The wolves across from her had their eyes glued to her frame as she arched and stretched. They all nodded in unison but didn't speak. Jen smirked at Crina, who simply chuckled as she poured another round of shots.

While Jen continued to stretch, she leaned towards Marianna. She got close to her ear and whispered, "The cavalry is on the way."

Marianna gave a slight nod of her head and smiled at the males as they tipped their shots back.

Jen glanced down at her half-clad body. Man, that was close, she thought.

As the gym door clanged open and her ears were met with ominous silence, she knew she had spoken too soon.

Decebel and Costin arrived at the gym door and Decebel had a sense of deja vu.

"If my mate is on the other side of that door..." He muttered the unfinished threat.

Several wolves had gathered and were looking in through the window. There was a murmur across the crowd of, "Are they naked?" along with giggles and laughter.

The Beta snarled and the crowd parted like the red sea. Decebel slowly stepped forward, and when he got to the window, he had to dig his claws into the palms of his hands to keep from phasing at what he saw. All the wolves around him fell to their knees as his power poured over them.

He turned back to the crowd. "Everyone return to their rooms. Now." His calm tone did not hide the rage inside him. Without a word, the wolves rose and left quickly.

Decebel looked down at Costin, who was still on his knees.

"Stand," he told him gruffly. "You knew she was going to do this? You knew how I would feel about it and you let her do it anyway?" His eyes were glowing and he was fighting with each breath to keep his wolf from striking out at the pup before him.

"I take full responsibility," Costin told him firmly.

"I will deal with you when I'm done with her." Decebel dismissed him.

He roughly pulled the gym door open and walked in. The scent of fear hit his nose as the four naked males turned and met his glowing eyes.

"Aww-kward," Jennifer sang as she watched Decebel storm in. She stood up, leaving the circle of naked males and half-naked females.

Decebel looked at Jennifer long enough to see that she was wearing tiny pieces of fabric that barely covered her essentials. Then he had to look away. He shook and fought for control, but nearly lost it when he noticed that his female pack mates weren't wearing much more. By the time his eyes landed on the males again, he was sure there was a puddle of blood on the floor from his claws digging into his hands.

Decebel was seeing red at this point.

"Phase to your wolves!" he snarled at them.

He waited and when nothing happened, he took large menacing steps forward. "You dare defy me as you sit naked in a room with my mate?"

Damion growled but lowered his eyes. "We can't phase. We've tried."

Decebel's eyes shot up to Jennifer's.

She shrugged innocently, biting her bottom lip. "Oops."

Now standing, Marianna and Crina backed slowly away as Decebel moved toward Jen.

"What did you do?" he asked her.

She glanced over at the Serbian males, then back at Decebel. "Do we have to do this here, in front of them?"

"Costin," Decebel called.

"Yes, Beta?"

"Please make sure these males get back to their rooms safely. As soon as Crina and Marianna are clothed, take them to their rooms as well."

Crina and Marianna had their clothes on before he finished speaking.

Decebel turned back Damion. "If you lay a hand on my pack mate, I will rip you limb from limb. I hope that this experience has taught you not to mess with our females."

Jen smirked but quickly wiped it clean when Decebel glared at her.

"You have my word we won't retaliate," Damion growled out.

Decebel nodded once and motioned to Costin to take the group out. He let out a slow breath. When Jen started to speak, he held up a hand to stop her.

"Get dressed, please." His voice was tight, his eyes narrowed.

Jen grabbed her shirt and slid it over her head, then slipped her shoes on.

"Let's go," he told her. Gently, but firmly, he took her hand.

Chapter 28

Decebel opened the door to Jennifer's room and motioned for her to enter. He hadn't spoken since the gym. He didn't trust himself. Not to mention, his wolf was making him bite his tongue because, although he was angry, he wouldn't allow Decebel to hurt Jennifer with his words.

Once inside, she walked over to the bed and slumped down. Her shoulders rolled over in defeat. He hated seeing her that way, but couldn't rid himself of the image of her barely dressed in front of those naked males.

"Why?" he asked her, his voice raspy as he tried to keep his wolf in check.

Jennifer looked up at him, no tears in her eyes, just simple resolve.

"They needed to learn not to mess with me and mine."

Decebel growled. "It's my job to protect you and defend your virtue."

"The hell it is!" She growled back. "It my virtue, Decebel. The key word is MY! I'm not going to sit back like some little obedient mate when someone takes a shot at me. Or you, for that matter."

Decebel snarled.

Jennifer stood up and walked towards him, but he turned away. He was too angry for her touch. His back did not deter her.

"I'm sorry that I kept this from you," she told him as she wrapped her arms around from behind. "I'm sorry that I hurt you. I'm sorry that I worried you. If it's any consolation, this will probably be the last time I take my clothes off in public."

Decebel's chest rumbled. "Probably?" he growled.

She smiled as she rubbed her face against his back. "Well, I'm not putting my dream of being a Vegas show girl on the back burner just yet."

Jen waited while Decebel's wolf slowly calmed down as she held him close. Finally, he turned to face her. He placed his hands on either side of her face, pushing stray strands of blonde hair out of the way. He ran his thumb gently along her bottom lip and Jen felt her breath catch.

"I've needed you, and missed you," Decebel whispered.

Jen didn't speak. She couldn't as he held her mesmerized by his glowing amber eyes. He leaned forward and inhaled deeply. Her eyes fell shut as his chest rumbled as he growled.

Then his lips were on hers. Gentle at first, but then he slipped his tongue through her lips and Jen gasped at the contact. Decebel started backing her up until Jen felt the bed against the back of her legs. He laid her back onto the bed, covering her body with his, never breaking the kiss. Jen's hands came up of their own accord and she ran her fingers through his hair, sighing at the softness.