“I’ve been recording all the recent events but haven’t had much time to talk with Vasile. He's been helping Decebel get the Serbian pack reorganized.”

Wadim spoke of his pack as if she knew them; he figured she must since she was the one who created them.

“Much has happened since the battle between the witch and my wolves. Desdemona is on the move. She is seeking out an ancient evil horde to release on your realm and she has been pursuing the one being that has the knowledge to open the Veil in order to allow that evil to cross over. Now she has found him. As of right now he has not decided if he will help her. His heart is not yet consumed with evil. There is still good deep within him – good that needs just a tiny light to pierce through the darkness that is attempting to overshadow him.

“Desdemona holds a great temptation before him, though whether she can deliver what she promises has not yet been determined. Perizada of the Fae has been a great friend to my wolves and long continued the task I set before her. The others of her race have grown complacent and comfortable in the peace they have enjoyed for so long. I will not allow them to sit comfortably behind their Veil while the human realm is destroyed.”

Wadim listened attentively, feeling her passion and love for her creations, and even those that she did not create.

“What are you going to do?” he asked.

“I am going to stir things up a bit,” she answered, with what could only be described as a smile full of mischief. “I have decided that I can create a situation that will be good for all concerned. My wolves are dwindling in numbers due to the lack of true mates. This was of my own doing, for which I am truly sorry. When I saw the destruction they were bringing amongst themselves I made it very difficult to procreate and, over time, this has caused a population with too few females. The tide is turning. My wolves are beginning to gather themselves once again. The love of the half-blood mate of the prince, the fierce faithfulness of the dormant, and the pure heart of the healer are bringing a new era to the Canis lupis species. Because of this, I am going to help my wolves replenish their numbers. I will bless them with offspring that will bring joy to their packs and I will unite them with another supernatural species.” She paused as Wadim processed all that she was saying. “My wolves need mates. Since their creation I have only allowed them to mate within their own species. I cannot allow them to mate with full-blooded humans and form true mate bonds, of course, because the humans lack magic. However, I can make it possible for another magical species to become compatible.”

“Fae,” Wadim whispered in fascination.

“Correct, keeper. I will make the Fae compatible true mates to the Canis lupis. The bond will be no less intense than if it were two wolves. Their combined magic will create the bond between their souls. The mating between the two species will force the Fae to come out of hiding. Despite their laziness, they are still very loyal to their own kind and will not leave one to face peril on his or her own. I will start with two from your pack because of the faithfulness that the Romanian Alpha and his wolves have shown me. I want you to be the one to share this information with Vasile and Decebel. These two Alphas have proven their loyalty to their species and to me. They will determine who else deserves to know this information.”

Wadim was speechless. The Great Luna wanted him to share the most important information in the history of their kind. This would forever alter the course of their species. And he had been complaining about being bored. Guess that would teach him to complain.

“I trust you to do this, Wadim. You have proven to be a very accurate and truthful keeper. I know that you will tell all that I have imparted to you. Do this as soon as you awaken. Tell my wolves how very proud I am of you all.”

Wadim felt his eyes grow heavy and close against his will. Seconds later he sat up in his bed with a gasp, alone in his dark room. He rubbed his eyes, trying to clear the sleep and looked around to see if he really was back in his room. He pinched his arm.

“Ow,” he grumbled, but quickly forgot the pain as the Great Luna’s words filled his mind.

He jumped up, making a bee line to his computer. After pulling up a blank document he began to type everything she had told him. Once he was finished he picked up the phone and dialed Vasile’s cell number.

“Vasile,” the Alpha's deep voice rumbled.

“We need to talk,” Wadim panted breathlessly.

“Pack your things.  You will go with us to the Serbian pack’s mansion. We have a meeting tonight.”

Wadim hung up and realized that he must have slept the whole night even though it only felt like a short time. Shaking his head to clear it, he began to pack. His mind was racing over the possibilities and the consequences of the Great Luna’s decree.

He smiled to himself when he thought of the poor wolf who would be the first paired with a Fae.

This is what happens when you complain about being bored, he thought to himself. He pulled the strap of his bag over his shoulder and grabbed the flash drive upon which he had saved the documentation of the Great Luna’s words.  As he began to climb the stairs he muttered under his breath,“Just sitting around, minding my own business, whining about archiving, and then BAM, 'your species will be able to mate with a totally different species. Oh and by the way, Wadim, it’s your responsibility to relay this information'. That'll teach me to complain.”

Chapter 8

“Once you’ve been to one bonding ceremony, you’ve been to them all. The Blood Rites, however, are a whole 'nother bag of tricks…literally, if you’re creative. I’m just saying.” ~Jen

“Where are you, my Alpha?”  Alina spoke to her mate, who had a far-off look in his eyes. They were waiting for the others to arrive in the meeting room of the Serbian mansion. Vasile and Alina had shown up just before dusk and the others in Vasile’s pack were getting settled in the rooms that Jen and Decebel had prepared for them.

“I’m just wondering if we will ever see days of peace in my time as Alpha. Will we ever have grandchildren dancing around our feet? Will I hold you at night and not worry if we will be fighting for our lives the next day?” Vasile pulled Alina into his arms. She laid her head on his chest as he stroked her hair lovingly.

“All you can do is what is right. Fight the evil and the ones who would use it to devastate the weak with those who are pure of heart and have the will to stand against it. You lead them, you give them your strength, and you trust that not one of us will rest until good prevails.” Alina pulled back to look in his eyes. “We might not see days of peace, or play with our grandchildren.” She choked back on her words as she spoke of the little ones.  “We might never go to sleep knowing that we will wake up and open our door to a bright morning. And that’s okay, because I have loved and been loved by you. I have fought by your side, I have borne your child, I have laughed, cried, hurt, rejoiced, and mourned with you. Those things are my peace.”

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