His eyes kept straying towards her, and when Skender finally announced it was time to switch, he let out a slow breath. At least she was getting away from the wolf who'd been drooling over her last night. But as Decebel looked to see who was next in Jennifer's row, he realized they had almost all been there last night. They'd watched his mate sway her hips suggestively, things moving that would only lead a guy's mind in the wrong direction. The flirty, come hither look that had been plastered on her beautiful face... Bloody hell, it's going to be a long day, he thought as he turned to face the next female he didn't want to be near.

An hour and a half into the self defense training, Jen was feeling slightly encouraged. She'd finally allowed her eyes to land on Decebel. Each time he had been working with a girl it was painfully obvious he was trying to touch her as little as possible.

Jen wished she could say the same about the guys she had been working with. She felt like she was constantly having to steer clear of an accidental – yeah, right – grope or grab. She was just glad Decebel hadn't seen.

The guy she was now training with turned her around to teach a move that would disable an attacker pinning her from behind. Jen stood still as he wrapped an arm around what she thought was going to be her neck. He stepped even closer so that their bodies touched from his chest to her calves. But instead of her neck his arm wrapped over her chest, his hand not quite making under her arm. He basically had a handful of boob. So not good.

Jen would've overlooked it if the idiot hadn't squeezed. She gasped in shock and instantly heard a growl somewhere beyond her. She knew that growl.

The wolf who held her tightened his grip painfully and Jen tried pulling away from him, which only caused what felt like his claws to descend.

That’s going to leave a mark, she thought.

The growl, Decebel's growl, turned into a snarl. Her head snapped up as she tried desperately to get out of the wolf's groping hands. She saw Decebel look at her, then at the hand that was planted on her chest.

Decebel phased, faster than she had ever seen a wolf phase, and launched himself across the room. Suddenly everything a flurry of movement. Jen was pulled from the offending wolf's arms and into Dorin's.

"Get her out of here now.," he told Cami. "And get the Alpha. He's the only one who can call Decebel down.”

Cami nodded and turned to Delia. "Go get Sally and Jacque. Fane and the other guys are going to have to try to pull Decebel off the idiot."

Jen and Cami turned when she heard bodies slamming together. They froze. To their horror, the other guy had phased into a motley grey wolf and he and Decebel were circling each other. Decebel was much, much larger with a shiny grey pelt and one white paw.

They watched as Decebel snarled and snapped at the other wolf, trying to slip him up. Decebel got his chance when the wolf stumbled back just a little. Decebel took advantage of the mistake and launched himself forward. His teeth sunk into the smaller wolf's neck and in an amazing show of strength, Decebel raised the wolf upward and slammed him onto his side.

The other wolf struggled briefly before submitting. Decebel stepped back, releasing him. Had Jen not been scared witless, she would have laughed when he slapped the other wolf across the head, effectively knocking him unconscious.

Decebel raised his head and howled, and as if beyond their control, the other Romanian pack males howled with him.

Suddenly Jen felt a pressure fill the air that nearly drove her to her knees. The howls cut off. She watched as the full blooded wolves all knelt and a very, very pissed off Vasile thundered through the gym doors.

When Jen looked back at Decebel, she could see him struggling under the weight of his Alpha's power. A couple of times he stumbled, but continued. Stupid barbarian. She rolled her eyes and closed the rest of the distance between them.

She shook her head. "What were you thinking?" He snarled at her but she knew it wasn't at her. "Do you want them to separate us? Because that's what they're going to do if you can't keep it together."

She stopped talking when Vasile came up beside her. His eyes were glowing a deep blue. He snapped a hand out and someone placed a pair of sweat pants in it.

"Phase back." His voice was low, but no less commanding than a shout would have been. Decebel phased back and Jen quickly turned. When she no longer heard the ruffle of clothes, she turned back around to see Decebel's eyes on her, not Vasile.

"Are you all right?" he asked her.

Jen hesitated as she thought about how the wolf had grabbed her – violated her, even. She'd felt his claws pierce her skin... Deciding it was probably best for every person in the vicinity if she didn't mention that little tidbit, she lied – only a little. "I'm fine."

Vasile turned to Skender. "Please give the Alphas my apologies and let them know I will discipline my pack accordingly. We will take our leave until tonight's events."

Skender nodded

Vasile looked at the other members of his pack. One by one they dropped their eyes, baring their necks.

"Pack, meet me in the room we had breakfast in. Now."

Marianna came up beside Jen. Sally and Jacque had already appeared at her side.

"You okay?" Marianna asked.

"I'm not really sure how I am at the moment," Jen admitted.

She could feel Decebel's eyes on her as he walked behind them.

"What happened, Beta?" Fane asked.

"Not now," Decebel answered gruffly.

One by one the pack members filed into the breakfast room. The tables and chairs had been put away. In their place were lounging chairs. Vasile didn't sit. Alina joined him and looked just as angry. Jen watched as all the males eyeballed each other. None would concede and sit until Vasile commanded it. Once everyone was inside, Dorin pulled the door closed with an ominous click.

To Jen's surprise it was her that Vasile addressed first.

"Jen, please explain to me in as much detail as possible what happened."

She took a deep breath before she began.

"The last wolf I was training with felt me up," Jen said frankly.

Decebel snarled, even Fane and Costin snarled at her words.

Vasile took a deep breath. "That's as detailed as you can be?"

"At first his hand just landed on my chest, that I would've overlooked. The clincher was that he squeezed and didn't let go.” She shrugged uncomfortably. “So, it wasn't an 'oops, my bad' or a passing 'hello,' it was more like 'I'd like a room for the night, please,' kind of gesture."

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