"What are you going to do, Decebel?" Sally asked him apprehensively.

Decebel didn't answer her, instead he braced both hands on either side of the door, pulled his leg back and kicked hard. The door didn't resist at all, it splintered where his foot hit and then swung open. Steam came flowing out of the bathroom looking like a living being, slipping around Decebel, seeming to pull him in towards Jen. He started to enter but before he could put a foot over the door jamb, Sally grabbed his arm. "Hey buddy, she could be naked all up in here so wait. If I need you I will call."

"You are right, I will wait here. But hurry," Decebel relented.

Sally stepped into the steam. Jen was standing in the shower, dancing to music that Sally couldn't hear until Jen decided to share, that is.

"There is this decibel, on another level, boy, you're my lucky werewolf, I wanna walk on your wave length, and be there when you vibrate, for you I risk it all. But you're not an option, wanna be a victim, ready for objection, and I don't remember the words, something about poison. You're an alien, wait I mean a werewolf, let me see your furry paws, don't know what rhymes with paws." All of this was to the tune of Katy Perry's E.T. song. Man, she is going to be so freaking embarrassed when I tell her she sang about Decebel and his paws. Sally actually laughed out loud at the though., Jen turned at the sound of Sally's voice. Sally saw more of Jen than she needed to in an entire lifetime.

"SALLY!" which actually came out more like Swally. "Hey chica, how'd you like my singing, pretty good right? You be my backup, the Sonny to my chair, or like the, um," Jen screwed her face up, struggling to come up with an adequate combination, which she didn't. "Like the black eye to my peas." Jen laughed and nearly fell over.

Sally jumped forward to catch her friend and keep her from cracking her skull. "Crap! Jen, stand still."

"Is everything okay? Do I need to come in there?" Decebel's raised voice caught Jen's attention. Great, just what Sally need, a drunk, horny, naked chick chasing a werewolf.

"No!" "Oooh, did you bring a boy home, Sally?" Sally and Jen spoke at the same time.

Of course, now Jen was eager to get out of the shower, now that Sally was thoroughly soaked. Jen untangled herself from Sally and headed straight for the smashed-in bathroom door…naked…as in no clothes. Sally was slipping, trying to catch her. She wasn't going to make it.

"DECEBEL. Incoming, drunk, naked, crazy chick!" Sally yelled as loud as she could.

A second later she heard Decebel say something that sounded curiously like Romanian cussing and Jen say, "Oooh, you're freakin hot, as in h-o-," Jen was attempting to spell out hot, it obviously wasn't going to happen.

Sally finally made it out of the bathroom, water dripping off her. She imagined she resembled a very pissed off wet cat. Decebel had wrapped a sheet from the bed around Jen, who was at the moment trying to grope him. "Have we met?" she asked, "Cuz if we haven't then we should, and by meet I mean hook up." Decebel was gallantly trying to keep Jen's hands in appropriate areas. Sally supposed she should help but this was just too good to pass up. She walked over to her backpack and pulled out her phone.

"What are you doing?" Decebel's voice was incredulous.

"I'm videoing this. This is too good to pass up. Jen is going to have a freaking heart attack when she sobers up and I'm going to have it all on video. It will be like a Christmas present that just keeps on giving. Every time I need a pick me up, I just turn on the video of Jen drunk off her rocker, groping a werewolf who has no clue how to handle a drunk, horny teenager! This is like the best gift ever, someone in the galaxy loves me." Sally was laughing by the time she was done talking. Decebel, however, was not.

Jen turned to look at Sally as if realizing for the first time she was in the room. "Sally! Look it," Jen tried to whisper like Decebel wouldn't be able to hear her, but it came out more as a hoarse shout. "What's his name? He is so yummy!"

"Jen, that's Decebel, remember? Fane's werewolf pack member?" Sally watched Jen for any recognition.

Jen was studying Decebel closely, as in had her hands on his face. Then she ran her fingers through his hair, close, all the while staring at his face. "Hmm, he kind of looks familiar now that you say that..." she continued to study him, turning her head from side to side.

Decebel looked at Sally as if looking for instruction.

Inspiration hit. "Say something bossy to her," Sally grinned at her ingenious.

Decebel growled at her, she shrugged her shoulders. "Fine, be the first werewolf raped by a drunken teenage girl. Whatever dude, it's your rep."

Decebel grabbed Jen's hands and looked her straight in the eyes. "Jennifer, go and get dressed. Now." His voice was as cold and firm as always.

Jen froze, then giggled as she said,"Decebel. Oh yeah, I know you. You're so hot when you're bossy." Great, Sally thought as she rolled her eyes, inebriated Jen thinks Decebel is sexy when he's bossy, nice.

To Sally and Decebel's surprise Jen finally relented. "Fine, I'll put on some clothes. But only because you asked so nicely." Jen began to un-wrap the sheet and she was nearly naked again when Decebel realized she meant to get dressed right there in front of him. He moved faster than he ever had before and made a bee line for the bathroom. "Tell me when she's dressed," he told Sally.

"Roger that, little buddy," Sally said sarcastically.

"Do you think he likes me? I think I like him, but I shouldn't," Jen's voice sounded like a wounded little girl. Oh no, Jen was going from silly drunk to sad drunk. Sad drunks were the worst kind.

"Jen, look at me," Sally said in the sternest voice she could muster. "Why do you think you like Decebel?"

Jen's face was blank, then she grinned. "Why would you think I liked Decebel, silly? He's bossy, cold, mean, grumpy, pushy, yummy, sexy, strong, tall."

"Um, Jen." She snapped her fingers in Jen's face, which had gone all spaced out as she continued her description of Decebel. This was bad, so very freaking bad. Jen had a crush on a werewolf who she could never have. Damn, Sally thought, why can't she be like other girls and like the captain of the football team, or even some grungy high school dropout? But no, she had to fall for a werewolf.

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