoking Alpha rights in regards to my daughter, who is a minor," Dillon announced with complete confidence.

Vasile growled, causing Dillon's confidence to waver momentarily, but then he remembered that he had every right to step forward, it was pack law.

"You know I have every right, Vasile. She is still a minor, she is my daughter, and it has been made apparent that Fane is not ready to protect her the way a mate should." At that last part Decebel lunged forward. Vasile caught him before Logan could intercept him.

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