"Don't you know it." Jen stood up from the chair she had been occupying while she recapped her evening. "Oh, one more thing," she added absently as she headed towards her bathroom to shower, "He told me he wanted his scent on me. So he's coming by in the morning early before breakfast."

"Shut. Up," Jacque sputtered.

"And how exactly is he going to accomplish this, Jennifer Adams?" Sally's motherly tone was sharp. Jen found it quite amusing when Sally got all protective.

"Why Sally, how dare you." Jen laid on the thickest southern belle accent she could. "You imply that I would allow that wolf to put his paws on me."

"Oh, honey, I'll do more than imply it," Sally retorted.

"Then you know me better than I thought." Jen winked.

"Jennifer!" Sally said, outraged. "I thought you wanted to wait."

"Oh chillax, Polly Prude. All he's going to do is hug me. Geez, here I thought my mind was the only one that lived in the gutter. I didn't realize you were looking for real estate, Sal."

Jacque jumped up off the bed. "Alright. Well, don’t do anything I would do." Jacque winked. "Of course, I'm licensed to,"

This time Sally yelled Jacque's name. "What is with you two?"

"We've got to get you a man, Sally," Jen threw out as she shut the bathroom door.

"I don't need a man," Sally growled. "I have my hands full enough as it is with you two."

"Well, maybe it's time you got your hands full of something else," Jen yelled through the door. They heard the rush of the shower starting.

Jacque cackled. "Nice."

Sally followed Jacque out of the room, and Jacque laughed more as she heard Sally mutter under her breath, "I'll show you need a man. Puuuhlease, you two need your mouths washed out with soap, or better yet bleach. No, no, actually. Bleach and soap."

Jen emerged from the bathroom, clean and completely de-Decebeled, to a knock at her door. She told the little part in her that hoped it was said wolf to pipe down.

She opened the door to find Crina and Marianna standing outside her door.

"Hey ladies, what's up?" Jen asked and stepped back so they could enter.

"Hope it isn't too late to come by," Marianna told her as they walked in.

"I'm a night owl, so no worries."

"Marianna and I were bored," Crina started.

"Translation," Marianna interrupted, "Crina's bored. I'm dragged along."

Jen grinned.

"So we were thinking, you know how tomorrow we're supposed to go to the gym to learn self defense from the Serbia pack males?"

"Yeah," Jen said, already interested in a possible scheme – oh, how she loved schemes.

"There will be another group of females there as well, so I figure they'll probably introduce our packs. I – well, we," Crina said, looking at Marianna, who just snorted at her, "were thinking how funny it would be if when they introduce our pack we did some sort of cheer or dance or something. Like what you Americans do for your sports teams."

"You're wanting to stick it to the man. I'm totally digging it."

"Sticking what to what man?"

"It's just a saying, when you want to rebel against authority."

Marianna nodded.

"You realize Vasile will be upset about this, right?" Jen asked.

Crina gave a very Jen-like smile. "Never stopped us before."

"Nice." Jen smirked.

"For the record I'm usually the innocent bystander," Marianna added, but winked at Jen afterward.

"Uh huh, sure you are. Okay, so let's do this." Jen paused. "Um, where are we going to do this exactly?"

"The gym. It was empty when Marianna and I checked on our way here," Crina told her.

"Lead the way, Thelma."

"Who's Thelma?"

Jen shook her head. "I can see a major movie night is in order."

The girls made it to the gym without encountering anyone, for which they were grateful.

"So Jen, were you a cheerleader in school?" Marianna asked.

"No, I was usually one of the ones making fun of the cheerleaders. But I'm really good at rhyming and songs, so I'll come up with the cheer. Crina, I saw your moves on the dance floor. You and Marianna put together some moves, okay?"

They nodded and got to work.

An hour later, Jen had composed a complete cheer and Crina was perfecting the dance moves to go along with it.

"Alright, let's do it from the top," Crina told them.

They each got in their designated spots and on Jen's count, they started.

"Shimmy, shimmy, shake, shake,

We know you want some, of this cake.

Shimmy, shimmy, bye, bye,

Still others want, some of the pie.

Careful boys don't get too near,

It's not our Alphas you should fear.

Grubby, Grubby, paws, paws

You know you want to, break some laws.

Double, Double, dog dare,

You pant and growl, while you stare.

Sorry but, we're not that easy.

Turn around, if you want sleazy.

Get it, get it, Got it, Got it,

Too bad you can't, get up on it.

Wolf, wolf, big, bad,

Turn us down and we'll be mad.

We may be fine, and smokin' hot,

But gentle she-wolves we are not.

Run, run, male, male,

We know you want some of this tail.

Hit it, hit it, tap it, tap it,

You could not find it, if we mapped it.

We told you once, now that's twice,

We don't play fair, we don't do nice.

Growl, growl, drool, drool,

No pups with us, you silly fool.

Watch us, watch us, run, run,

Try to catch us, if you're that dumb.

You can look, maybe even touch,

We promise not to hurt you much.

Boys, boys, don't run away,

We've more games we want to play.

Challenge, Challenge, Fights, Fights,

Who will get, my Blood Rites.

We know you each, have a plan,

Catch us, catch us, if you can.”

The girls were panting by the time they finished. They actually all had a pretty hard time keeping a straight face as they pulled off the moves. Jen was cracking herself up with her lyrics.

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