"That went well," Jen grumbled as she pulled her sports bra back down. She stilled as the door opened, thinking that maybe Decebel had decided to punish her now – but Jacque, Sally, Crina, and Marianna walked in. Jacque tossed Jen the shirt she had discarded.

Marianna walked up to Jen and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I just wanted to touch the one who would purposely provoke the wrath of an Alpha," she told her, then stepped back with a shake of her head.

"He's Beta," Jen corrected as she pulled her shirt on.

"No," Crina disagreed. "He's an Alpha, he just chooses not to take that title. He definitely has all the power of one. Some wonder if he would be as powerful as Vasile if he decided that was his path."

Jen let out a deep breath. "Well, Fane said to distract him. What else would you suggest to stop an Alpha with deadly retribution on his mind?"

"We're not saying your method wasn't effective. We're just saying you are one brave she-wolf." Crina's voice actually held awe in it.

"So, do we know exactly what hell-like situation made it necessary for me to bring out the big guns? Pun naturally intended." Jen laughed.

Jacque snorted. "Only you, Jen. Only you."

After Decebel pulled the door shut, he closed his eyes and took a slow breath. I have got to get it under control¸ he told himself as he tried to pull his wolf back. His mate was going to get every male in her vicinity killed. How many of his pack mates had just witnessed her little stunt? He squeezed his eyes tightly, only to see the bruises and claw marks that marred her skin. His wolf snarled. Okay, that was not something he needed to think about. Finally, he opened his eyes and turned to Jacque.

"She is not to leave this room."

Without another word he began moving in the direction of the noise he'd heard earlier. Fane was trying to keep up and reason with him at the same time.

"Beta, don’t you think we should maybe heed Costin's advice and wait for our Alpha?"

Decebel didn't respond. The closer he got the clearer the noise became. Fane's head snapped up when he heard Jen's voice.

"We may be fine, and smokin' hot,

But gentle she-wolves we are not."

Decebel stopped dead in his tracks. The images of Jennifer and that dance flashed through his mind. Fane watched Decebel's canines descend – his claws grew, his eyes glowed feral. Fane moved quickly to get in front of his Beta, which was probably the dumbest thing he could have done.

Fane tried being forceful. "Decebel, stop."

Decebel batted him aside as if he were no more than an annoying fly. Fane wasn't using all his power – he didn't want to provoke the already enraged wolf. When Decebel reached the room where all the noise was coming from, Vasile was already there with the others.

Fane looked in horror as a room full of males whistled and hollered as his female pack mates danced oh so very suggestively on a huge cinema-sized screen.

Vasile turned to Fane. "Stop that from playing."

Fane didn't wait to see what would happen. He walked into the room, shoving other males out of his way in order to look for the source of the video feed.

Decebel growled so loudly the room silenced. Every head turned to watch as the Romanian Beta took on his full Alpha power, drawing it from his pack mates.

"DECEBEL!" Vasile roared. He might as well have been yelling at a wall.

Decebel lunged.

"Grab him," Vasile commanded his pack. Eight males descended on Decebel as he surged forward. The males grunted against his brute strength. It was taking all of Vasile's power to keep Decebel from phasing. If he phased, the only way Vasile would be able to stop him would be to phase as well and take him on in his wolf form. He didn't even want to consider the consequences.

They all struggled as Decebel pushed, slashed, and even bit to get free of their grasp. Vasile eyed Cynthia running through the hall towards them, Alina and the others behind her. The Americans' defiance was rubbing off on his mate, he thought dryly.

"Hold him still," Cynthia snarled as she lifted a very large syringe and grabbed Decebel's arm.

She sunk the needle into his arm. He didn't even flinch, if he even noticed. The plunger depressed, pushing the powerful sedative into his system.

Decebel continued to struggle – he was on the verge of getting free when he collapsed.

Jen watched as Decebel, struggled against his pack. She couldn't suppress a scream as she watched him, powerful, massive Decebel crumble. Jen took off and pushed several males out of her way.


Jen gently placed his head in her lap, placing two fingers against his neck. She let out a strangled breath – his pulse was strong.

"We have to move him now," Cynthia said firmly. "That won't last long."

"Jen," Vasile's voice was calm, gentle, "you have to let us take him."

Jen looked up at the man who had become her Alpha. "Where are you taking him?" Jen's voice was smaller than she had ever heard it.

"We are going to have to detain him until I can talk to the Alphas about your unique situation," Vasile quickly explained.

"Lock him up?" Jen's eyebrows nearly rose to her hair line. "Can I see him?"

Vasile shook his head. "Not until I talk to the Alphas. Jen, Decebel cannot control his wolf where you are concerned, and these unmated males will not relent as long as you appear available. I have to do this to protect him from himself, but also from them."

Jen finally relented. She leaned down and kissed his lips before letting Decebel go.

She watched as nine people carried the man she loved away to be locked up like some criminal. Jen's eyes narrowed as her lips thinned into a tight, straight line.

"Jacque," Sally nudged her friend, and nodded in Jen's direction, "look at that face."

"Shit," Jacque muttered as she watched the evil wheels turning in Jen's brain.

"I would say it's hit every fan in this monstrosity they call a house," Sally replied automatically.

They watched as Jen walked over to Crina and Marianna.

"What's she up to?" Jacque murmured.

"I need y'all to do me a favor," Jen told the two she-wolves briskly.

"What do you need, pack mate?" Crina asked.

"I want to know the names of those who planned this."

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