Decebel’s eyes were glowing when he leaned down and kissed her. “You’re really sexy when you’re blood thirsty.”

Jen snorted as he pulled her close.

“Stay safe, please. Be careful, and do whatever it takes to keep our baby safe.”

Jen nodded and smiled up into her mate's face.

“Give 'em hell, babe.”

Adam kissed Crina passionately.

“That’s for you to think about while you’re missing me.” He winked at her as he pulled back.

“Adam, don’t do anything stupid,” Crina growled at him.

“Dec is right, you females are hot when you’re snarling. I’ll be back before you know it, and then, my sweet she wolf, we have business to take care of.” He looked at her pointedly and Crina blushed.

Sorin held Elle closely as he watched his pack mates and his Alpha tell their females goodbye. He had never felt so helpless in his long life.

“You need to go to the Fae,” he told Elle solemnly. “You can’t do this without them. You need to petition them, threaten them, do whatever you have to – but get their help.”

Elle nodded. “Okay.” She was looking at him intently, memorizing every feature.

“Hey.” Sorin spoke softly. “This isn’t goodbye, my love. I’ve only just found you.” He held her face in his hands and kissed her, a deep and slow kiss that spoke passion. When he pulled back, he smiled sweetly. “That’s just a glimpse of the plans I have for you, my beautiful mate. This is no goodbye.”

“ENOUGH! It’s time to go!” the pixie King yelled again.

Jen’s head whipped around and she snarled, “Enough my ass!” Then she took menacing steps toward the small King, Decebel by her side the whole way.

“Hear me now, little King.” Jen began to shake with anger as she spoke. “The next time I see you, I’m going to stuff you and turn you into a Harry Potter prop. You have messed with the wrong pregnant Alpha female. Prepare yourself because you are on my list.”

Sally clucked her tongue and in her best Filch voice from Harry Potter said, “Oh dear, we are in trouble.”

The pixie King turned his attention to her. Sally shrugged.

“I’m just saying, you do not ever want to be on Jen’s list. You are so screwed.”

Jen gave the King one more snarl for good measure before turning back to her mate.

“You take care of yourself.”

Decebel kissed her quickly, and then walked to the portal the pixies had opened. The other males, minus Vasile, followed suit.

Vasile looked at his mate and kissed her in an intense way.

“You know where they are taking you?” Alina whispered as she pulled back.

Vasile nodded once.

Alina closed her eyes as a lone tear escaped. “Remember, it’s not real,” she told him.

“I will try, Mina. I will try.” He kissed her one more time and joined the other males in front of the portal.

With one last look behind them, they walked through the shimmering door, disappearing as if they had never been there at all.

When they were all gone, Jen looked around, realizing they were alone. All of the pixies, including their King, had vanished.

“Alina,” Jen turned to the Alpha, “where are they taking them?”

“The In Between,” Alina answered flatly.

“Damn,” Sally growled.

“Understatment,” Jen added solemnly.

Peri was brushing her clothes off. She grinned as her hands slipped into the pockets of her cloak.

“Look what we have here.” She pulled her hands from her pockets and held up the Fae stones for the others to see.

Rachel and Sally both took a step toward her.

Sally smiled. “It’s so on.”

Rachel returned the smile and nodded her agreement.

Alina was kneeling next to Jacque as she spoke her next words. “Peri, it’s time to go to your people.”

The women watched the Alpha female brush Jacque’s hair back away from her face as she continued to speak. Her voice grew stronger and they each began to see the Alpha she truly was.

“It’s time for the Fae to get off their butts and get their heads in this game. Too much is at stake. I refuse to leave my mate to the fate of the In Between – it is a fate worse than death.” Alina lifted her face and met the eyes of each of the women. “Desdemona wants a war? Well, she’s got one. And when I stand over her watch the life drain from her eyes I will explain to her the folly in taking a female Canis lupis’s mate from her side.” .

“I can’t feel Costin,” Sally gasped as her hand pressed to her heart.

Alina nodded her head. “The bond doesn’t work in the In Between; the fear and pain are too much. The wolf will take over their minds once their human minds can no longer stand what is happening. What they are seeing isn’t real, but to their minds it’s as real as the blood flowing through their veins.”

Each of the females reached for their mates through their mental bonds and one by one their shoulders slumped as the pain of that reality hit.

“Alina, what are we going to do?” Jen asked matter of factly.

Alina pulled a blanket up around Jacque’s neck and then stood. She looked at Peri as she spoke. “Can your people help my son’s mate?”

“We can try, Alina. We will take her across the Veil. The magic there is stronger.”

“Good,” Alina stated and looked at Jen. “We’re going to get Jacque help, then we’re going to petition the Fae council, and then we’re going to gather the packs. It’s time we joined together as a race and stood by one another. Then we’re going to kick that evil witch’s ass.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Jen whooped as she threw a fist into the air.

They began packing up their camp in a rush. Once they were all standing with packs on their backs, Peri used her magic to make Jacque a floating gurney.

“The closest crossing to the Fae realm is deeper into the mountains,” Peri told them as she began to walk, and beckoned them to follow.

“What is with these Veils being so deep in the bloody mountains all the time?” Sally muttered.

“Seriously,” Jen agreed and winked at Sally. “You can’t expect me to be trekking my pregnant butt all over this forest.”