Oh, yeah. She'd fight for Decebel. Heaven help those who found themselves on the wrong side of the battle field.

The next morning, Jen watched as Marianna moved through the room over to where the Serbian pack was eating breakfast. She kept strict track of Marianna's progress as the she-wolf started up a conversation with the interested male.

Jen had asked why a wolf would show interest if the mating signs didn't appear. Her jaw nearly hit the floor when Marianna and Crina explained that in the past few years, when true mates had been found, it sometimes took several days for the signs to show up. When Jen started to go postal about it, Crina quickly added that it had never taken longer than four days. Decebel and Jen had been around each other for months.

Jen had then asked why no one had bothered to divulge that little morsel. Crina said that Alina had told them the Alphas didn't want the males being overly forward to any one female, just from attraction, for days with a hope that the signs would appear.

Jen's response: "Maybe it would be better to just neuter the males and nip all the posturing and peeing in the bud."

Costin had been within earshot and growled, then paled when Jen had looked at him and made scissoring motion with her fingers. As she did, she sang to the tune of Wheels On the Bus: "Scissors on the wolf go snip, snip, snip."

But now, Marianna was talking with the wolf who'd eyeballed her yesterday. He was handsome enough, tall and strong, like all Canis lupis.

"Hey," he said with a sly smile.

"Hi," Marianna answered with her own sweet smile. "What's your name?"

"Jovin. Yours?"

"Marianna." She batted her eyes. "So, you want to go somewhere?"

Jovin's face lit up. "Sure."

As he stood up and bid farewell to his pack mates, Marianna turned to the TFF and gave them a thumbs up. Now to get him to give up the goods. She rolled her eyes. I'm talking like the Americans now, she groaned.

She quickly schooled her face as Jovin took her hand and led her from the room.

"So, oh great evil one, what's your plan?" Sally asked Jen dryly.

Jen rubbed her hands together and grinned. "Well, it starts with strip poker,"

"Ahh, good grief. It always starts with strip poker."

"You remember what happened the last time she played strip poker?" Jacque added.

"This sounds good," Crina piped, folding herself down on the floor in Jen's room.

"Oh, come on. That was one time. I mean, seriously, lose one little game of strip poker..."

"Jen, it's always 'I only did that one time' with you." Sally sighed.

"See, that's good. Means I learn quickly." Jen shrugged.

"Unbelievable." Jacque threw her hands into the air. "She finds a way to justify anything."

"Do you want to hear my brilliant plan or would you just like to list all of my transgressions?"

"No." Sally held up her hands now. "We go digging in that bag-o-worms and we just might find something worse than the brilliant plan you're fixing to enlighten us with."

Jen glared at Sally. "If you're finished..."

"By all means."

Crina looked over at Jacque. "Are they always like this?"

"Believe it or not, this is good. They've considered counseling, but I think they're trying to work out their differences on their own."

"Okay, you hussies, listen up." Jen stood with her hands on her hips, steel was in her eyes. "As I was saying, it starts with strip poker. We need something that's going to keep them distracted for a while. That way, Jacque and Sally will have plenty of time to go through said wolves' rooms.

"Whoa, whoa. You lost me at Jacque and wolves' rooms." Jacque backed away.

"Well, if you think Fane will be okay with you playing strip poker with a bunch of unmated wolves, then by all means..."

"Okay, good point," Jacque conceded. "But what are we supposed to be looking for in their rooms?"

"Clothes," Jen stated. "All of them. I don't want them to have a stitch of clothing to put on. Linens, too. Sheets, towels, comforters. Gone, all of it."

"Won't they be able to just phase to their wolf forms? They won't need clothes." Crina put in.

"That's where things get complicated."

"More complicated than confiscating a bunch of men's clothing and somehow carrying it away without being seen?" Jacque asked sarcastically.

"Complicated because I'm going to have to talk to Cynthia. I'm figuring if they've got drugs to subdue werewolves, then maybe they have drugs that will prevent them from phasing."

Jacque grinned. "You wicked, wicked woman."

"I don't want anyone to get hurt, but I don't want them to think they can mess with what's mine and get away with it. So, although it may seem slight, they are gonna be humiliated."

Crina, who had been listening intently, raised her hand. Jen looked at her. "Whatchya got, she-wolf?"

"How do you know you'll win at strip poker?"

"Jen never loses," Sally said matter of factly.

Jen shrugged. "What she's trying to say is, I never lose."

"Okay," Jacque said slowly. "So, strip poker and a mass exodus of all forms of coverings." She cocked her head to the side. "What are we going to do with said clothes, towels, etcetera, etcetera?"

"How do you girls feel about a bonfire?" Jen winked. "Fire is my specialty, after all."

Sally groaned again. "Strip poker and fire. Does she ever learn?"

Jen started to pace. They were going to need help. There was no way Sally and Jacque could get all of the things from those rooms on their own. Think, Jen. Geez, you're supposed to be the schemer in this posse. She racked her brain. She needed someone who could move through the mansion freely. Someone they wouldn’t pay any mind to. There was no way they would let any of the females walk unbidden through the halls. No females, but a male could go where he pleased. Bahh, it's like we're back in the eighteenth century or something.

"We need a dude," Jen announced, then her head snapped around to Jacque. "Are you letting your fur ball hear all this?"

Jacque shook her head, even though she knew as soon as Fane found out he was going to be eight shades of pissed.

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