Jen snorted. “So he’s assuming that I’m going to get in trouble?”

“Do you blame him?” Cynthia raised a knowing brow at her.

Jen huffed. “Fine, I tend to get myself into some interesting situations, but I always get myself out of them. He could have talked to me, explained that, instead of treating me like a child.”

“I agree, but maybe seeing it from his point of view will help prevent World War Three.”

Jen grinned at Cynthia. “Doc, you don’t know my mate if you think he'd want me to prevent a wicked fight. That’s his idea of foreplay.”

Cynthia closed her eyes, shaking her head. “That was way more information than I needed, Jen. Just saying.”

Jen laughed at the still shocked look on her friend’s face.

She soon felt Decebel trying to push through the wall she had erected in her mind. She refused him entrance and grinned to herself when she heard him huff like a spoiled child behind her.


Sorin sat on the far left side of the bar, his back against the wall. Costin handed him a ginger ale, which he took, never taking his eyes off of the room. He saw Drake in the far left corner of the room, conversing cordially with a male from the Bulgarian pack. Sorin had been relieved when Andon had declared this bar neutral ground. Even still, Decebel had notified Victor, the Bulgarian Alpha, of their presence. He had been very amiable about them being in his territory and so far things were moving smoothly. The girls were all behaving themselves, and none of the males had gone – using Jen’s words – into irrationally possessive, incredibly ass-hole-ish mode.

She really does have a way with words, Sorin thought to himself.

So far things were uneventful, just the way he liked it. He should have known it was too good to last.

The door to the bar opened and Peri walked in. Her eyes searched across the room, landing briefly on Drake and then on Sorin. Sorin’s head cocked to the side at the look she had in her eyes. She moved slowly from the entrance, allowing the person behind her to enter. Sorin’s swore his heart stopped beating as he watched Elle, the pink-haired, silver-eyed Fae walk in. He felt his wolf push, for the first time in a long time, fighting the man for dominance.

Sorin took a deep breath, inhaling through his nose and the scent hit made his wolf fight harder. He stood abruptly and – using his wolf’s speed – was in front of her in a flash. Elle stood frozen, her eyes wide.

Sorin took a step closer, his dark eyes beginning to glow as he uttered a single word.


Elle’s breath caught in her throat as she felt the intensity of Sorin’s emotions wash over her. Everything and everyone in the room faded into nothingness and it was as if only she and Sorin were there. The uttered word hung between them. He seemed to be waiting on her – waiting for what, she didn’t know.

Elle had known of Sorin for some time, but had never really had a conversation with him.  She knew that Sorin was not as large as some of the males of his species, but his dominance, coupled with her small frame, made him appear huge to her now. She took a step back from him, trying to get room to breathe. He let out a low growl and she froze again.

Trembling, she wanted to look at Peri for guidance but she was too afraid to look away from the penetrating gaze of the male before her.  Afraid that if she broke eye contact, even for a second, he might pounce on her. When he took another step toward her, she did what no animal should ever do when it meets another predator – she ran. Well, technically, she flashed. She went to the first place her mind grabbed onto. She opened her eyes and found herself standing just outside the veil to her realm. The forest was quiet as the night wrapped it in the arms of the warm glow shining down from the moon. She felt a sharp pain in her chest and an ache so deep it brought tears to her eyes.

Pressing her back to a tree, Peri slid down to the ground, attempting to take slow breaths. All the while, her soul felt like it was being torn in half.


One minute she had been standing before him, inches away, the next she was gone. Sorin growled and began to shake, seeming seconds away from a violent outburst.

Decebel was already in motion when Costin made eye contact with him; the quick nod he received from his Alpha confirmed his actions. He turned and looked at Drake, who was waiting for orders. Costin gave him a nod and then Drake was quickly moving toward Sorin.

Costin turned to Andon. “I’m sorry to cut this night short, but I’m afraid Decebel is going to need my help dealing with this.”

Andon nodded. “It’s no problem. You are welcome to come back tomorrow.”

Costin gave him a quick handshake. Sally followed behind as he headed directly for Jen. When he reached her and grabbed her hand, to Jen's surprise she was able to stand. Costin didn’t pause as he pulled the girls toward the door.

Peri caught his arm as he passed her. “I’m needed here,” she said. “So you will need to stay with the females.”

Costin nodded, his mouth in a tight line. “I figured you would be the best to deal with this.” He lifted his chin in the direction of Sorin, who was barely being held back by Decebel’s power.

Costin continued on, girls in tow. Sally and Jen tried to keep their footing as he moved.

“Costin, did he say what I think he said?” Jen asked, pulling her arm from his and keeping up on her own.

“Mate,” Costin repeated Sorin’s uttered word. “He called Elle his mate.”

“Is that good or bad?” Sally asked tentatively as they made it to the hotel, pushing through the doors, never slowing their steps.

“If it’s real, then it’s good,” Costin answered. “But if it’s real and she ran, well, that’s....”

“JUBAR,” Jen finished for him.

Costin looked over his shoulder at Jen, his eyebrows raised in question.

“Jacked Up Beyond All Repair,” Jen explained. “I do try to curb my potty mouth,” she rolled her eyes, “sometimes.”

Chapter 13

“Sorin and Elle, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes bonding, next comes the bite, then a roll in the hay that lasts all night.

Who says I can’t hold a tune?” ~ Jen

Sorin paced the room from one wall to the other. His claws had partially extended and his canines lengthened. Everything inside him was telling him to go after her. He didn’t have a clue where she was, but his wolf didn’t care – he was confident he could find her anywhere.