“I think you’ve established that wolf-man,” she teased.

“Want to reciprocate?” He asked her as he tilted his head to the side giving her a clear view of his neck. He wanted her bite, wanted his scent running through her veins, but he knew that his Jacquelyn was a very private person. The only reason she had let him bite her was because she had felt his need. She had compromised, since they couldn’t make love, she submitted to his bite instead.

“I want to, you know I do.” Jacque pleaded for him to understand. She wasn’t rejecting him.

“I know love, I know you do. It’s not fair of me to ask it of you when I know how you feel about it.”

“It’s just so intimate. I feel I might as well be standing here naked.” She laughed at her insecurity and reveled in the laugh that erupted from Fane.

“As much as that idea appeals to me, I wouldn’t want others to see you so I can understand why you don’t want others to see you bite me. It is intimate and under normal circumstances I would not have done that here.”

“I know,” she told him with a smile, “but I’m glad you did. It’s calmed your wolf.”

“Yes,” he agreed. “He definitely feels more secure with you at the moment.”

“Are you going to lose it again?”

Fane knew she was teasing, but the truth was he didn’t know. It was a possibility and so he wouldn’t lie to her.

“I don’t know.”

She kissed him gently before stepping back, but keeping hold of his hand.

“Okay, we will cross that bridge when we get there,” she shrugged then as she turned to pull him towards the others, “or fall off.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence babe,” he muttered.

Jacque laughed, “If worse comes to worse I’ll just have to let you ravish me like a caveman.”

Fane growled, “Don’t tempt me.”

The others were waiting for them just over a hill. The camp had been packed up and they were ready to be on the move again.

“Did you finally give in and just let him have his way with you, Red?” Jen asked, with a wicked grin.

Decebel, who had an arm wrapped around her, pulled her tighter and growled.

“Relax B. You’ll get your roll in the hay soon.”

Decebel leaned down and nipped her neck sharply. “You’re writing checks, Jennifer.”

“Yeah, yeah… that I can’t cash. I get it, but maybe rough is what I’m aiming for Dec, ever think about that?” She rounded on him and raised a single eye brow in challenge.

“You really want to do this now?” He growled at her.

“Good grief,” Peri groaned, as she rubbed her forehead. “The Great Luna, save us from horny, dominant werewolves, and the mates that are determined to push them over the edge they are precariously perched on.”

Vasile stepped forward so that he stood where he could see the whole group. He let his power loose and watched as one by one the wolves dropped to their knees; all except Decebel and Gavril. Gavril willingly went to his knees of his own choice, but Decebel remained standing.

“I know you all are feeling a bit territorial with your mates. I understand that you feel the need to connect with them, to reestablish your claim and bond, but you are not pups to be ruled by your needs and desires. You will pull yourselves together, you will hold it together until we are safe, and you have a private room to lose it. Are we clear?”

Rumbles of agreement met his waiting stare and after several moments of Vasile’s intense gaze, he pulled his power in and let them up.

Some of the tension that had been growing between the males abated, though not completely.

“Okay, let me catch you up to speed,” Peri began speaking. “The Great Luna had the Fae council send out the call to the packs. She is not asking politely for you all to unite, she is demanding it. They should already be gathering and hopefully by the time we make it back to the mansion they will be there and in one piece.”

Vasile rubbed his brow as worry seeped into him. “Skender is in charge right now, and though he is dominant, he is no match for an Alpha, let alone eleven of them.”

“Skender is diplomatic, Vasile,” Decebel assured him. “He can keep the peace. Not to mention, Dillon Jacobs will be there. He is levelheaded and smart, and should be able to curb any violence.”

Vasile let out a deep breath and though he knew Decebel’s words to be true, he also knew that Alpha’s didn’t mix, no matter how levelheaded or diplomatic they might be.

“We need to move quickly,” Peri continued. “Mona is going to learn of your escape soon enough and she will not let it go unanswered. She knows that we are in these mountains and she will use anything she can to take us out.

“Well, let‘s quit wasting time here trying to kill each other and get a move on.” Elle surprised them all with her sudden candor.

Sorin smiled at his mate. “Feeling feisty?”

She returned his smiled innocently and kissed his cheek. “I’m as eager as the rest to get back.”

Sorin’s eyebrows rose in surprise and his response in her ear was anything but innocent.

Peri shook her head as she turned to lead them. “I’m highly disappointed Elle, what happened to your prudish behavior?”

Elle laughed. “It took a back seat when I was given a mate so hot that he could cook bacon on his abs.”

Jen reached over for a high five from Elle as she grinned. “Good one fairy.”

Elle nodded. “I know, right?”

Peri picked up the pace hoping to make them keep their talking to a minimum as they traveled. The males were on edge and it wasn’t going to take much to cause another fight like the one that had just erupted.

“Are you alright?” Sally asked Costin for the hundredth time since Fane had attacked him. She felt his warm breath on her neck as he kept stride next to her.

“I’m fine Sally mine, quit worrying about me.” He winked at her and she smiled because it still gave her flutters and made her want to throw herself into his arms.

“Feel free to,” he told her as he saw the thoughts in her mind.

Sally rolled her eyes at him, but took comfort in his returned playfulness. He wasn’t any less possessive or protective, but his demeanor had almost returned to normal.

“Dec,” Jen spoke tentatively to her mate. He was angry, she didn’t really think it was at her, but she knew she hadn’t helped.

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