Damion leaned back in his seat and folded his arms. He unabashedly eyed Jen, starting at her feet, going all the way to the top of her blonde head.

"Who else will be there, beautiful?"

"You five studs and us." Jen indicated herself and the two girls with her.

He raised his eyebrows as a smile slid across his face. "And what kind of cards will be played?"

Jen leaned forward, resting her hand on the table so she could whisper closely, "The kind that rhymes with lip stroker." She winked and then stood as she watched Damion's brain deduce what she had just told him. "If you wanna play be in the gym tomorrow night at ten o'clock. It's our little secret, if you get my drift."

Damion watched as she walked away with a very appealing swing in her hips. He heard several of his pack mates give low whistles.

"So are we in?" Adrian asked his Beta.

"Like I would ever pass up playing strip poker with some fine women." Damion rolled his eyes. "Yes, we're in," he reiterated when Vilim and Josif looked at him blankly.

"Strip poker!" Vilim suddenly announced.


"Shut up, you idiot." Damion and Adrian waved him off.

"I didn't realize that was what she was talking about," Vilim continued.

"What else would rhyme with lip stroker?" Damion asked his pack mate, voice filled with exasperation.

"You four keep your traps shut," Damion warned. "I don't want any other males catching whiff of this. Those she-wolves are ours."

"That went well," Jen said enthusiastically. She felt her phone vibrate and pulled it from the back pocket of her snug jeans.

Decebel txt: morning beautiful

Jen knew the grin that stretched across her face probably looked ridiculous, but she didn't care. Decebel thought she was beautiful, and was thinking about her. The only thing that could make it sweeter was if he were to tell her himself.

Jen txt: morning yourself

"You think they'll show up?" Crina's voice brought Jen back to the present.

"Honey, their eyes were roaming all over us. They'll be there." She looked at her phone as she said, "Let's head to Cynthia's office and see how things are going."

Decebel had texted her again.

Decebel txt: what r u do n 2day?

Jen knew that Decebel didn't want her participating in any more of the activities that were planned, but Vasile couldn't justify her not being there. She had to answer this carefully – if she couldn't be honest she would just redirect his attention.

Jen txt: basket weaving

They reached Cynthia's office and opened the door without knocking. Costin, Jacque and Sally were already there, sitting and staring at the doctor.

"Sooo, how's it going, guys?" Jen asked carefully.

"We're waiting," Jacque whispered.

Jen looked at each of them and then at Crina and Marianna.

"Waiting for what?"

"To see if she phases," Sally answered her.

"Why are we whispering?" Crina asked.

"Don’t know. Just seems like we shouldn't be loud or make any sudden movements," Jacque replied absently.

Costin rolled his eyes and looked at Jen. "It's been fifteen minutes and so far she can't phase." He spoke in a regular volume.

"How much did you drink, doc?" Jen asked.

"I put about one third of a cup in eight ounces of liquid. So far I just feel stuck. Like my skin is just stuck. I don't really know how to describe it."

The other full blooded wolves in the room all cringed at Cynthia's description.

"So we just sit and wait?" Crina asked.

"Pretty much." Costin nodded.

"What time is the group activity we're supposed to be doing today?"

"Eleven," Jen answered, looking at her phone. It was nine now, and she had another text.

Decebel txt: why do I not like the sound of that

Jen grinned. Smart wolf.

Jen txt: basket weaving is perfectly safe

Decebel txt: so it's an all girl class?

"Sneaky wolf," Jen snickered.

Jen txt: define all

Decebel txt: entire, every one, total, whole

Jen txt: cute

Decebel txt: answer

Jen txt: I gotta use the girls room, b back

Jen txt: fyi, the girls room is all, entirely, totally, wholly girls :)

Decebel txt: Jennifer!

Jen ignored the last text. She didn't want to flat out lie to him. He would just worry and probably tear something up. She leaned back against the wall and slid to the floor. Closing her eyes, she prepared to wait with the others to see how long it took until Cynthia could phase. Her phone vibrated several more times. She didn't look at the texts, but she knew would they'd probably be in all caps.

Bad Jen, she thought to herself.

Jacque walked into the dining room and straight into Fane's arms.

"That's better," Fane murmured in her mind.

"I missed you, too.” She snuggled into his chest and let out a deep breath. Dealing with all the drama of Jen's scheme and Cynthia's magic potion was wearing her out. Although, they were all a little less stressed on discovering it took Cynthia over three hours to phase after drinking her catnip concoction. At least they knew that part of the plan would work.

"I hope you don't mind, but your father asked if we would eat with them and I said we would."

Jacque smiled at the worried look on Fane's handsome face. "That's fine, wolf-man."

As they walked out, Jen passed by.

"I'll meet you in your room later, Jen," Jacque said with a calm demeanor.

"Okay, have fun." Jen winked at them and smiled at Fane. "Hey, hottie. Taking care of my girl?"

Fane chuckled. "Always."

"I mean that in many ways," Jen tossed at them as they continued out. "Just in case you didn't catch that."

"Where are they going?" Sally asked she sat down next to Jen at the table.

"I'm assuming to eat with Dillon," Jen told her. "But I've been known to be wrong on rare occasions. There's the distinct possibility that this is one of those occasions."

Sally rolled her eyes. "It must be exhausting being you, Jennifer Adams."

"It's a big responsibility, no doubt," Jen said seriously. "I mean, the expectations would make a weaker woman falter."

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