Sally blushed even though she really didn't have a reason to.

"Costin was teaching me how to pour drinks the cool way bartenders do."

Jacque laughed when Jen acted aghast. "Is that what they're calling it these days? I'll have to let Decebel know that we aren't supposed to say we were looking for my contacts."

"Jen, you don’t wear contacts," Sally pointed out.

"Well, what exactly do you want me to say? That he was trying to find my -"

Jacque slapped her hand over Jen's mouth. From across the room she saw Decebel scowling at his mate, Fane laughing, and Costin looking very confused.

"Why must your sex life always be the topic of conversation?" Jacque whispered in Jen's ear.

"Because it's so freaking awesome it would be a crime not to share the greatness with the world!" Jen grinned and waved at Decebel. He stood with his arms crossed over his chest, leaning back against the wall with the scowl. The broodiness he was famous for was plastered on his handsome face.

"Look how cute he is when he pouts." Jen giggled.

"That's his pouting face? It looks more like his 'quit talking about our sex life, you crazy ass female' face. I'm just saying." Jacque shook her head.

"Nooo," Jen drawled, "his eyebrows would be scrunched a little lower and his lips would be in a straight, tight line." Just as Jen finished talking Decebel took on the face she had just described.

Jacque and Sally laughed. "Oh, he's good, Jen. He totally has your number."

Jen growled. "He may have my number and he can dial it all day for all I care, but I'm not answering. Put that in your cherry pie and cook it."

Jen looked over at Jacque and Sally when she realized what she'd said. There was a pause before all three girls fell out laughing.  .

"Jen, you are an Alpha female, don't you think you should maybe tone it down?"  Jen heard Decebel ask.

"Most definitely not," Jen said, slicing her hand through the air. "As the Alpha female it is most definitely my job to make sure our girls are educated in every way. Sexual innuendos included."

Decebel sent her an image of him rolling his eyes at her. She promptly returned with a less than lady-like response.

“Why do you never feel the need to talk about our sex life? Is it not awesome enough?” Jacque heard Fane’s voice in her mind.  There was humor behind the words, but also a hint of insecurity.

Jacque looked over at him and grinned. As soon as he saw what she had planned, he quickly started in her direction. But she was faster than him.

Jacque stood, climbed up on her chair, and spoke as loudly as she could without yelling. “I would like it to be known, just to make it very clear so that no one has any questions; that Jen and Decebel aren’t the only ones with an awesome sex life. Okay people?  She may talk about it a lot, but Fane totally rocks my world. So, yeah, there you have it.”

A loud “WHOOP!” was hollered out, and Jacque turned to see Costin giving her a ‘thumbs up’ and an exaggerated wink. Jacque beamed at him and then took her seat next to her friends.

Jen was laughing so hard that she was falling out of chair. Sally was laughing too, but trying to help Jen back into her chair at the same time. Decebel’s face was lowered so that his chin was tucked in and his shoulders shook with laughter. Fane, who had finally reached his mate, was not laughing.

He leaned down next to her ear and whispered calmly. “Was that really necessary, love?”

Jacque shrugged her shoulders and looked up at him innocently. “Now you don’t have to wonder if I think our sex life is worthy of public discussion.”

Fane rolled his eyes and started to speak, but was interrupted by someone clearing their throat. He looked up to see his father, standing with his arms crossed staring straight at the little group.

Vasile cleared his throat from the front of the room and glared back at the girls.

"Are you three finished?" he asked.

"Yes, Alpha," they all answered in unison.

Sally, sweet Sally, followed with a whispered, "Whatever you say, Alpha," in the nasal voice the quote was known for.

That's when they found themselves slid apart from one other with a mate in between each of them.

"Good. Let's get started." Vasile was quiet for a moment, seeming to rethink what he wanted to say. His gave a single nod and began.

"Decebel has become Alpha to the Serbian pack. Therefore my Beta position must be filled. Based on recent events, the spot will not be filled per normal protocol." A low rumble rippled across the room, but abruptly stopped when Vasile growled.

"Gavril and Rachel have been found and brought back to us. Gavril is a dominant and dominant enough to be an Alpha. However, he doesn't want that position and he is more dominant at this point than those available for the Beta position. Normally the spot would go to Sorin. Sorin has agreed to the decision and declined requesting a challenge as is his right. Gavril will be my Beta, Sorin my third, Skender my fourth. Rachel will be the Romanian pack Healer."

Sally gasped and Costin laid a hand gently on her shoulder from where he stood beside her. Sally knew that meant she would be going to the Serbian pack. Her reaction was echoed by Jacque and Jen.

Jacque started to stand, but Fane's hand on her shoulder held her in place.

"Listen before you act," she heard Fane's voice advise her. Realizing that others would be looking to her and her friends' reactions on how to react to this situation themselves, she quickly put on the best poker face she could – which she knew sucked.

Vasile went on. "Peri will continue to work with Rachel and Sally, training them in things the healers used to know. That is where my pack stands. Alina is your Luna and Alpha female, Jacque is in line for that position. You will respect their places in the pack."

"As you say, Alpha," the room responded.

"Now Decebel will address you."

"You come with me, baby."  he told Jennifer, who looked up at him, confused. "Where I go, you go. Remember?"

"I didn't know you meant that quite so literally," Jen told him as she stood and took his hand.

He led her to the front of the room and kept her hand in his when they turned to face everyone.

"I am the Alpha of the Serbian pack. By pack law I have taken this position because I killed your previous Alpha and proved my strength. I let you know the last time I spoke with you that I would be picking my first four and that it wouldn't be done traditionally. As you know, once the wolves are picked you may challenge said choices. Are we clear so far?"