With everyone safely buckled in, the plane began its journey down the runway, picking up speed until finally Jacque felt her stomach drop as the plane's wheels left the ground. As the plane rose higher into the sky Jacque felt like she was finally getting away from the nightmare that she had been living this past month. That is until the pain ripped through her again.

She leaned forward in her seat, arms wrapped around her middle as she laid her head on the table in front of her. She heard startled voices but could not make them out. Not with the sound of blood rushing in her ears as she tried not to scream out. She thought that since she had taken Fane's blood that she was better, but Cynthia was right when she said it would take more than one time. She felt someone undo her seat belt and then strong arms were around her lifting her. She curled her body into the strength that she knew had to be Fane.

Jacque didn’t open her eyes until she felt him laying her down on a soft surface. She didn't bother looking around, the only thing she wanted to see were Fane's eyes. She watched him as he stretched out beside her never taking his eyes from hers.

"You need more blood, Luna," he told her gently.

Jacque watched as he unbuttoned the first three buttons on his black shirt and pushed the collar back to expose his throat. As the pain continued to course through her body she barely registered that her canines had lengthened the moment Fane bared his throat to her.

Fane gently wrapped his hand around the nape of her neck and guided her mouth to his skin. This time Jacque didn't hesitate. As soon as her teeth met his flesh she pierced it without a thought. Once again Fane's spicy essence poured into her as she closed her eyes and welcomed his healing blood.

Fane pulled Jacquelyn close, sheltering her with his body as she took what he offered.

He whispered in her ear using his native language, telling her how much she meant to him and how he could never imagine a life without her. And when he told her he loved her he felt her body tremble in his arms. She pulled back this time on her own and Fane saw the tear tracks down her cheeks.

"Why do you cry, love?" he asked her gently.

"I knew you would come for me, but I didn't know if I would be the same person when you found me."

Fane watched as she moved forward and he felt her tongue run across where she had just bitten him. As she pulled back he saw that her cheeks were tinged a soft red and as he ran his fingertips across her face he felt the heat on her skin.

"Sorry, there was, um, some blood." She let her words trail off.

Fane chuckled as he wiped away the evidence of her tears. "You don't have to be embarrassed, Luna. You can run your tongue across my neck anytime. I assure you I will never object." He laughed as she swatted at him, but was glad he had gotten a smile out of her.

"How are you feeling now? Has the pain lessened?" he asked in a much more serious tone.

Jacque took a deep breath and let it out slow. She closed her eyes, concentrating on her body. She could still feel a dull ache but it was even better than after the first time he had given her his blood.

"I feel much better," she told him honestly. Her brow furrowed when she asked, "Fane, will this affect the Blood Rites since I've taken your blood?"

"No, Luna. Because I have not taken your blood, the Rites are not complete yet."

Jacque nodded her understanding. She rolled onto her back and for the first time looked around at her surroundings. She realized they were in a small but luxurious room. There was soft overhead lighting along the edge of the room. They were lying on a queen sized bed that almost completely filled the space.

"Is this the back of the plane?" she asked him.

Fane nodded. "This is the only cabin on the plane. I came back here when we first boarded to make sure it was ready should I need to give you blood again."

Jacque's face once again took on the rosy red coloring. "I suppose they," she indicated with a nod in the direction of the front of the plane, "all know why we came back here."

"Well, I'm sure they are assuming it's because you needed my blood, but we could give them a reason to believe it was for something else," Fane teased as he started tickling her and she couldn't hold back the soft laughter that came pouring out of her.

Jen and Sally sat tensely in their seats as the wondered if Jacque was okay. She had been so pale when Fane had carried her off. Alina kept trying to reassure them that Fane would take care of her. Still, they couldn't help worrying. About the time the plane hit cruising altitude they all heard a gentle giggling from the direction Fane had carried Jacque. Jen rolled her eyes as she unclipped her seatbelt.

"Oh, for crying out loud," she said as she stood up. "If Jacque gets to get her freak on at 80,000 feet, I'm at least going to get my game on." She turned to look at the other wolves. "Skender, Sorin, Boain," but was interrupted before she could finish.

Decebel stood up, nearly ripping the seatbelt before he remembered to unbuckle it. "Jennifer," his voice was deathly soft, "what the bloody hell do you mean to get your game on with three of my pack mates?"

Jen had to slap Sally on the back as she started coughing at Decebel's words.

"Well, when you put it like that it does sound pretty bad. But those were your words, Sparky, not mine." She turned to Alina, ignoring the daggers that Decebel was glaring at her. "Do you have a deck of cards on this ride?"

Alina's eyes crinkled as she smiled. "I bet we could find some." She unbuckled her seat belt and started going through various compartments that didn't look like compartments until she started hitting buttons that made them open. Finally, after a few moments Alina held up a deck of cards triumphantly. "We're in business," she said, smiling at Jen.

Jen took the deck as she looked at Sally. "You in?"


"Okay, boys. Let's see what you got," Jen taunted as she sat down on the bench seat across from the others.

The three wolves looked tentatively at Decebel.

"Oh, for crying out loud, Dec. Tell them you won't beat them if they play cards with the two humans." Jen glared at him.

Decebel had not taken his eyes off of Jen since she had declared she wanted to get her game on. Finally he relented and turned to his pack mates, who all cringed under his scrutiny.

"No touching," he said,as he sat back rigidly, angled so he could watch every move of the game.

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