Lilly glared at the bread and then looked up at Cyn. “Please tell me this is just an appetizer.”

“It’s more than it appears to be,” said Cyn.

As they ate their bread in silence, Lilly began to realize that Cyn was right; there was more to this bread. She felt full despite the small amount she had eaten and she felt her body being infused with energy. She was just about to remark on this when suddenly Cypher was on his feet from one breath to the next. His eyes narrowed as he stared into the trees and his head tilted to the side, listening. Cyn had stood as well and was looking in the opposite direction as Cypher. Lilly started to stand but stopped when Cypher looked at her and put a finger to his lips. She moved more slowly as she rose, trying not to make a sound.

Cypher narrowed his eyes as he searched for the elves he knew were watching them. He'd felt their eyes on them for several minutes now. He also knew they had been following them for quite some time. He didn’t feel like they were in danger, but he preferred to be able to see his potential adversary, and not have wonder if they were indeed planning to attack. He looked over at Cyn and saw that though she too was alert and looking into the forest, her stance was relaxed, indicating that she did not feel a threat either.

“You would find out our purpose for being here a lot quicker if you revealed yourselves.” Cypher’s voice carried though he didn’t yell.

Silence met his words as they waited to see if the observers would reveal themselves. Several moments passed. Finally, a tall form stepped around one of the large trees. He strode forward until he was in the center of the clearing and the light of day revealed his appearance. He was tall with long lean muscles. His hair was blonde and straight, hanging down his back. There was a single braid in front and some sort of adornment woven into it. He took a step closer revealing sea green eyes, high cheek bones, thin lips drawn tight in a straight line and a strong jaw. His ears were slightly pointed at the tips but not any larger than a human’s. His clothing looked as if he had walked straight out of Lord of the Rings, complete with a bow slung across his back. He didn’t say anything right away he just stared. His eyes landed on each of them, evaluating the level of threat.

“I am Thalion, of the Elves. What brings a human, a Warlock King, and a Fae Guardian into our realm?”

“We went to a bar first, but that joke didn’t seem to pan out, so now we’re going for a human, a warlock and a fae walk through a Veil. Doesn’t quite have the same ring, but we’re hoping the outcome is better than at the bar.” Lilly knew she was rambling and she had tried to tell herself to shut up, but for some reason her mouth just kept moving. Cypher glared at her and she mouthed “Sorry” to him.

Cypher shook his head letting out a deliberate breath then looked back to Thalion.

“It seems you know who I am,” Cypher told him.

Thalion nodded once.

“We have come seeking your aid. A draheim has made its way into the human realm, whether by accident or on purpose, we do not know. What we do know is that you make the only weapon capable of killing it.”

Thalion’s eyes narrowed. “Why do you think it needs to be killed? Why not return the creature to his own land?”

“Whatever he once was he is no longer. All that is left in him is a raging beast. He tried to kill us, and from what I could see in his eyes there was no intelligence left in him. He has been trained to murder. More than likely, anything good in him has been beaten out of him.” Cypher answered.

Thalion seem to think about this for a moment. He looked over at Cyn. “What do you say Guardian?”

“I think it is very important to weigh the consequences before any life is taken. We all serve a purpose in this life and we must be careful not to throw off the balance lest we invite evil to fill the void. With that in mind, the only thing that can come from this beast’s continued existence is harm. More than likely, if we were able to get him back to his realm, his own kind would kill him. We have enough danger in the human realm as it is. We do not need another one.”

Thalion stared a few moments longer at Cyn before a slight smile curved his lips, only adding to his beauty.

“How have you been, Cyn?” He asked, and the formal elf that had been standing before them was suddenly relaxed and staring at Cyn with obvious endearment.

Cyn blushed slightly and Lilly’s eyes widened at the scene before her. Bloody hell, she thought. The elf has the hots for the fae. I so, did not see that one coming.

“I’ll be better once there is no longer a witch trying to destroy the werewolves and unleash a horde of demons into the human realm,” she answered, honestly.

Thalion’s eyes hardened and he took a step towards her. “What is this that you speak of?”

“We threw the balance off many years ago and now we are reaping the consequences of our actions.” Cyn dropped her eyes from Thalion’s as she continued to speak. “Desdemona, the last of the witches, has become very powerful. That power has only made her greedy for more. She discovered that gypsy healers have returned to the packs. She wants them. She has already attempted to kill the Romanian Alpha in an attempt to get to them. She was unsuccessful, but she will not be swayed.”

Thalion took another step towards Cyn and another until he stood less than a foot away.

“Why are you just now coming to me with this?” The look in his eyes burned with rage, but even stronger than that was the obvious care he felt towards Cyn.

Lilly took slow steps, not wanting to disturb the exchange between the elf and fae. She reached Cypher and looked up at him. “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” She whispered.

A small smile crept onto his face as he leaned down and placed his mouth next to her ear.

“I do believe Thalion has set his sights on our little fae.” Lilly shivered as his warm breath caressed her neck and she turned her head back to the couple in question in an effort to shake off Cypher’s effect on her.

“I know that you do not mingle in the human realm, nor burden yourselves with the problems of others,” she answered and her voice wasn’t accusatory. She was simply stating a fact, as she often did.

Thalion’s eyes narrowed even more. His jaw clenched as he tried to keep control of his emotions. Only Cyn affected him this way. It had been so long since he had laid eyes on her, and still the hold that she had on him was undeniable.

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